Kodak Info Activate Solution

Capture business documents using your smartphone with the KODAK Info Activate Solution Mobile App.

Note: in order to use the Info Activate Mobile App, you must have KODAK Info Activate Solution and the Info Activate Mobile Module already installed on your organization's MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT site.

With the Mobile App, you can capture, index and submit documents to MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT, right from your smartphone. Documents captured on-the-go are automatically enhanced to achieve optimum image quality.


Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile

Oracle MICROS InMotion is a revolutionary app that provides restaurant operators with quick and easy access to real-time business analytics, anywhere and anytime.
For single or multiple properties, view live graphs of today’s key performance indicators such as sales, labor cost, discounts, check count and ticket time. A built in forecasting engine allows for an overlay of both same day last week and last year comparisons, as well as a projected forecast for today and the trend for the next two weeks.
Receive alerts and push notifications when key indicators fall outside normal ranges, or when critical problems occur, such as credit cards failing to settle.
Manage your labor by viewing and ranking employee performance on all key factors, and be warned…



This is the official mobile application for the Dassault Systèmes events, The 3DEXPERIENCE COMPANY.

Using your Android smartphone you can access to the conference schedule, your personal agenda, practical information, all the session speaker and exhibitor information.

This application allows you to:
– Connect to other attendees with LinkedIn
– Sign-up for sessions
– Check your personal agenda and create your alerts
– Access maps and other practical information


Bureaux Siège

Avec l'application Bureaux Siège, retrouvez les plans d’accès à nos immeubles de bureaux en Ile de France sur votre smartphone.

En un coup d'oeil, localisez votre immeuble sur un plan, sélectionnez et accédez aux informations de votre immeuble, générez votre itinéraire et retrouvez vos sites favoris.

4 grandes fonctionalités :

– Les plans
Visualisez très rapidement les principales implantations de nos immeubles de bureaux en Ile de France.

– Les immeubles
Retrouvez par ordre alphabétique tous nos immeubles de bureaux et les informations essentielles (adresse, numéro de téléphone, transports, parking)

– Les itinéraires
Construisez votre itinéraire d’un point à un autre et visualisez le chemin à prendre en temps réel.

– Les favoris
Stockez vos immeubles favoris pour les retrouver en un clic !



HOTELCAREER offers more than 17,000 jobs in the hospitality industry. Whether traveling or at home, with our new and improved HOTELCAREER app you will easily find your dream job anywhere and free of charge.

What`s New:

– The new and optimized apply-function now also enables you to save jobs "cross-device", which means you can look and apply on saved listings from all your devices
– The fundamentally revised "save job" feature allows you to save interesting jobs for later without having to log on or creating an account
– Access all job offers of HOTELCAREER – anytime and anywhere – the leading and most frequented job market in the hospitality industry
– Advanced search option allows you to search precisely for a…


Pradeo Agent

Note : the Pradeo Agent requires the Pradeo Browser application and an access to a CheckMyApps server.

Pradeo Agent makes it easy to protect your company's smartphones and tablets. In a few steps, connect your devices to your server and manage them remotely.

Functionnalities :

– Deep applications analysis : each installed application is sent into the cloud and analyzed in real-time to detect threats. A detailed report is shown to the administrator.

– Protection against loss or theft : the administrator can remotely wipe data, lock the device and trace the devices location with GPS.

– Browsing protection : the administrator can choose which categories of sites are allowed or not.



Application de visualisation à distance des appareils de vidéo protection, Vizeo

Fonctionnalités :

– Lecture à distance jusqu'à 16 caméras simultanées (32 sur tablette)
– Relecture
– Pilotage PTZ avec joystick
– Déclenchement ou arrêt des alarmes à distance
– Multi sites
– Capture d'écran

Développé par les ingénieurs français de la marque de vidéo protection, Vizeo



Identifiez les dangers de vos produits chimiques à partir de leurs étiquettes et de leurs fiches de données de sécurité, consultez les éléments de la classification et de l’étiquetage du règlement CLP, créez et enrichissez vos propres fiches, exportez et exploitez librement votre fichier.

Identifiez les dangers pour mieux évaluer les risques

Classifindex délivre un supplément d’informations aux documents de vos fournisseurs. Cet outil vous permet d’identifier rapidement les dangers des produits chimiques à partir des éléments présents sur l’étiquette ou sur la fiche de données de sécurité.

Créez et enrichissez vos fiches

À partir de vos recherches, vous générez et sauvegardez une fiche synthétique de l’ensemble des informations collectées sur un produit. Vous personnalisez votre fiche en ajoutant un commentaire (numéro CAS,…


F-Gas Solutions

‘F-Gas Solutions’, developed by Climalife, is a simple and educational application for professionals in refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewables, to meet European regulation (UE) N°517/2014 known as F-Gas II, which applies 1st January 2015.

The first part of this application provides a calculator to check the GWP of the refrigerant you use and determine the Tonne CO2 equivalent for the refrigerant charge in the system. These are two essential criteria for the F-Gas regulation.

It also allows you to verify the "Leak Detection Frequency" for each refrigerant and its charge.

The other part of the module ‘Climalife Approved F-Gas Solutions’, allows you to stay informed about refrigerants on the market for both new and existing equipment and the solutions…


Mitsubishi Electric UK Library

Mitsubishi Electric UK, Living Environmental Systems Document Library

Access documentation for our entire product range of Air Conditioning equipment and Ecodan Heat Pumps. This includes brochures, manuals, CPD information guides and case studies. Search and download locally to your device for use offline.