Laos Fonts Free Samsung S3

Laos Fonts Free Samsung S3 app will install 10+ new free fonts on your Galaxy phone that are compatible with the your Samsung Galaxy. This font pack includes 10+ fonts for your phone totally free.

This font pack should work on all Galaxy brand phones. You can used this font pack with following steps to follow :

1. Go to Main screen of this app and click on Display Setting button.
2. Select option of Font Style for set font.
3. Now you get all the fonts of this font pack and choose any one font which you would like to set in your android device.

Loas Font Style Free, Loas Fonts Free


YOOM manga Free

– The perfect Manga comic viewer/reader for small devices
– Intelligent Zoom & Move
– Fully Automated Frame-By-Frame Reading

"YOOM manga Free" is the perfect Manga comic viewer/reader for small devices such as tablets and smartphones. It's intelligent frame detection technology brings you a perfect manga reading experience.
Premium version is also available which comes with full-screen viewing and landscape viewing features.

(1) Zoom In and Out
YOOM frame detection engine perform automated zooming in and out. Each frame scrolls smoothly in the playback mode. without manual panning and zooming, You can enjoy large images in the small screen of the mobile phone.

(2) Multi-Device, Multi-Screen Resolution
YOOM manga supports both tablets and smartphones. It's user interfaces are optimized depending on the screen size and orientation.

(3) Automated…


Memes Never Ends

Best memes of social networks, and always up to date, will be a master of memes




時は江戸時代 主人公のサクは伝奇小説「南総里見八犬伝」の登場人物に夢中。

comico(コミコ)はNHN PlayArtが提供する、無料の漫画サービスです。




O Segredo

O Segredo é um aplicativo voltado para pessoas que querem saber mais sobre maneiras de melhorar a vida no dia-a-dia. Com as dicas e segredos contidos nele você pode melhorar sua vida no amor, amizade, relacionamento, riqueza, e viver bem.
Não se acanhe ele não custa nada e pode melhorar sua vida em muito, caso você leia algumas dessa dicas.
Os tipos de segredos são divididos nas categorias:
* Segredos do amor – Dicas para melhorar sua vida amorosa.
* Segredos da Amizade – Segredos para conquistar novos amigos e manter os que já tem.
* Segredos do relacionamento – Segredos para deixar seu casamento blindado e forte para enfrentar os problemas do dia-a-dia.
* Segredos da riqueza – Dicas simples para melhorar…


Troll Calc Free

A basic calculator that can provide incorrect results. You can configure any percentage or a random number to be added to real results. You can use that to troll your friends, or to earn some profit on negotiations.

——— Instructions —————–
– Press Menu key on cellphone to access the settings
– On settings you can select between Random and Fixed values

– If you select random option, you need to enter the amount on a field and a random number will be genereted. The number saved is the max possible random number.

– If you select fixed option, you need to enter the amount on a field and the value (in percent) will be added or subtracted to the real result.


CS Reader

Have you ever felt like it will be good if CommitStrip has a mobile client? Well, I do feel like that. Usually, I read comic on the bus, in toilet and sometimes while walking. Needing to browse the website just to read some comics is both cubersome and annoying. So, here it is, an unofficial commitstrip reader, where you can read the comics in the comfort of your phone and share it with your friends. Kudos!

1. Read comic and zoom in and out of it
2. Slide your ways through a wealth of comics
3. Go to a specific page
4. Share comics to your friends


Luann plugin for FCR

This plugin allows you to read the Luann web comic.

It requires to install Fast Comic Reader, which is available on the Play Store




1ST Motion Comic Book Movie on the Android! (Has Save 2 SD Card)

The Hunter has become the hunted; Jazan and Victor go head to head. You saw this coming! The ashes have not settled, a familiar carnival melody fills the night air. (Hit Menu & Save & play within Carnival Reader App)


Funny images, Comedy to Share

Free app to share with your friends from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Tweeter, Telegram, Viber, ICQ and other networks are over 1,500 funny and fun images, a full collection of memes and strips for every moment and occasion, you can send to his love for his girlfriend, show your strong the friendship you can send in the cold in the heat, Children funny pictures, Animals, several Humor pictures good morning, good afternoon and good night, your groups will pumping with these pictures:
Pics, Lol

– Animals,
– Love,
– Friendship and Friendships,
– Groups,
– Mothers Day,
– Humor,
-Days of Week
-Good Morning, Afternoon, Night, Evening,