Sopas de letras Español


Un buen pasatiempo este Sopas de letras donde tienes encontrar las palabras ocultas , todo un clásico juego mesa completo y gratis que además de entretenido es educativo rompecabezas o Puzzle de letras desordenadas puedes cambiar el tamaño y color de la fuente.

Esta Aplicación del clásicos puzles Puedes varias el tamaños pequeño, normal , Word Search sumergirse en el maravilloso mundo del caos de las letras .

Instrucciones de como jugar:

Tienes que encontrar y resolver en el revoltijo de letras las palabras pueden estar de forma horizontal, vertical , diagonal hacia adelante y hacia atrás. Ser de Capitales del Mundo , ciudades, deportes, frutas, alimentos o Animales etc..


✹ (No Ads) Tic Tac Toe Plus ✹


➬ Tic Tac Toe Plus is a simple, quick, fun and addicting old school style game for 1 or 2 players. 3 Different levels in single player mode; easy, normal and hard. This amazing game is available for free. Give it a try!


Sudoku. Free. No advertising.


Have passed those times when it was necessary to buy the collection for a solution of a mathematical puzzle «Sudoku» and after its decision buy new. Having established our application, owing to the built in generator of puzzles sudoku, you will provide yourself with new tasks not for one evening.
The application has two modes of generation of new tasks. In the first, new puzzles are generated completely by accidental image. In this mode, by pressing an empty cell, you should choose digit which, in your opinion, is the decision of the task. If you will be mistaken, the field remains empty and the number of available attempts will decrease.
The second mode assumes creation sudoku on the basis…




Mahjong solitaire (also known as Shanghai solitaire) is a matching game that uses a set of Mahjong tiles arranged in special layouts.
The object of the game is to clear the playing field by removing matching pairs of tiles.

Languages supported:
*** English
*** Russian
*** Spanish( Latin )
*** French
*** German ( Dutch )
*** Korean
*** Japanese
*** Chinese
*** Arabic


Hidden Mahjong: Sweet Dreams


Hidden Mahjong: Sweet Dreams is a relaxing Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music, set in a world of dreams. Solve 20 beautiful, hand crafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become the mahjong expert?

Main features:
– New mahjong mechanic and unique power system
– 20 hand-crafted backgrounds
– Beat your best times
– Daily rewards
– Replay for high scores
– Earn coins and unlock more boards
– Explore the dreams
– Become the mahjong master!

This app is certified Actually Free© which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases.


Chuzzle Classic


The same Chuzzle Game On PC.
The player is presented with a 6×6 board of multi-colored fuzzballs called "Chuzzles " in order.
Have 4 mode:
– Classic Chuzzle
– Speed Chuzzle
– Zen Chuzzle
– Mind Bender
Special: game updated monthly upgrade to 45 level in Min Bender Mode


TicTacToe Challenge


The classic TicTacToe game, 3 in a row, finally available on your smartphone!

The goal is to chain three of your tokens. You can align them horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There is no time limit, and there are three levels: Easy (random play), Medium (defensive play) and Expert (offensive tactic). Will you win the challenge versus the machine? It's not impossible, but only the best will win!

One or two players.

There are game statistics for all levels.

This game is free and contains ads.

Have fun with TicTacToe game and remember to rate it!


Flicky Circles


*** New feature is available: 18 hard thinking levels ***

You have probably heard of Air Hockey game, right? Well this is similar but engaging in its unique way!

Flicky Circles game will surprise every player with its simplicity. Everyone likes to swipe his finger across the screen and sees some kind of a reaction. Here it is, not just a reaction, but a game based on players swipes, a game that changes your spare time into fun. Flicky Circles is simple, fast and thinkful android game to play with your friends, solo against a computer or you can beat the impossible levels while training your flicking/swiping skills.

Flicky Circles is inspired by a game OLO. Game objects are positioned like a…


Mahjong 「上海」Shanghai


Shanghai is the original Mahjong Solitaire provided by SUNSOFT with various stage, high quality graphics, easy operation, and many modes that keep you from being bored.
Also it satisfies both beginners and advanced players.

This is perfect for your vacant time! The rule is very simple!!
Remove pairs of mahjong tiles with matching patterns from piles stacked in various configurations.
We have also innovated sharply-etched tile with suited 3D background image, easy operability by touch interface, and over 1200 stages are available.
Also, newly added a mode that you can compete with other players in whole country at no charge!!
You should try right now!!

mahjong solitaire


Tic Tac Toe


TIC TAC TOE is the world’s easiest game. Put your pen and paper away because we’ve made TIC TAC TOE even easier with our TIC TAC TOE APP for ANDROID!

Check out these FEATURES:

– Crisp graphics.
– Game resizes automatically for landscape and portrait modes.
– Compare your score with other players on our Leaderboard!
– Unlock achievements!
– Compatible with Android phones and tablets.

While TIC TAC TOE is an easy game.. `TIC TAC TOE is a game of STRATEGY.


– Going FIRST? The BEST MOVE is to take the center square. Why? This maximizes your options to make 3 in a row. The center square is best position on the board.
– Going SECOND? If your opponent took the center square…