Download Big Emoji: big emojis for chat apk

Share big emojis with friends and family via chat apps.
Tired of small emoticons, Big Emoji is made for you. With the app you can send big emojis as pictures. Surprise your friends!
You can send big emojis to Android or iPhone phones.
Warning: this is not an android emoji keyboard, emoji are send as pictures!

1000+ emojis in different families:
✔ Emoticons & people: smileys faces, people and signs 😉
✔ Animals & nature: funny animals, nature & weather elements
✔ Random objects: all kind of objects, media, sports, games, food..
✔ Travel & places: transportation, vehicles, landscape and all flags of the world
✔ Other symbols: all kind of symbols, numbers, zodiac/astro, warnings, cards..
✔ Special sports emoji: Badminton, Ballet, Boxing, Cricket, Curling, Hockey, Racing, Skating, Squash, Volleyball
✔ Special food emoji: Bbq, Chinese food, Cola, Energy drink, Milkshake, Whiskey, Flour, Champagne/Popping cork, Cheese, Croissant, Meat & Fried egg, Hot-Dog, Frankfurter, Salami, Salt & Pepper, Taco
✔ Special Unicorn

To share emoji:
✔ In Big Emoji, click on an emoji, then select the app
✔ "Copy to gallery" let you copy a big emoji to the gallery and use it in when only gallery is available, or to add it to some contact.

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