CJO est une application destinée aux chirurgiens orthopédistes et aux professionnels de la santé traitant les troubles musculo-squelettiques. Développée par le Collège des Jeunes Orthopédistes, elle représente une aide à la décision et à la prise en charge des patients présentant une fracture. Elle facilite également l'évaluation clinique et le suivi pré et postopératoire.

L'application comprend trois outils:
– les classifications des fractures des os longs et des extrémités
– les principaux scores cliniques par articulation pour le suivi de vos patients
– un goniomètre permettant d'évaluer facilement les amplitudes articulaires

Le Collège des Jeunes Orthopédistes


قس نسبة السكر في الدم Prank


تطبيق قياس نسبة السكر في الدم تطبيق مجاني و سهل الاستعمال.
هناك العديد من الناس يعانون من مرض السكري أو يخافون من الاإصابة به، لهذا يحتاجون إلى التحقق من نسبة "الجلوكوز" في الدم، بانتظام عند طبيب مختص، لكن مع هذا البرنامج، أصبح الأمر في منتهى السهولة و البساطة، فمن خلال هاتفك تعرف نسبة السكر في دمك، و ذلك بشكل مجاني وقتما تريد.
كيف يمكن استعمال التطبيق :
عند فتح التطبيق تضع أصبعك على الجهاز الصغير المرسوم على الشاشة الأولى من البرنامج لبضع ثوان، ثم تنتظر قليلا حتى تظهر النتيجة.
التطبيق عبارة عن Prank ، للتسلية مع أصدقائك و الضحك معهم .


Mobile ecg recording


Full 12 lead ecg recording by means of Android tablet or phone and ecg apparatus L12 or F12.
L(ittle)12 apparatus is connected and powered by micro USB connection.
F12 BT has a wireless Bluetooth connection and is powered by 9 Volt battery.
Image generation in program.
Synchronisation with desktop PC.
Advanced automatic protocol with motivation.
Library with pathological ecg's online.
Ecg quiz online


Pharmacies de Garde Maroc


Pharmacies de Garde Maroc est une application gratuite qui permet de localiser facilement les pharmacies de garde au Maroc, leurs positions GPS, leurs adresses ainsi que leurs numéros de téléphone.

Les villes actuellement disponibles sont : CASABLANCA, AGADIR, FES, MARRAKECH, OUJDA, RABAT et TANGER.

Nécessite une connexion internet.


High Blood Pressure Symptoms


Get up to date information about high blood pressure. This user friendly app tells you what to look out for in the symptoms of high blood pressure; could a headache be related, or a period of dizziness? Often you may have high blood pressure without any obvious symptoms so it’s best to try and reduce your chances of developing it in the first place. This useful app introduces you to the causes of high blood pressure which can include smoking, being overweight, aging and stress.

If you’ve ever wondered how to lower high blood pressure you can read about diet for high blood pressure and, for more severe cases, high blood pressure medication. Checking out this easy to download…


Pill Reminder


The application that helps you take your meds on time.

You don't need to concern if you will forget to take the medicine anymore. The Pill Reminder is here to make your life much easier! Control all your meds with this amazing app. it is the best Pill Tracker in the Google Play.

It is very easy to use, just enter the name of the medicine, the interval between doses and time of the first dose. Super Simple! You can even customize your medications with beautiful colors, photo or sounds. After the initial setup, you will receive a notification at your medicine time. It works like a alarm clock for all your meds.

If you have problems to take you pill…




Visualiser et compléter sa prise en charge ambulatoire directement depuis un mobile.

Solution innovante, l’application Ambulis repose sur une technologie de l’information et de la communication sans fil au profit des personnes nécessitant une préparation et un suivi médical.

Vous pouvez ainsi mieux appréhender votre prise en charge, à votre rythme et en toute autonomie grâce aux conseils et rappels pré-opératoires ainsi qu’aux formulaires et prise de constantes post-opératoires adaptés à votre intervention.

> Un outil pour améliorer votre prise en charge en facilitant la communication avec l’établissement
> Des mesures, une préparation et un suivi 100% numériques
> Une large palette d’outils et de mesures adaptés à votre intervention


Heart Rate


Heart Rate is a simple but powerful app for measuring your heart rate. You just need to cover the device's camera with a fingertip and the cardiograph drawing starts immediately. The heart rate is calculated and displayed in a few seconds.


Medical & Surgical Procedure


We bring you common bedside Medical and Surgical procedures in a very simple and easy way. The app is designed for medical students and doctors. Different Medical procedures and techniques has been described. Every effort has been made to make this app explanatory and very informative for those seeking knowledge about medical and surgical procedures. Different procedures given are as follow:

● Lumber Puncture
● Urinary Catheterization
● Venipuncture
● Blood Pressure Recording
● Nebulization
● Tracheotomy
● Endoscopy
● Intravenous Cannulation
● Nasogastric Intubation(Gastric Lavage)
● Tube Thoracostomy
● Blood Transfusion
● Intramuscular Injection
● Subcutaneous Injection
● Intra-dermal Injection
● Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
● Central Venous Catheterization
● Arterial Blood Gases
● Venous Cutdown
● Suprapubic Urinary Catheterization
● Ascitic Tap
● Pleural Tap or Thoracentesis
● Pericardiocentesis
● Arthrocentesis

These topics has been explained under the following topics

● Introduction
● Indications
● Equipment


Visio – Color Blindness Test


Try this app and see if you may be color bind. This app is based on the Ishihara Color Test