SUSECon 2015. 5 Days. Everything Linux. The SUSECon mobile app is an easy way for attendees to use their mobile devices to access conference material, such as their personal agenda, keynote details, session and lab schedules, sponsor information, the conference survey, maps, and more.


Time Clock – Work Time Tracker


Looking for an opportunity to measure your work time?

This App provides all the functions which you expect from a modern time clock.

First, you declare how many hours you work a day, how long your break is, and at which times your working hours may be recorded. Afterwards, a protocol of your working hours can be created.

The time clock can display your overtime hours and statistics on your work time per week/month. All statistics can be exported as a CSV file and processed in the spread sheet.

Do you have fixed working hours (as for example 40 hours per week) and want to know when closing time starts? The integrated time clock timer supports you.

Functions of…


Mobile Friendly BNI Connect


I've found that the times I need to submit referrals to fellow BNI members or keep track of closed business and one-to-ones, I am usually away from the office. Unfortunately, the BNI connect website is next to impossible to use from a mobile device and the existing apps for BNI do not provide these basics. I wrote this app to fill the needs for myself and other members of my BNI chapter. Please feel free to use it, and let me know if you find any issues. The pages within the app are pulling directly from the BNI Connect website, so you will have to be connected to the internet to use the app.

Here are the features I focused…


Everwin Time


Easy time management for Everwin Time users :
– Timesheet editing
– Timesheets synchronisation
– One click validation
– Offline mode

Everwin Time requires a valid Everwin application server.




TopMission is a modern and fast way to earn money within walking distance.

Download the app, register and you are all set to complete your first mission – quest from well-known brands! Performing a job rarely takes more than 10 minutes, and the compensation ranges from 2 to 20 euros. It is a simple and fast way to earn cash.

Examples of some tasks within a quest:
– Make a few photos of products in a store;
– Type in the price of some goods;
– Answer questions about the products you prefer.

We will provide all the necessary information and instructions for your quest.


EY Events 2015


EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, and provides global perspectives on the issues affecting today’s businesses. Our EY Events app provides access to information, tools and content you need when attending one of our premier events. Specifically you'll have access to event logistics, announcements, speaker information, agendas with detailed session information and related social media feeds. We also provide the option to partake in live, interactive polling and network amongst fellow attendees.


Capture OnTheGo


The Capture OnTheGo mobile app works alongside PlanetPress Connect to provide you with a better tool to manage your remote transactions. Take your paper business processes like purchase orders, technical service calls, inspections, etc. and accelerate them to digital speed. Using interactive HTML forms that are transferred to your device, you can access, edit and share documents from anywhere. Add data like handwriting, photos, geo-location coordinates (GPS), and signatures, then submit your completed forms back to the office to trigger document workflows and automated processing.

The app can be used without internet connection in the offline mode, making it convenient when on the road. Download documents onto your device and use them when you’re not connected. All transmitted data…




SITEVI est le salon international des équipements et savoir-faire pour les productions vigne-vin, olive, fruits-légumes.

SITEVI, un salon dynamique et ouvert
> Plus de 1 000 entreprises
> Près de 50 000 entrées
> 61 pays

Les exposants du SITEVI
> Composés à 25 % d'entreprises internationales
> 75 % d'exposants fidèles
> 1/4 de nouveaux exposants
> 1/3 des exposants prennent des commandes sur le salon
> Le salon où il faut être pour 9 exposants sur 10

Les visiteurs du SITEVI
> Top 5 des pays visiteurs internationaux : Espagne, Italie, Suisse, Allemagne, Portugal
> Un visitorat de qualité en ligne avec les attentes des exposants, pour 90 % d'entre eux

> Des visiteurs qualifiés :
9/10 filière vigne-vin
1/3 filières olive et fruits & légumes
2/3 acheteurs, 1/5 prescripteurs
9 visiteurs sur 10…


Agent de sécurité


Sur cette application vous trouverez toute les information sur le métier d'agent de sécurité.





It is the official app for BATIMAT, Interclima+elec and Idéo Bain, the international event for all the building and architecture professionals, which will take place from 4 to 8 November 2013 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.

This essential, simple and user-friendly tool enables you to find:
– The map of the exhibitions
– The list of the exhibitors
– The complete program of conferences
– The list of all the events
– All practical information to prepare your visit

Keywords: construction, exhibition, batimat, interclima, ideobain, architecture, energy,goomeo,goomeoevents