Download bubble shooter laser simulated apk

Welcome to trigger and bubble launcher outer space simulator with laser pointer.

Imagine you want to travel to outer space. You climb into an intergalactic spaceship and travel at a speed forty times the speed of light, crossing the Andromeda galaxy in a split second, crossing stars and solar systems, a black hole trying absorberte but engine power gamma rays of your ship gets overcome the force of gravity. A comet passes near thousand meteorites stand in your way, but you get deeper into the wormhole. And there, in the far reaches of the universe you get to the laser galaxy to defend the radioactive bubbles that threaten that faraway land.

Your mission is a great challenge. You need all your mental concentration. You have to be quick and daring, you can not go with the hypnosis inhospitable place. You need to get laser pointers to defeat the evil king's son Duron Placentón the Great. Only the last gamma-ray laser pointer is capable of overthrowing concentrated strength, but also need to get activate the strobe light to irradiate Duron defenses.

At first you'll use the first laser pointer to defend against enemy troops Isatum sergeant, but soon need better weapons. To get them you will have to play basket ball trigger for intergalactic diamonds so they can buy new simulators laser pointers.

From your ship, use the Alfa barrel pointing a bubble of the same color that you have loaded in your cannon, and throws hard, without you shake the pulse. When the ball thrown impact on two or more of the same color as yours, they will emerge mega canceling the magnetic force that united them. You must be fast, because the roof falls abruptly without stopping, time works in your favor. Remember that bubbles can bounce off the walls, using the wall space platinum to get the right angle.

For each spatial level you get beat you get a blue diamond, for the second laser pointer will need to have in your digital wallet twenty diamonds, and to get the latest laser pointer have to be achieved eighty diamonds.

There are only one hundred exciting levels you will overcome with courage and restlessness if you want to beat the king's son Placentón. The difficulty will be greater as you go in the world of galaxies bubble. Arm yourself with courage and start your adventure in this great universe.

All laser pointers have 3 different light rays, green, red and blue rays. Pressing the shutter sound effect spatial sound different, each laser pointer reproduces sound effects of different frequencies. You can also activate and deactivate the vibration at all times so it is also possible to disable the effects of laser sound and of course all pointers support the strobe mode, when this mode is activated one flash light will go out of your phone or tablet a flashing, even when holding down the laser pointer LED light will flash on and off continuously. This mode can consume a lot of battery if you use it long time. I remember that this mode is only compatible with devices that integrate a built-in LED light.

>>> The laser pointer built into this game is virtual, not real laser pointer, no ray of light never leave your device, you can only turn on the flash light if this is on the screen shots.

Have fun in the galaxy of colored balls, this bubble shooter space is great to have a good time and pleasant moments.

Thank you all celebrate 5 million downloads.