Max and Leo


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Voazoa Inc’s app is proven to accelerate children’s creativity and concentration by giving kids various activities, such as puzzles, laundering, and shopping.

Max and Leo-"The Mysterious Seed"

▶ Characteristics

– Well-organized storylines in a logical sequence!
– Unique stories and fun characters – Max, Leo, Dahlia, Narcissus, and clouds!
– Voice-overs by professional voice actors!

▶ A Story about Max and Leo

Max and Leo are grandchildren of the author, Rosa. She lives in Korea, and her grandchildren live in the United States. Because she misses them so much, she has created this story about their imaginary adventure. In her story, Max and Leo, full…


Trail the tail – kids app


Welcome to the Thematica’s National Park!
Ooops! It seems somebody hides in the Savanna. Let’s catch the tail! Oh, the animal is pretty curious; it’s not easy to trail it.
The app will bring you to the Amazing African Savanna with glorious plant kingdom and marvelous wild animals. Your little explorer needs to be smart and fast in thinking to help all the savanna’s animals
Get your camera from the backpack and let’s make funny pictures of little turtles, dancing mongooses and wizing parrots. Animals are curious and you need to be very attentive and fast to make pictures.
Look! Little sweet monkeys don’t want to sleep let’s help the mommy monkey nursing her little ones. Gadabout monkeys like little kids don’t…


Series 1


Series – where learning and fun are combined. This new, highly educational game teaches your child about the world of relations. In this game your child learns to arrange objects in a series based on various principles such as shape, color, size and quantity. The game develops primary math concepts such as size and quantity, visual perception skills, such as visual differentiation, fine motor skills and with parental assistance can develop language skills.

Series 1 is designed for children aged 3.5+

Series 2 is designed for children aged 4+

Series 3 is designed for children aged 4.5+

HOW TO PLAY: The game consists of several boards. Each board contains 5 items that are all part of a series randomly placed in a row. The…


Educational Games for Kids 2


★★★ Perfect for Kids ages 4-10 ★★★

Let your kids unleash their imagination with Yogome's Draw & Stickers FREE

Kids can create drawings and save them on the device

Amazing Features
★ 15+ Avatars
★ 10 cool Backgrounds
★ 10+ Stickers
★ 3 Paint modes
★ 20+ Colors

The best learning games for kids only from Yogome.

This game..
– Does not contain 3rd party ads.
– Does not contain in-app purchases.
– Does not contain integration with social networks.

Questions and comments

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Pirate fun 123


Pirate fun 123 is fun game where the child learns the numbers.
The game is very easy and is suited for the younger children
The game is a "practice game" so the child learn the 1 – 10 counting while having fun
no plus or minus or advanced counting is included.
Only easy and fun 1 – 10 practice while playing a fun and exiting game.

Have fun !

★ Easy and fun graphics for toddlers
★ Lots of fun stuff to find
★ Learn how to count on 18 different languages
★ Toddlers friendly navigation
★ Exciting pirate theme


Dibo1, gift dragon by ToMoKiDS


♥ The gift dragon, Dibo, Korean EBS(Educational Broadcasting System) Popular Animation!

♥ Exciting Stories with the gift dragon, DIBO who gives gifts EVERYDAY!

★★★★★ Opening Event! “3 Episodes” FREE!!

Welcome to Cozyland full of exciting stories with Dibo and friends!! (ALL~ English)

■ Introduction

Cozyland is a village of puppets where everything is made out of soft fabrics.

Here, puppet friends live in harmony with lots of dreams and imaginations.

– DIBO : the dragon presenting fantastic gifts everyday
– ANNIE : an excellent cook, a gentle girl
– BUNNY : a cute rabbit loving herself a lot
– ELO : an elephant with his fire truck
– CRO : a smart crow pointing out the rights and the wrongs all the time

√2006 Popular animation in EBS TV (Korea)
√2005 win a Pulcinella…


Paint Pot Lite


Welcome to Paint Pot Lite.

This is the free version of the kids coloring book app designed for pre-school children, aged between 2 and 5 years old.
Paint Pot Lite is an easy to use app which allows children to learn through play, on both large screen mobile phones and tablets.
Whilst playing, your child will quickly learn about color, design and hand eye coordination with fun simple pictures to paint, without having the worry of painting outside the lines of the image!

This Lite coloring book version contains 5 pictures to color and will allow you to try the app. Look out for the full version due to be released very soon which will contain many pictures for hours of coloring fun!



German Irregular Verbs Hangman


Play Hangman and learn 65 German Irregular Verbs !

Those verbs correspond to European Language levels A1 and A2.

The goal of this game is to put the letters of the hidden German Irregular Verb in the right sequence. When the verb is found, the conjugation of the German Irregular Verb is displayed at Present and Simple Past tenses. The verbs are pronounced if the corresponding option is activated.

Verbs are displayed in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech or Turkish and you must find the corresponding irregular verb (infinitive, simple past, past participle) in German.


Read & Play Kids Stories Songs


jajajajan is an educational children’s app that lets kids watch, read and listen to animated stories.

Read, Learn, play, and dance!
A new tablet and smartphone educational app for kids. Jajajajan is a new app in kid's education for smartphone and tablet. Experience communicating better and fostering your child's curiosity while playing in Prince Jajaja's kingdom.

* Kids Stories
Animated traditional folk/fairy tales and original stories can be enjoyed – just like watching a cartoon!

* Kids Songs
Children’s songs from around the world featuring various musical arrangements!

= World Fairy Tales =
Three Little Pigs    ★FREE
The Little Match Seller ★FREE
Jack and The Beanstalk ★FREE
Little Red Riding Hood
The Dog and Its Reflection
The Golden Axe
The North Wind and the Sun

= Japanese Fairy Tales =
Kasajizou ★FREE
Omusubi Karolin (Rolling Rice Ball Story)
Momotaro (Samurai…


Learn Coloring – Kids Paint


"Learn Coloring" lets draw and coloring using different tools such as Colored Pencils, Crayons, Stickers and even a Magic Wand!

Over 200 coloring pages available in different categories: animals, transportation, food, numbers, drawings to complete, mazes, find differences, Christmas, Easter, free drawing and more.

Your kids will have hours of fun! You can have fun coloring with your children or make them coloring contests. The possibilities are endless.

Share your Artwork with friends (Email and Facebook!)

Through its collections of coloring pages promotes the development of imagination, the arts, enhances concentration and learning abilities of children, and in turn leads them to meet the animals, food, letters, numbers, and to compete in various challenges.

Language Learning
Each drawing has associated the words that describe the…