Eyes-free Golf (BFG)

This simple golf-like game is about getting the ball in the hole. As simple as that. Try its different game modes and screens, you won't be disappointed!

The novelty in this case is that the game is eyes-free, meaning that also people with a visual disability can play as well.

This application is part of the Blind Faith Games research project, which aims to develop mobile games that can be enjoyed regardless of your sight level. As a research project, we are collecting anonymous data that help us to improve accessibility of present and future games. Please, fill in the evaluation form included in the app and leave some feedback! We would really appreciate it!


The Halo

Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line! The background color changes beautifully as you progress along the way.

This game is sure to make Beyoncé stop singing! Thank you for making The Halo everybody's favorite game!

Let's see how far can you go in this addicting game. Compare your score with Game Center integration. Also available on the AppStore.


Halloween Flappy Bat

On this spooky, scary evening, one little bat come out of its nest to fly all over the Halloween forest. The bat is flapping its way through an endless array of creatures of the hunted forest to complete his important mission.

How to play the game?
Tap… Tap… Tap… You have to keep on tapping the screen to control the flying motion of the bat. You get a point for every set of obstacles that you fly through. Be warned is it hard to score! It will only take seconds to taste defeat at the hands of the game. Well, to be fair, the bat is not as good a flier as you would wish it to be. It is…


Super OST Retro Arcade Game

Super OST (Old School Tempest) is a retro space vector game that gives a nod to one of my favorite Atari games of all time. It's a really fun game to introduce your kids to if they're interested in the types of games we played as kids ourselves!

There are over a dozen levels with increasing difficulty! There's an amazing soundtrack that adds to the excitement! There's explosions! Lots and lots of particles flying all over the place!!! Nice little touches like old school monitor scan lines!! There's retro sound effects to round out the whole experience!! Oh, and did I mention explosions? 😉

In this game, you play as a spaceship and must…


Chicobanana – Space Pong FREE

Play Pong with a monkey as ball! 😀

One or two player mode, you can play together with your friend at your side on the same device.
Chicobanana loves to play this crazy game! 😀

Oh, and no monkeys were harmed making this game 😛


Alpha ARRGH! Bird

Alpha ARRGH! Bird is one of the Hardest Game Ever and most frustrating. See how fast your reactions with this simple to play bird arcade kids games. You know what flap bird 😉 Alpha ARRGH! Bird Hardest Game Ever promises to bring you hours of adrenaline drain! Challenge your family, friends and kids and find out who's got the fastest reaction on Android!

How fast are your fingers? Can you react fast enough to be the best?
Test your skills with this simple but addictive kids games. All you have to do is make sure that the bird does not hit the tube feeds. Sounds easy? Well how about the kids games getting faster and faster? Still sound easy?

You will need…


Soupy The Shark Pizza Pickup

Accept the challenge and pick up the pizza slices in this fun underwater endless runner game for all ages!

Join the characters from Mighty Yeti's interactive storybook app "A Shark Knocked On The Door"! Soupy the Shark and his friends are on an underwater adventure, trying to avoid deep sea hazards as they collect pizza slices. Kids will enjoy this fun single touch game as they avoid electric eels, anglerfish, and other obstacles. See how far you can get and how much pizza you can grab!

· Easy one touch gameplay for kids of all ages
· Artwork and voices from Mighty Yeti’s interactive storybook app “A Shark Knocked On The Door”
· Collect pizza slices to get power ups and…


Ascent of Kings (Free)

The death of a King. An epic challenge to choose a new ruler. Will the youngest of four brothers turn out to be the strongest? Will a boy become King? The answer is up to you.

• Classic adventure-platformer gameplay.
• Explore and encounter strange creatures – some harmless, some not.
• Navigate dangerous passages and evade deadly traps.
• Seek out elemental shrines and receive upgraded abilities.


Hat Catcher

This colourful game allows you to enter the perfect world for the Mad Hatter. A magic hat helps you catch some balls. Explore different levels started from scratch. to play you don't need an Internet connection.

What are you waiting for? Join our world!


Bondi Band

Discover the adventure with Bondi Band. Free the citizens of Tornasol Ville that have been hypnotized. They are not hard to find, but you’ll have to run until your last breathe. In the journey you’ll have to avoid the enemies and jump all the holes… Falling in it’s never a nice option!

But not everything is dangerous in the awesome world of Bondi Band: You can grab coins… and more coins and drive completely nuts over coins! With them you will discover new ways of playing and reunite all the team of Bondi Band.


– Run as far as you can, don’t stop! Discover the 4 incredible sceneries and save Tornasol Ville!
– Each scenery it’s full of unexpected dangerous creatures….