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Exercise is the key to good health, both for body and mind-and now there's finally a way to make mental exercise simple, fun, even competitive.

Download our new app from Google Play: 5 cool brain games to train your brain !

★ Human Calculator: Train your brain. Get mental agility and improve your mathematical logic.
★ Press the numbers: Train you lateral view and improve your memory. If you like "Touch the Numbers", you will love our game.
★ Solitary: Your objetive is to remove all tokens from the board, except one of them.
★ Cavemen: You have two cavemen, each one with several stones, and each stone with a economic value. Which cavemen is the richest? Try to beat your own record.
★ Dolphins: You have to move the dolphins in the left to the right, and the dolphins in the right to the left, but be carefull, because you don't have UNDO option..

All games have time out, so you can check your achievements game by game.

By using Brain Games just minutes a day, you are going to notice how your brain works better day by day.

Try it !

Improve your agility !

Train your brain !

Languages available:
★ English
★ Spanish