Download Airport Fire Emergency Rescue apk

Emergency Rescuer service ensures public safety by delivering second to none service and by responding to the SOS or 911call in no time. You are in frontline and your duty is very tough when lives are in danger. You have to take control as a frontline rescuer and save innocent lives from the deadly fires at the massive airport. You have to control your nerves and be one of the real firefighting technical staff; they are experts in their field with unique skills and knowledge.

Game Features:
• Challenging and outstanding environment.
• Real passenger jet / airplane landing simulation.
• Clock is ticking so transport these racing firefighting trucks on time.
• Extreme precision 3D fire trucks and ambulance simulator.
• Great dynamic game play.
• Excellent sound effects.
• Amazing 3D graphics

About the simulation game play of “Airport Fire Emergency Rescue”; you will see an airplane crashing that you have to rescue. Then you will have an emergency fire truck ambulance that you have to park in the fire exit of that very airplane. Once you park that in emergency exit then the real task starts. You will have to take an ambulance and park in the hospital parking so that people can be rescued safely. You have to be very quick as you have to save lives.

You have to respond to aircraft and airport emergency rescue requests immediately; your primary duty is to save people from an aircraft crash or fire and from other fires on the airport. You have to provide the best of aviation rescue and firefighting services with accuracy and precision. You must be able to respond to an aircraft incident at either end of a runway within given time from the initial start and park your ambulance at the parking spot.

Disaster management team has, high performance aviation firefighting vehicles, aerial rescue vehicles, difficult terrain vehicles and domestic response vehicles. This allows them to respond to a broad range of aviation and airport emergencies, including aircraft incidents, structural fires, medical assistance requests, water rescues and fire alarms.