Laos Fonts Free Samsung S3

Laos Fonts Free Samsung S3 app will install 10+ new free fonts on your Galaxy phone that are compatible with the your Samsung Galaxy. This font pack includes 10+ fonts for your phone totally free.

This font pack should work on all Galaxy brand phones. You can used this font pack with following steps to follow :

1. Go to Main screen of this app and click on Display Setting button.
2. Select option of Font Style for set font.
3. Now you get all the fonts of this font pack and choose any one font which you would like to set in your android device.

Loas Font Style Free, Loas Fonts Free


YOOM manga Free

– The perfect Manga comic viewer/reader for small devices
– Intelligent Zoom & Move
– Fully Automated Frame-By-Frame Reading

"YOOM manga Free" is the perfect Manga comic viewer/reader for small devices such as tablets and smartphones. It's intelligent frame detection technology brings you a perfect manga reading experience.
Premium version is also available which comes with full-screen viewing and landscape viewing features.

(1) Zoom In and Out
YOOM frame detection engine perform automated zooming in and out. Each frame scrolls smoothly in the playback mode. without manual panning and zooming, You can enjoy large images in the small screen of the mobile phone.

(2) Multi-Device, Multi-Screen Resolution
YOOM manga supports both tablets and smartphones. It's user interfaces are optimized depending on the screen size and orientation.

(3) Automated…


Memes Never Ends

Best memes of social networks, and always up to date, will be a master of memes




時は江戸時代 主人公のサクは伝奇小説「南総里見八犬伝」の登場人物に夢中。

comico(コミコ)はNHN PlayArtが提供する、無料の漫画サービスです。




Voice Changer 2016

Hello World
wish you have agood year
Fool your friends by changing your voice and identity
The best and cheapest in call voice changer in the market!
Do you want to prank call your friends without the possibility to discover…?
Change your voice during a phone call from high and funny to deep and scary.

Download this Amazing Voice Changer 2016 for FREE NOW

Enregistrez-vous et puis modifiez votre voix. Un modificateur de voix simple d'utilisation mais extrêmement puissant.

Vous pouvez choisir parmi de nombreuses voix prédéfinies
Vous pouvez aussi utiliser les outils et curseurs pour créer vos propres modifications de voix, en changeant la hauteur, la vitesse, en ajoutant de l'écho et autres.
Ceci est l'app de modification de voix la plus souple, avec un nombre…


Piadas de Sogra

Piadas de Sogra

Você pode compartilhar as piadas via e-mail ou twitter desde que o seu dispositivo Android possua suporte à esses aplicativos.


Maru Plug-in (armeabi-v7)

The plug-in is used to 'Maru' or 'Arar'.

Be installed to extend the functionality and can not be used alone.

Currently provides only 'PDF function'.

If the os is a lollipop (5.0) or higher is not necessary to install.


Rage Comic Maker

Rage Comic Maker is a comic creator tool that let you create comics on your android supported devices

– Save and share created comic (PNG iimage file)
– Support custom image integration
– Provided 300+ built-in images
– Text manipulation (Insert, Edit, Adjust size, Change style, Text color)
– Free Hand Paint Tool (Brush size, Brush color)

Disclaimer :: We are not owner of all images using in this application.
Please kindly email to us, If you want to remove your images from this application.
We will remove it within one or two days. Thanks you, all image owners


Le Rayon Vert

Le festival BD Le Rayon Vert, c’est à Thionville/Volkrange les 9 et 10 Mai 2015 ! Hervé notre lézard géant sévit de nouveau cette année et entraîne dans son rayon de nombreux artistes pour la 4e édition du festival BD « le Rayon Vert » de Thionville-Volkrange.

En plein cœur du Domaine de Volkrange, aux portes de la Belgique et du Luxembourg, la ville de Thionville accueille cette année plus d’une trentaine d’auteurs, dessinateurs, coloristes, illustrateurs… pour vous offrir un large panorama du 9e art.

Autour des séances de dédicaces et de nombreuses animations sont associés à l’événement : expositions, conférences, cosplay, battle de dessinateurs, ateliers pour les enfants, concert… Et l’entrée est GRATUITE!!!!!!
La Bande Dessinée sera à l’honneur mais les…


Barry Morgan

Welcome Shoppers to the Official Barry Morgan's World of Organ's mobile app.

Barry Morgan, the ultimate organ salesman is at the helm, so you can get the latest news, tweets, photos and videos, upcoming shows, music tracks and more in the comfort of your own home, on the bus, at work or wherever you and your trusty tech doohickey may be.

Best of all, Barry's app is free. Be the envy of your friends, install it now.
Barry Morgan never fails to disappoint! !

As quoted by a junior member on the 'Organ Forum', "Barry Morgan's World of Organs is single-handedly leading the resurgence of the Hammond Home Organ".