Neon Tiles


Press the start button to start and then tap the GREEN neon blocks to follow the steps toward the goal.
The faster you tap, faster and better advance the way the songs sounded.

There are many different game modes implemented presenting different ways to challenge players and have to compete with your friends for the highest scores.

Play in 5 different modes:
* Classic
* Arcade
* Relay
* Zen
* Free Play
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MPC FUNK Release


The release of funk Mpc have the bases and most current funk points of the year, you can create hundreds of combinations to develop their funk music, the game is super light and works on all phones, even the most simple.
Now you can play funk in all locations that are, can sing while playing and use this
MPC Funk as his DJ table for productions.
The MPC will always be updated with the finer points and funk base, this game is in HD for
provide great images and sounds.
Do not need internet to work, be sure to check the best funk game for your free mobile phone.




Containing 25 kits, each with 6 well paired high quality samples, With a feature that allows you to record and playback on top loops making it even more fun to make music.

Kits include samples from Patatap, DR-110, SK-1, clay pots, bongos, percussion, 80's synth, trap, Classic drum kits, disco tech, hype shoutouts, airhorns, and more!


Guitar Mobile


Pressing 5 keys at the right time, try to follow the soundtrack, the force of pressure makes a difference in the tone of each musical note.


Balloon Tunes


Balloon Tunes from Ape Apps is the ultimate musical balloon popping game! Geared towards kids but fun for adults, you will have fun as you create music by popping colored balloons in this incredible hand eye coordination game. Blast your way through 5 fun gameplay modes as you pop balloons, make tunes, and reach for the top score!


5 Seconds Of Summer Guess Song


This 5 Seconds Of Summer Guess Song is a guessing game to guess the title of the song and the lyrics. It's nice if you can win every level, because the game is made very simple so easy to understand displays. By the time you start the game you will certainly show the initial face a very simple but very elegant. In every game has been made by Categori already set so that you can choose between two games in one application.

In the first category you will play the game to guess the title of the song, in which almost all the song titles are in the category. You simply press the alphabet letters are available under the column…


Mine Pads


Play your favorite Minecraft note block sounds in a dubstep style launchpad format!

 Note block sounds with corresponding images on buttons
 Easy alternative to loading Minecraft game to work on songs or just play around
 Note Block icon provides 2 full octaves of notes to choose from
 Jukebox function plays a brief musical phrase to demo note block sounds
 Free and easy to use

*This app is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang.
This is an unofficial free fan / parody app. Any content not owned by this developer belongs to their respective owners.


The Piano Memory Game


Learn to remember piano notes while having fun playing a game!
The game is designed to exercise your memory by playing random sequences of piano notes for you to repeat and to try to beat your own high score. This will help you learn the notes and expand your piano memory.

Repeat the randomly generated pattern the piano plays.
The piano will play one note, then you should repeat that note. The piano will then play the first note and a second note. Then you should play both of those notes in the same order. The piano will continue to add one note to the sequence each time you repeat the pattern successfully.

Press the options button if you would…


Fandanz a Dance Game


Wanna Dance?

FanDanZ is a dance game that will make you the TopFan of your music Artists. You can challenge your Friends, make a Duel. Let's see who's the best! Win badges while dancing and unlocking new ones.
Any Place becomes the perfect Dancefloor. This app is Google Cast-enabled. Use your smartphone as a controller, plug it into any computer, laptop or TV Chromecast

How does it work?

Choose a song from your phone and start playing. Move your body to the rhythm and get a high score. The better you dance, the higher the score.

We won't tell you how to move or dance, it is not a fingerDance game. With FANDANZ YOU ARE FREE TO DANCE YOUR OWN STYLE WITH YOUR BODY!



Crazy Beethoven


Beat Game (Rhyme Game) for Classical Music. You can learn more classical music by playing the game.

Welcome to enter the classical music world by playing this game.

=== Features ===
– simple and straightforward to play

=== How to Play ===
– Listen to the music, and follow the beats, and just click the colorful circle while it entering the target area.
– Try to keep clicking the beat circle at the right time to get max score