Learn Coloring – Kids Paint

"Learn Coloring" lets draw and coloring using different tools such as Colored Pencils, Crayons, Stickers and even a Magic Wand!

Over 200 coloring pages available in different categories: animals, transportation, food, numbers, drawings to complete, mazes, find differences, Christmas, Easter, free drawing and more.

Your kids will have hours of fun! You can have fun coloring with your children or make them coloring contests. The possibilities are endless.

Share your Artwork with friends (Email and Facebook!)

Through its collections of coloring pages promotes the development of imagination, the arts, enhances concentration and learning abilities of children, and in turn leads them to meet the animals, food, letters, numbers, and to compete in various challenges.

Language Learning
Each drawing has associated the words that describe the…


Preschool Learning Games Kids.

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Baby Bubble School provides the most wonderfully bubbleful educational experience for kids!
Teaching names and recognition of LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES, COLORS, TOYS, ANIMALS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES and more.

* 10 Educational Learning Categories (3 in free version)
* 220 Interactive First Words Flash Cards (54 in free version)
* 3 Engaging Game Modes

Baby Bubble School is a colorful, wonderfully bubbleful educational experience for curious young minds. Teaching names and recognition of LETTERS, NUMBERS, SHAPES, COLORS, TOYS, ANIMALS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES and more, Bubble School makes learning awesome for all TODDLERS and PRESCHOOLERS. The application was developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling…


쥬니어 네이버 – Jr.Naver

A fun and easy, picture book-like media player
– Cute characters that children love and fairytale-like background.
– Easy playback controls with gestures – as if you are flipping the pages of a picture book!

120 free downloadable contents
– The Junice series, episodes of Junice (14), a collection of children's songs (40), Safari-themed animal films (60)
– Download and play the contents you like from My Inbox.

Seamless video streaming
– Play the video clips that are downloaded in My Inbox offline.
– Control video clips in many ways, including Play, Resume and Repeat.
– Find and play another video clip while playing one.

Simple download and memory management
– Press a content icon to begin downloading.
– Press and hold a file icon to delete.
– Check the…


꼬마버스 타요 시즌1: Lite

꼬마버스 타요 시즌1: 1~2화 Lite

TV 애니메이션 시리즈 “꼬마버스 타요 시즌1” 동영상앱 출시!
개성만점의 다양한 교통수단들이 열심히 맡은 일을 하며 사이 좋게 살아가고 있는 ‘서울시티’
꼬마버스 타요는 이제 막 시내버스로서의 자격을 얻어 운행을 시작한 새내기 버스랍니다.
아직은 매사에 서툴지만, 훌륭한 시내버스가 되겠다는 의지만큼은 누구 못지 않아요.
버스 친구들인 가니, 라니, 로기 그리고 다양한 자동차 친구들과 함께 서울시티 버스로 활약하는 타요의 모습이 궁금하지 않나요?

매일매일 조금씩 성장해 가는 꼬마버스 타요의 이야기를 이제는 앱으로 감상해 보세요.

★ 콘텐츠 구성
– 애니메이션 1~2화
– 오프닝 영상 보기
– 엔딩 영상 보기
– 캐릭터 소개
– 꼬마버스 타요 앱 컬렉션

★ 애니메이션 목록
– 1화 새내기 꼬마 버스의 하루
– 2화 길 잃은 타요

★ 주요 캐릭터 소개
– 타요 : 긍정적인 성격에 호기심 많고 명랑한 새내기 꼬마버스
– 로기 : 나서기를 좋아하는 적극적이고…


Preschool Learning Games Kids▪

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★★★★★ Parents' Choice Award Winner
★★★★★ Brought to you by 22LEARN, the creator of Abby Monkey® Basic Skills Preschool – a winner of Recommended Seal by Parents‘ Choice Awards 2012.

The best-selling Preschool Learning Games ABC Alphabet Aquarium School Vol 1: Animated Letters Puzzle for Preschool and Kindergarten Explorers by 22learn arrives on Android!

Dive into our alphabet aquarium for an ultimate super ABC alphabet adventure. Toddler Aquarium presents the wonderful world of letters in four great games.

BEST WAY TO LEARN THE ENGLISH ALPHABET! Four great puzzle games with letters and animated animals to develop your child's skills.

Explore the shapes and names of letters…


Math Ninja -Times Table-

Become Kazumaru or Kazuha and train hard to beat your way up to the Ninja Masters, and before you know it, you've learned the Times Table! Learning should be fun, and this is just that! Fun, Entertaining and Educational.

There is a status page showing how many problems you answered correct or wrong and shows the top 3 multiplication that you had the most problem with.

Each multiplication has a unique Ninja Master, try to beat them all.

Repetition learning from original music and fast paste tempo.

Learn from your mistakes! Count the rice balls when you get the answer wrong.

Three seperate save data can be used, so no need to fight between brothers or sisters!


Alice in Wonderland Kids Book

–> A Marvelous Fantasy + Engaging Animations + Stunning interactions
–> HD graphics and sounds | FREE educational PUZZLE activities inside!
–> New educational & fun puzzles feature is included – check it out!

Follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit’s hole into a fantasy world. Discover a magical world, meet new friends and embark on an enchanting experience. See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!! Enjoy amazing interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.

What’s Inside:
–> Watch as Alice falls down the rabbit’s hole – interactive animated activity
–> See Alice shrink and become as tiny as a mouse – pure magic
–> Join a colorful birds race where all…



Experience for yourself this magical educational app that has been used by more than 5.000.000 students around the world.
Nearpod is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to a set of mobile devices for their classes.

What's Nearpod?
The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their Tablet to manage content on students' mobile devices. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Before You Start
Nearpod is a synchronous solution for the use of mobile devices in the classroom. To try Nearpod, you will need one Tablet or PC/MAC and at least one other device (tablets, smartphones, Chrome books, PC/MAC), both running Nearpod. All devices should be connected to…


Kids Animal First Words Puzzle

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Kids Animal Preschool Word Puzzles, developed by well-loved educational experts with more than two-decade old teaching experience, is a wonderful tozzle preschool playground for all toddlers learning to assemble pictures of animals, match pictures to their silhouettes, and associate the pictures with their written names.

Try it and enjoy how your kids make progress while being entertained!

A must-have for every busy parent and curious kid!

Buy this app from our extremely successful series right now!

RECOMMENDED AGE CATEGORIES: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener

Assemble the picture of the animal from as many pieces as there are letters in the name of the animal. While dragging the puzzle pieces to appropriate…


뽀로로 잠자기 습관놀이 (Lite)

★ 뽀로로와 친구들을 쿨쿨 재워주세요!★

– 친구들과 놀다 불을 끄면 잠들어요!
– 크롱, 루피, 패티, 에디, 로디! 모든 친구들을 만나보세요!

★ 더 많은 놀이를 하시려면 ◆뽀로로콘◆을 검색하세요

– 설치만하셔도 무료코인이 팡팡팡!
– 매일매일 무료출석캔디를 드려요!

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서울시 동작구 상도동 511 숭실대학교 벤처관 207-7호