MSH INTERNATIONAL is pleased to offer you a free interactive service to help with the day-to-day management of your international healthcare.

Simple, intuitive and practical, this mobile application with secure access is available to all members who are insured with MSH INTERNATIONAL.

With the MSH INTERNATIONAL app you can:

– Search for nearby healthcare professionals anywhere in the world using geolocation in the 'Find a facility' section
– Check your healthcare reimbursements for each family member: payment date and type of treatment or procedure in the 'My reimbursements' section
– Get alerts when a reimbursement is processed or if we need further information from you (supporting documents etc.). These alerts will be displayed on the app homepage
– Plan your medical appointments using the 'My health directory' section
– Get alerts…


30 Day Abs


There are three challenges for beginner, a fat burning challenge and the insane change which will give you hard core abs.

Just install this app and follow the routine every day. The app will automatically track your progress.


Butt Workout – LumoWell


Best exercises to lift your butt, a comprehensive bodyweight program to tone your butt at home that can be done without equipment, wherever you want.

The application provides you with a virtual personal trainer who will guide you in the workouts by showing you how to perform the exercises correctly and by motivating you. A fun and inexpensive way to effectively train your buttocks.

To get defined and lifted butt you need to train consistently, but monotony is one of the major causes of failure. The app will help you to be constant and the virtual coach will make your glute workouts fun and different.

To get round butt, in addition to training, it’s important to follow a proper diet…


Fitness & Bodybuilding


Fitness & Bodybuilding – This app will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time. This App allows you to create your own program that will fit your needs. In addition, Fitness & Bodybuilding is an extensive database of exercises for every muscle, with a detailed description and video for each exercise. Furthermore, our App provides workout plans for bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. Why pay for expensive instructors when you can do it yourself?

By choosing Fitness & Bodybuilding app for your workouts you get:

-Exercises with video support for every workout;
-A list of the most effective workouts for every muscle group;
-Text instruction with pictures for each exercise;
-Exercise database with new exercises added after each update;


Smokenote – Quit Smoking


The essential choice for health and for quitting smoking successfully! Smokenote helps you maintain your health and happiness by managing your workout, drinking and smoking records.

Check out the benefits of a smoke-free life. If you find it difficult to quit smoking now, start by recording the number of cigarettes you smoke daily and slowly reduce smoking through analysing your smoking history and triggers.

Input your daily activities into the app, then check your health status by looking at the the number of workouts, and the number of drinks you had last week.

No one can help you to quit smoking and maintain your health except you.

Make new healthy habits through Smokenote.

■ Timer showing duration without smoking/drinking


Sleep Calculator


Sleep Cycle Calculator helps you figure out when to go to sleep, and when to wake up, in order to feel rested, energized and refreshed and avoid the morning groggy feeling.

This is a free sleep app that can set an alarm for you to wake up in-between sleep cycles in order to start the day relaxed and with a clear mind.

Every time you go to sleep, you experience a series of sleep cycles that last on average 90 minutes, and waking up during one of the sleep cycles makes you feel groggy and exhausted even with plenty of hours of sleep – sleep cycle calculator tries to determine the best wake up times, or go to bed time…


Comment Maigrir vite !


Les solutions simples et gratuites pour maigrir vite! Découvrez des conseils et astuces pour pour maigrir rapidement et durablement.

– Le régime Dukan: Témoignages sur le régime Dukan. Les avantages et les inconvénients du régime Dukan…
– Perdre du ventre: Les aliments à consommer…
– Comment maigrir des hanches ?
– Maigrir des fesses en connaissant son anatomie.
– Comment maigrir grâce aux plantes ? Les plantes minceur…
– 6 astuces pour maigrir.
– Qu'est-ce que le métabolisme.
– Comment perdre la cellulite.
– Programme du régime soupe aux choux sur 7 jours
– Comment maigrir des cuisses.
– Exercices pour perdre rapidement.

Découvrez comment éliminer la graisse sur votre corps.
Découvrez les réponses à ces questions pour maigrir durablement!


Beeboop Compteur de Calories


Beeboop est une application qui permet d'avoir un suivi quotidien de votre alimentation, votre activité physique, votre poids et vos mensurations.

Lors de votre première connection, vous devez renseigner votre sexe, votre age, votre taille et votre poids pour calibrer l'application.

Grâce à ces informations, elle calcule votre métabolisme de base (métabolisme basal), ainsi que vos besoins journaliers en calories.

Le Métabolisme est calculé avec la formule de Harris et Benedict recalculée par Roza et Shizgal en 1984.
Il correspond aux besoins énergétiques "incompressibles" de l'organisme, c’est-à-dire la dépense d'énergie minimum quotidienne permettant à l'organisme de survivre.

Surveiller son alimentation

L'application comprend une bibliothèque d'aliments (La Table Ciqual) qui vous permet de renseigner tout ce que vous consommez dans la journée.

Le nombre d'aliments de la…


Bien-être et travail


Cette application conçue et présentée par Véronique MOUNIER, Docteur en pharmacie, vous donne toutes les clés pour mieux vivre au travail et préserver votre santé.

Que vous soyez salarié ou dirigeant, sédentaire ou en bureau, vous comprendrez vite qu’il suffit de quelques changements de comportements dans votre quotidien, pour améliorer considérablement votre santé ainsi que votre bien-être au travail.

Nous vous permettons ainsi de retrouver chaque jour :
– 100 conseils et exercices
– 50 vidéos et exercices audios

Répartis sur 5 thématiques :
– Nutrition
– Activité physique
– Troubles musculo squelettiques
– Amélioration du mental
– Equilibre vie pro/perso

Et cerise sur le gâteau, vous aurez accès à tout moment de votre journée, à une « Minute détente » adaptée à votre profil !

Travailler dans de mauvaises conditions peut, en…


Top Body Fitness


Begin the challenge Top Body Fitness with our application that is an optimal program for a perfect abdomen, buttocks and carved a sporty and sexy body, with more than 20 different exercises, which are specially selected for women's bodies.
The Top Body Fitness challenge is a program with five categories of exercises:
All exercises and routines are simple and do not require the implementation of additional elements more than your body and free space. They are designed so that you can perform anywhere with a few free minutes.
Simply select your drive and follow it!
best exercises for buttocks.
Your "problem areas" are the abdomen, buttocks and legs? These exercises are specially selected for women / female bodies…