Gravity Balls Experiment

Have fun rotating your phone and watching the balls fall across the screen as if they were really there.

G-Balls is an application featuring a lot of balls on your phone screen, affected by gravity like in the real world. Rotate your phone to see balls bouncing and moving like if they were really inside your phone screen. Try it!

G-Balls uses real physics movements to simulate balls movement and phone accelerometer to detect rotation of your phone creating this attractive and fun application.




I denne appen fra NRK Super kan barna leke, lære og more seg med den populære Fantorangen.
De kan bade Fantorangen, kle på forskjellige klær, eller de kan bake de rareste kaker.
En morsom og underholdende app for de minste barna, 2- 4 år.

Ingen kjøp i appen.


Care Bears Appisode

Now your child can join the Care Bears characters in an interactive adventure! Care Bears Appisodes allows your child to watch full-length Care Bears episodes and play along with their favorite Care Bears!

In this Appisode, Funshine needs help learning an important lesson about competition! It's up to your child to help and his Bear friends along the way!

– Fully interactive experiences featuring Funshine, Wonderheart, Tenderheart, Cheer and more!
– Based on full length episodes
– More than 30 exciting experiences with your favorite Care Bears!
– Intuitive tap, drag, draw, swipe, tilt and voice interactions
– Activities within the Appisode make each viewing a new experience!
– Parents can track their child's progress and success in each of the…


Magic Piano Free

It's a fun app that will keep kids entertained while they learn and explore the music

The songs and all music in general holds wonderful things : we are happy , conveys messages, we use it as a way to communicate and more.

Children can develop their hidden musical talents !
The adults remember their childhood again !
The whole family played and will play songs together !

• stimulate the intellectual, auditory , sensory, and motor speech of children.
• Increase the skills of listening, memorizing and concentrating.
• They feed the imagination and creativity of children.
• Power sociability, causing children to better relate with their peers.

In addition , children's songs help create an ideal climate for children to have fun while exploring music.

Languages ​​:


NRK Super

Se NRK Super når og hvor du vil!

Her finner du alle barnas favorittprogrammer fra NRK Super, de kan se TV-programmer direkte eller om igjen. Appen er designet for barnefingre med store trykkflater og gjenkjennelige bilder, det er lett å finne innhold selv og videoer spilles av umiddelbart i stor skjerm.

Appen er personlig for barna og den kan ha flere profiler dersom flere barn bruker samme mobil eller nettbrett. Innhold som er best egnet for de eldste barna, kan enkelt skjules på profiler for små barn.

Vi anbefaler at du bruker NRK Super-appen med trådløst nettverk.

Dennne appen trenger følgende tilganger:
– Dine bilder – for at man skal kunne velge et bilde som sitt profilbilde
– Kamera – for at man…


Kidoodle.TV TV Shows for Kids

. `Up to 5 profiles per household have unlimited access to thousands of hours of quality brand-name entertainment and educational shows.

NEW!! . Upload your cute and funniest home videos for your whole family to see. `

Features and Highlights:
· NEW!! Family Moments™
· 6,000 + videos of brand-name cartoons and educational programming
· Parental Analytics – helping parents encourage good viewing habits
· Time limits
· Bedtime Curfews
· Title selection
· Content filtering by age
· Up to 5 profiles, each customizable by color and avatar
· Passcode protection between profiles
· Wifi-only option to restrict access
· Ongoing content and feature updates


뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 5기 : Lite

온통 하얀 눈과 얼음으로 뒤덮인 뽀롱뽀롱 마을에 개구쟁이 뽀로로, 장난꾸러기 크롱, 새침떼기 루피, 말괄량이 패티, 똑똑박사 에디, 힘센 로봇 로디, 마음 착한 포비, 수다쟁이 해리, 마법사 통통이, 빨간 자동차 뚜뚜가 살고 있답니다.
생긴 것도 다르고 하고 싶은 것도 다른 친구들은 신나게 장난치고 놀면서 스스로의 장단점을 깨닫게 되고, 다른 친구들을 배려하는 마음도 배우게 됩니다.

뽀로로와 친구들의 즐거운 하루 하루를 앱으로 감상해 보세요!

★ 콘텐츠 구성
– 1화 모두 사이 좋은 친구
– 2화 크롱의 소원
– 오프닝 영상 보기
– 엔딩 영상 보기

★ 캐릭터 소개
– 뽀로로 : 호기심 많은 꼬마 펭귄
– 크롱 : 귀여운 말썽꾸러기 아기 공룡
– 루피 : 수줍은 많은 소녀 비버
– 패티 : 활달하고 명랑한 소녀 펭귄
– 에디 : 영리한 발명왕 꼬마 여우
– 포비 : 마음씨 착한…


Trigonometrics LITE


"The Trigonometrics Lite app has very nice colors and graphics, it does make me and my grandkids dizzy to watch it. My grandkids asked me to buy them Spirograph for Christmas they think it would be more fun."

"I got this app for my son. He loves it. Easy to use. Loves the bright colors."


– Design rainbow patterns.
– The color and geometric patterns are works of art.
– Other apps in the app store that are similar (Fireworks, Spin Art, Spirograph, Tripping App, Mandala Generator) have pretty designs, but their pictures were created for you by the developer or an artist. With Trigonometrics, you discover the patterns.
– The generated images are a…


YaYa & Zouk

Viens jouer avec YaYa et Zouk!

Cette application, destinée aux 3-6 ans, permet de prolonge l’univers de la série télévisuelle.

Pour YaYa et Zouk tout est prétexte à rire et à découvrir… Les objets du quotidien deviennent un tremplin vers l’imaginaire. Les moments de la vie de tous les jours se transforment en situations toutes plus loufoques les unes que les autres.

Découvre quatre mini-jeux, tous plus amusants les uns que les autres:

La pêche aux trésors
Pars à la pêche avec YaYa et Zouk. Aide-les à ramasser les objets dans l'eau.

Le sel enchanté
Le dessin de Zouk est coincé sous le canapé. Pour l’aider à le récupérer, Yaya utilise du sel qui fait voler les objets. Tout le salon s’envole dans les…


Chhota Bheem & Jumbo Comic

Chhota Bheem is India's number one animated character with a following of 35 million viewers.

This action comic is based on the TV show Chhota Bheem in Haathi Bheem Ka Saathi.

The comic is a mix of text, voiceovers and nice images.

The comic is real fun for all kids and Chhota Bheem fans and comes in two modes: "READ ALONE" and "READ TO ME". In the "READ TO ME" option, a voiceover reads the comic to you.

Enjoy the comic.