Split! is a simple, fun, two player game of hands.

Play with a friend in two player mode!

Or play by yourself in single player mode with seven difficulty levels to choose from!

Defeat your opponents by killing both their hands!


● Completely free with no advertisements.

● Simple and easy to understand gameplay.

● Two player mode – Play with a friend on the same device.

● No in-app purchases. All content included.

● Seven levels of difficulty to test your skill.

● Retro 8-bit graphics and sound effects.

The rules of Split! are as follows –
Both players start with each hand at one finger.
The players take turns to hit any hand (either the opponent's or their own) which is not dead with…




Wormix — a turn-based tactical game like worms where you can fight on PvP and against the computer or your friends using dozens of weapon types and countless combat strategies.

PLEASE NOTE: Wormix requires 512MB of RAM Memory.

You can't win in this game by simply relying on chance. All your abilities will be put to the test, not least your reaction speed, aim and skill as a strategist.

Hone your skills in single-player Missions. Battle in PvP arenas on multiplayer mode. Invite your friends to test their strength in Duels. Perfect your technique, defeating Bosses one-on-one or with a partner.

Ferocious boxers, hellish demons, nimble rabbits, cunning cats and cold-blooded…


Shoot The Man


Shoot the man in black, kill all of them with your gun!


Prince and Princess wedding


Hi girls. Do you like wedding games? Now you can start play this new couple wedding with a sweet princess and a handsome prince who love each other very much.

Calling all fashionistas! Express your sassy style sense on the go with DressUp! Fashion, the free DressUp app for Android!
– Makeover models with new and chic hairstyles,girl newborn,wedding,dream house,clothes Prince and Princess wedding ,daycare, shoes, accessories, makeup, and backgrounds!

Dress up your favorite princess! Our model is one of the beautiful princess from the classic fairy tales!
Show off your fashion skills and imagination by mixing and matching crowns,wedding, Prince and Princess wedding dream house,girl newborn,dresses, shoes,daycare,beauty salon, earrings, and many more. There are hundreds of fashion combinations to choose…


Warship WWII


Assemble your fleet of warships, battleships, and cruisers to fight epic battles on the high seas! Are you ready for combat, Admiral?

It’s 1941 and the world is in chaos. Fighting on land is no longer the primary strategy of our enemies– they’re forming armadas of powerful warships, submarines and aircraft carriers. Build your own fleet and defend your home!

✔ Free to play strategy RPG based on World War II!
✔ Play with millions of players from around the world!
✔ Train your naval fleet, war ships and defeat your enemies!
✔ Build and defend your massive base!
✔ Research new technologies and collect resources!
✔ Forge powerful alliances and take over the world!
✔ Explore dozens of maps!
✔ Login daily to redeem rewards!

With the…


Shoot The Rope 3


Save the innocent people being hung by shooting the nooses with your bow and arrow. Be careful not to miss! In the lives of the innocent people before the end of the rope shoot broken, save them!


Rex Tribal Society


Multiplayer, Real-Time Strategy like Age of Empires and Starcraft with Dinosaurs

Control a prehistoric tribe in a world where people and dinosaurs live together. Improve your village and fight other tribes. Explore new territory, get various resources and construct new buildings in your village. Create a strong army of different units, including cavalry on dinosaurs. Protect your base from enemies and attack their villages. Fight dynamic battles, control valuable resources and destroy enemy bases.

Throughout the period of expansion of the earth, extreme conditions devastated most living beings, but some natural sanctuaries survived, giving rise to new ecosystems with new hunter and preys. Millions of years have passed and life is spreading over the land…


Strategy war coc


this is the application guide for the way of strategy to play coc is good and true
This collection contains more than 1000 popular plans for CoC. There are bases for any purposes: for farming, for a guard, for resources hoarding etc. Bases can be filtered by TH level. You can add preferred bases to The Favourites list.
for you are a fan of coc mandatory to have the application of this


Star Girl: Beauty salon games


Welcome to the glamour world of stardom and famous celebrities! Star Girl: Beauty salon games

Star Girl: Spooky Styles takes you on a journey to the world of cosplay haute couture. Put on the high heels of an aspiring celebrity who is building her career as a fashion icon.
Have fun, meet fellow geeky celebs, and fall in love along the way.
Find out if you have what it takes to make it big – whether it’s singing, acting or modeling.

Of course, any star needs an active social life, so hang out with your friends and go on dates with the hottest guys in town to find your perfect match.
You can even take photos and share them with your Facebook friends!



Meme vs Rage


A tower defense game – A meme and rage comic war.
Super funny graphics. Excellent and Addictive gameplay.

*48 great maps with 4 campaigns and a big survival endless map
*28 awesome meme weapons

You should have a wise strategy to survival !!!
If you like games like tower defense or plants vs zombies, this game is for you.

Enjoy it!