Would you like to know what you have earned this month or rather what you deserve to earn? Then this timesheet app is something for you! Keep track of your worked hours with the simple check-in check-out system. The only thing you have to do is click on start when you start your workday and when it ends simply check out with the stop button. Multiple jobs and/or projects are supported to keep track of your hours with timesheet. With the month overview you can look what you have earned per month with all jobs and/or projects. While the period overview is attached to one job or project and can be customised by the user with this timesheet app….


Forex Signals


FreedomForex is a Forex Trading Signal Provider operating in multiple Forex Signal services based on SmartPhones, SMS, Email and Web. We provide daily trading signals as well as forecasts on market movements and trends. You can try our services absolutely free for a "Trial Period" and see the results for your self. FreedomForex will surely give you the edge in Forex Trading. Join today and enjoy profitable trading stream with over 20,000 users worldwide!

Main Features:
★ Real time alerts & notifications.
★ Free Forex Trading Signals for a period of 10 days (with exact Entry & Exit levels).*

*10 Calendar days including week ends. Your app will start the day count showing 9, as the remaining time sine your installation…


My Expenses


My expenses is a simple application designed to organize your incomes and expenses with the following features :

– Saving expenses, income and reminders as well as transfers with these informations :

– Date and time
– category
– payment account
– details


Wallet by truemoney


Wallet by truemoney is the premier personal financial service, available to all operators: TrueMove H, AIS, DTAC. Whether will it be online shopping with WeCard, paying your bills with Scan & Pay, top-up prepaid phone, or money transfer, Wallet can serve your financial needs anytime anywhere.

1. WeCard: Prepaid Mastercard that enables you to shop online or purchase games/apps on Google Play. Open and activates right within the app.
2. Bill payment with Scan & Pay: True bills, utilities, credit cards, insurance, etc. all for free! Just scan the barcode* with your phone. Save bills to Favorite menu for online inquiry and payment.
3. Mobile Top-up: Top-up TrueMove H prepaid phone
4. Buy Truemoney Cashcard: Delivered instantly. Also, you can buy LINE stickers/items…


Free Currency Converter


Free Currency Converter which allows you to see which provider offers the best exchange rate, plus Compare money transfer has built in a free rate watch facility so you just enter the amount you want to hit to make an international money transfer and we do all the work, Our team will email you once you hit that rate of exchange.

Our currency converter is an easy to use money transfer app for you to get the latest currencies converted for free on smartphones and tablets.

Download the currency calculator application today and experience money transfer trading as it’s meant to be:

– Optimised for Smartphones and Tablet compatible
– Sleek user interface for easy app navigation, thumb sized buttons…


HSBC Private Bank mobile


Access your accounts, portfolio and other useful financial information with our Private Bank mobile app.

Key features;
– View your investment portfolios anytime
– Check your latest account movements and activities
– Contact your Relationship Manager via secure email

To log on, you’ll need to already have an HSBC Private Bank Internet profile. If you are not yet registered, please contact your Relationship Manager directly.

We will have more features and updates coming soon, as we are committed to continuously improve this experience.

Please note;
1. Availability and exact features are subject to the laws and regulations applicable to your HSBC Private Bank account and your place of residence. You may not have access to all functionality, as this can vary across locations…


SimpleBudget (Envelope Budget)


"It can't be simpler". For the one who wants to better control their budget.

A Simple Budget Tool based on Envelope budgeting, that may help you to control your spending just by doing simple steps:

1. Create your envelopes
2. Set the budget for each envelope
3. Record your spending
4. Voila! you can see how much money that left for spending and decide your next step

Hopefully it can help you to improve your financial condition

1. Automatically reset the envelope every month.
2. View monthly transaction history per envelope.
3. Data stored locally, internet connection is not required.
4. Set next month budget.
5. Refund transaction.
6. Set different color for each envelopes.
7. Quick add transaction
8. Transfer between envelopes.
9. Consolidated transaction list.
10. Support backup to Dropbox.

Change Total Budget
To change…


Turbos Warrants BNP Paribas


Nouvelle application mobile « Turbos Warrants » de BNP Paribas Produits de Bourse.

En quelques clics seulement, vous pourrez :
• Consulter les cours de Bourse en temps réel,
• Accéder aux analyses techniques quotidiennes de nos partenaires experts sur une multitude de sous-jacents,
• Initier une recherche produit pour trouver rapidement le produit de Bourse BNP Paribas adapté à votre anticipation,
• Créer votre liste de suivi personnalisée
• Traiter facilement les produits via un lien de redirection vers votre courtier.


ING DIRECT España. Banca Móvil


Descarga la nueva aplicación de banca móvil de ING DIRECT España. Realiza cómodamente las operaciones de tu día a día desde tu móvil o Tablet: consulta el saldo y los movimientos de tus cuentas, los gastos de las tarjetas, realiza transferencias, ingresos, operaciones con tus fondos o planes, opera con tu broker y descubre cómo gestionar tus finanzas. Todo está pensado para que puedas gestionar tu economía de una forma mucho más sencilla, con operaciones más intuitivas y gráficos innovadores que te ayudarán a planificar mejor tus gastos. A partir de ahora, entrar en tu banco se va a convertir en una experiencia diferente. ¡Pruébala y dinos qué opinas!
¿Qué puedes hacer con ella?
• Acceder a tu Área Personal para…




Application mobile gratuite de gestion de notes de frais, frais réels et dépenses diverses. Prenez en photo votre ticket et l'application pré-saisit votre dépense, vous n'avez plus qu'à valider! Et vos données sont sauvegardées en ligne.
TicketTak c'est :
– la première application mobile gratuite de gestion de dépenses qui intègre un OCR
– une application mobile qui fonctionne en mode hors connexion
– un stockage de tous vos justificatifs de paiement
– 3 types de catégories de dépenses : notes de frais, frais réels et dépenses
– la configuration des catégories disponibles
– la configuration des champs de saisie disponibles
– la possibilité de noter l'établissement
– l'exportation de vos…