International calling

Crystal clear voice calls without relying on data connection. FREE $1 risk-free trial credit to call most countries for over 30 minutes. FREE international calls!
Cheap international calling to your friends and family abroad:
◆ Even if they are not using ChatTime or when they are not online
◆ Call even when you are out and about, doesn't use Wifi or 3G like Skype™ and Viber™
◆ Doesn't waste your time with dropped calls or voice delays with inconsistent data connection

ChatTime is NOT a VoIP call app, best for staying connected whether for business or personal calls.
✰ ChatTime supports Android phone and iOS iPhone devices.

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✔ Low Cost Cheap Calls To Landlines and Mobiles
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Metal for Facebook & Twitter

Your Facebook app should work for you. It should be light, functional and beautiful. It should look how you want it to be accessible everywhere, with lightning fast launch speeds. Metal does this. And more.

And now it supports Twitter, too. Two social networks, one tiny app.

Metal is a Web wrapper with some awesome enhancements you don't get from just a browser like Notifications, Floating windows and Themes.

* XDA App of the week

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Access your messages, news feed and notifications from any app, with a tap and a swipe. Swipe down the…


Live Chat

Get Live Chat today, and start chatting with fun people, from all over the world, in real-time, upload pictures, and find new friends, all absolutely free. You can also trade usernames, and send private messages, both online & offline whenever you want.

Live Chat has the fastest live chat room for you to have fun, and chat. All you need is a reliable connection to start chatting. For the fastest speed, we recommend using a WiFi or 4G data plan.

Live Chat strives to give you the safest chat experience, however use common sense when using the rooms; never give out personal information to anyone you do not trust. Live Chat is rated medium maturity, and is only…


Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung Accessory Service provides a stable environment in which you can use a variety features by connecting accessories to your mobile device.
This service is compatible with various connectivity environments, and it makes using accessories with your mobile device efficient and convenient via manager applications.
(e.g. Samsung Gear Manager, Samsung Camera Manager Inst.)

Samsung Accessory Service can be used with the following accessories when connected with a mobile device.
– Samsung Gear S2
– Samsung NX-1

Samsung Accessory Service provides the following features for accessories and a mobile device.
– Connection and sending/receiving data
– File transfer
– WebProxy function



The best Android Browser!

Web Browser is a fast, secure, and smart Mobile Browser. It supports both phone and tablet, brings you an amazing premium web experience.

★ Tabbed Internet Browsing
★ Incognito Mode. Private browse the web without saving any browser history.
★ Supports Adobe Flash Player
★ Fast Start Times
★ History
★ Full-screen mode
★ Quick search: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other default search engines
★ Super easy copy/paste
★ Homepage
★ Bookmarks
★ User Agent settings
★ Advanced Gesture feature
★ Sharing – Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and other social media channels.
★ Advanced Settings
★ Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine so file size is smaller
It is a high-performance small-sized Internet browser built for those who don't want the…


IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is the world’s leading provider of high speed, unlimited VPN services. With our Android VPN app and an existing IPVanish account you will be able to:
* Surf from any WIFI connection securely, privately and anonymously.
* Stop snoopers from gaining access to your passwords, searches and sensitive network data by using VPN encryption technology
* Always have access to your favorite web sites and apps from anywhere on the planet. Unblock sites like CNN, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and the BBC when traveling in other countries. Perfect for business trips and service men and women who want to stay connected and informed.
* Use VOIP services like Skype and Viber securely without interruption on an unmetered, unlimited,…


Wifi Calling Unlimited Free

Make free video calls, and call phones to all your facebook friends. First time need to login with facebook and enjoy with unlimited video call whether Your friends on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, as well as IMs, no matter where they are. Just enjoy!!
video calling – Be free to communicate. video call and voice call to anyone, anywhere with friends. video calling free – These days, it’s all about video calling free. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re likely holding a video calling free machine. And regardless of what OS your smartphone is running, it likely came with some built-in video calling free software. but your smartphone if not built-in video calling free software you don't worry…


Free International Calls

The Cheaper Calls app can be used by anyone to make free or cheap international calls. Making free calls both you and the person your calling needs to have the app – otherwise you can make super cheap phone calls using this app. Read more about each of these services:

How to make free international calls

The Cheaper Calls app enables you to make free international calls and send free messages to anyone in the world. Simply make sure you, and the person you are calling has downloaded the Cheaper Calls app and you can call and message each other for free when you are connected to WiFi, 2G or 3G.

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Liste Orang’inale BDE SKEMA

Bienvenue sur l’application de la liste Orang’inale !

Nous listons pour la succession du Bureau Des Etudiants à SKEMA Business School sur le campus de Sophia-Antipolis.
Notre équipe est composée de 70 membres soudés et motivés (tu sais, les gars stylés qui arrivent en masques anonymous aux soirées) répartis en pôles distincts, prêts à tout pour vous prouver que nous sommes la relève du BDE de SKEMA.
Nous avons cette ambition et nous comptons vous convaincre qu’on est là pour la réaliser afin de vous assurer une vie étudiante de grande qualité sur le campus : bonne humeur, solidarité, et orang’aillement seront les mots d’ordre. Et bien sur, un WEI du feu de Dieu !

Doté d’un fort esprit créatif, Orang’inal s’engage…


Halloween Witch – Messaging 7

Please don't only install me, it is just an sms theme, Thanks.


– Cool Flat style UI.
– Custom bubble themes.
– Custom font for conversation list, thread, popup message dialog.
– Beautiful popup message dialog, support more pages popup dialog.
– Manage all SMS message conveniently.
– Custom any color for bubble.
– ..