Download Barley Break (15) apk

Fun & Free logical game.
Are you good at numbers?
Do you want to master your skills?

Barley Break is the one to highlight your skills!

What is so special?

► Lots of challenging layouts
► Nice classic design
► Modern game mechanics
► Stunning animation
► 3 different skins (including beach one!)
► Customizable skin
► Timer
► 3 Difficulty levels

Slide and raise your agility level!

You've got a 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 boards to chose from with 15 counters.
So one cell is always empty which lets you transfer the other ones horizontally or vertically.

Tag and go. Best ever sliding 15 puzzle and even more!
It's a true sliding puzzle forefather. So if you want to be successful in other puzzles,
start from the very beginning and master your skills!

Your aim is to place them in right sequence using the least of your time.
If you are quick enough then you'll appear at TOP chart.
Playing this game regularly you keep your brains fit and well!

Just break it down! Barley Break puzzle is a great way to train your brain!
Slide the numbers as in sliding puzzle to succeed, get best time result.

The fifteen sliding puzzle also called
★ Gem Puzzle,
★ Boss Puzzle,
★ Game of Fifteen,
★ Mystic Square

Barley Break is a puzzle consisting of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.

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