Download 8 Colors Blocks apk

"8 Colors Blocks" is an addictive game about squares, blocks, slides and colors!

In "8 Colors Blocks", you have to slide blocks of 8 different colors up, down, left or right (as in 2048) to create groups of blocks with the same color (as in jewels games). Tap on groups of at least 3 blocks of the same color to score points. The larger the group, the more points are scored. Use bonus blocks to increase your score. Share your score on the leaderboards and show other players who is the best with "8 Colors Blocks".

Slide it, tap it, get it! Easier than 2048, jewels and other match-3 games with fruits, candy or cute animals.
In 8 Colors Blocks, there is just blocks with great colors. Clash the color blocks by a slider to make new clans of the same color, then erase them. All those color tiles are like a flood of beautiful colors. You'll love it!

Try to achieve the highest score in the leaderboard!

This game is so compulsive and addictive, that you can't stop before the end of your game.

You like color block game, 8 Colors Blocks is probably the best and more original color block game, and of course, it's totally free!