Nursery Rhyme Activities Free


Sing-a-long and Play-a-long to your favorite nursery rhymes! This app, catered to preschoolers, features 10 popular nursery rhymes that we are certain your kids will love!

Like always HooplaKidz combines fun and learning through interactive play! The creative game design and colorful visuals ensure your child is productively engaged as they enhance the development of necessary skills.

Skills Developed:
• Memory
• Visual Comprehension
• Visual Discrimination
• Visual Spatial understanding
• Hand-Eye Co-ordination

Unique Features of the App:
• Switch between the melody of the rhyme and the rhyme sung with lyrics
• Different games for each nursery rhyme

Come sing and play with “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Jack and Jill”, “The Muffin Man”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and many many more!

HooplaKidz Nursery…


Cute Dogs Kids Jigsaw Puzzles


Must have game for every kid who love Dogs.
30 Lovely jigsaw and swipe puzzles for kids and toddlers with cute dogs.
Adjustable to your child's skill level. Drawings too!

Your kids will just love these hand drawn puzzles and improve his cognitive and spatial skills. This game encourages design, image and shape recognition, eye hand coordination.

Positive and pleasant feedback for the kid for each part and when puzzle is complete.

* Enjoy 30 Unique Puzzles
* From 2 pieces up to 30 pieces – you choose your skill level.
* Two puzzle types – jigsaw puzzle and swipe puzzle
* Paint activity – paint over your favorite puzzles.
* Fun mini games at end of each puzzle – pop balloons or bubbles.
* Easy…


Fairy Tale Puzzles for Kids


Fun fairy puzzles game for kids and toddlers from ages 1 to 6 featuring many cute cartoon figures from fairy tales such as a forest fairy and her animal friends, a mermaid and her underwater friends, the ice queen, alice playing tea party, a fairy riding her unicorn pony and more in 29 shape & tangram puzzle games!

When a fairy puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with a variety of fun celebrations and interactions such as balloon popping.

The fun matching activities help improve visual perception, knowledge of shapes & develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces to match their holes. Perfect games for preschooler kids.

• Kids Safe, please see our Privacy Policy
• Original high quality cartoon…




The goal of the game is to remove as many balls as possible by forming lines.
You can do so vertically, horizontally and by diagonal using the balls of the same color only.

Aim is to clear you board ASAP!
This puzzle game is quite addictive, be prepared 😉
Free flow like minimalistic 3 match puzzle game.


► There's a square field 9×9 shown on the screen.
► Program randomly places 3 balls of a different color.
► There are 7 possible colors.
► You can do so horizontally, vertically and bias.
► When you get a line removed, 3 new balls don't appear.
► Otherwise each ne move is accompanied by the appearance…


2K48 Game


Vakit öldürmek ve zekanızı geliştirmek için çok iyi bir oyun 2K48!


Dish Memo Game For Kids


In a fun way, your child trains his or her memory at five levels of difficulty, and in addition – with the aid of the carefully designed motifs on the cards – learns to recognise and understand all kind of dishes.

Through the intricate design of the cards, the most diverse mental fields are promoted and developed.

This app has been tested and found to be pedagogically valuable by numerous parents who place value on a balanced education.

The Family Rohn wishes you lots of fun with our app.


Puzzle – Free Jigsaw


Puzzle – your life in Free Jigsaw is an amazing game which allows you to play puzzle with any images you want.

Begin the game by selecting the photo. You can take a new photo to solve a jigsaw or select an image from your own photo library. If you prefer to play puzzle with some new images just use internal gallery of Puzzle – Free Jigsaw game. The gallery contains more than half a thousand photos on different subjects. Write down in comments if you would like us to add some new photos on some special topics. And we surely will add new ones especially for you. And all this is for free!

One pleasant surprize 🙂 – by…


Cubezzle Lite


Cubezzle is a puzzle and brain training game, where you need to organize mixed puzzle pieces into a set of cubes.

The order is determined by the geometric shapes and colors of the cubes. The pieces slide horizontally and vertically, dragging along with each movement, the row of cube pieces.

There are four levels of difficulty depending on the number of rows and columns of the matrix: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6. This version only have 3×3 mode.

At the end of the game, when the puzzle is completed, your time and number of movements is recorded in order to keep the best times.

You can compete online with other players from all over the world and know what your position…


Puzzle for Kids


This free puzzle game helps your kids develop matching skills and fine motor skills while enjoying colorful pictures.

It's a nice, simple, funny and colorful puzzle game for toddlers and kids.

There are three worlds each one has three beautiful pictures which boys and girls will love.

• Level 1 – 3 puzzles with animals and nature pictures
• Level 2 – 3 puzzles with dinosaurs and castle images
• Level 3 – 3 puzzles with fantastic mermaid, pirate ship and wild animals pictures

Cross the levels 1, 2, 3 one by one just drag and drop the pieces into the marked area. Press the "Big Picture" button if you want to see the completed image.


Petal Pushers Time Attack


Petal pushers is a sliding match-three puzzle game with relaxing ambiance.

Please note that this game is entirely ad-free.

Slide rows and columns of flowers around to match three or more like flower types. Higher scores are awarded for matching more flowers, creating multiple matches at a time, or chaining matches together.
Matching five or more flowers of the same type will reward you with a trowel which can be used to plough through a row or column. As your score increases, honeybees may land on your flowers, preventing you from sliding their rows or columns.
The game includes a five minute time attack mode.

Purchasing the full game will allow you access to a challenge mode which ends once you've run out of…