Cruce is played with a 24-card Hungarian-suited pack.
Is a fast 5- or 6-card point-trick game of the marriage type for 2–4 players

Each player:
– can play with or without IBER.
– can accept cheating and penalties with -3, or cheating can be disabled.


Pyramid 1000 – Solitaire Game

* Our solitaire app series reached 4 million downloads! *

The refreshing and exhilarating "Solitaire 1000" series 2nd version.
"Pyramid 1000" which is easy game in the solitaire is now released!

Did you know that solitaire has many type of games?
The rules of pyramid 1000 is very simple, so make your feeling good!

It's free of charge. Let's play now!

* Inquiry
– If you have any questions or report bug, please contact us by email from 
information page. We…



Solitaire – the most popular card game of all time in the world famous Windows version „Klondike“ – comes fully stacked with a plethora of featues in the most comprehensive edition to date: iSolitaire by Lite Games is the essence of the Klondike game and beats all other patience apps with ease, intuition and a wealth of adjustable themes, controls and rules. Simply set standard or Vegas scoring, switch from landscape to portrait view, choose your own or background themes à la carte and customize your card styles…with iSolitaire you create your very own personal Klondike. Intuitive as never before…

28 cards pop to their designated places, spread over seven rows. Now the cards need to be shifted and rows…


Solitaire Champion

IMPORTANT: Due to a number of people preferring the old more conservative user interface we have decided to give everyone freedom of choice. With latest update this game will return to the old look and feel and a new game "Solitaire Champion HD" has just been released for those who like the new design better. Your scores will be preserved if you install this update before installing Solitaire Champion HD.

Thank you for your fair feedback and let's hope splitting out this update will make everyone happy.

Solitaire Champion is an all time classic with a novel twist – finish levels and win reshuffle cards which you can use to mix up cards still remaining on the solitaire table when get…


Classic Pyramid Solitaire Free

Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most popular single player card games of all time.

Join the fun enjoyed by millions of players worldwide with this gorgeous, HD version of the famous patience game!
Our version of Pyramid Solitaire is designed for all screen sizes and resolutions, but it really shines on high resolution and larger tablet screens!

We have worked hard to create one of the most enjoyable and visually pleasing Pyramid Solitaires, especially developed for Android.
You can use different card decks for tablets and phones for better visual clarity and a more enjoyable Solitaire game.

This is the Classic Pyramid Solitaire you're used to from other platforms. Here are the main things you'll get from our game:



♠ ♥ ♣ ♦ Trix the #1 card game in the Middle East ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

Are you looking for a Highly Intelligent and challenging card or tile-based game to enjoy anytime anywhere on your Android phones or tablets ?

Download Trix now completely FREE & enjoy the best trick-taking game on google play.

The game Trix ; also pronounced as Trex or Tricks is played by four players using a standard international 52-card pack without jokers. This is a game that depends on intelligence and luck.

It is composed from 5 games selected by the game owner in his/her kingdom; there are 4 kingdoms to complete the game.

The five contracts

•King of Hearts or "Roi de…


Christmas Solitaire

This great game of Solitaire will help you get into Christmas mood and kill the time waiting for it. Christmas Solitaire is a holiday-themed version of classical Klondike Solitaire we all know and love.

Christmas Solitaire is free and simple. No complex options and configuration. Just open and play. If you're interested in something more powerful then please check out our other Solitaire Champion games where you can play against other players, use powers of reshuffle and many other options.

Merry Christmas!


Solitaire 4×1


Welcome to the best solitaires pack for smartphone and tablets.

This new solitaire, created by MijoriSoft, contains the best for classic solitaires: Klondike, Pyramid, FreeCell and Spider; but now, adapted for smartphones.


– Klondike solitaire (with '"classic" or "Las Vegas" score.
– Pyramid solitaire.
– Free cell solitaire.
– Spider solitaire (with one, two or four suits.


Play unhurried, and if you have not enought time to finish the game, you can continue at any moment, because when you reopen the game, the game continues wherever you left off.


To facilitate the resolution of the games, this version of the game provides various parameters, which can be enabled or disabled depending on player preference.

– Key' Undo: Undo the last move.


Video Poker

Experience the thrill of playing the ROYAL VIDEO POKER for FREE! This is one of the best video poker games in play store. There are numerous options available: Double up option Halving the win Choose from multiple bets JOKER card is also included.

ROYAL VIDEO POKER is designed to appeal to your eye and the fast gameplay will certainly keep you entertained all the time! Compare your scores with your friends and other video poker players on LEADERBOARDS. GAME STATISTICS has been recently added as a new option. Have fun!



If you like Windows FreeCell, you're going to love FreeCell too! In this game, playing FreeCell has never been so fun and easy. Simply drag & drop or tap-to-move cards using your finger on the screen for intuitive control.

Game Features:
– Landscape
– Statistics, Auto fill.
– Settings,
– Google Game Play Service,
– Achievements,
– Score, Win, Best Time Leaderboards,
– Statistics,
– Quests,
– Levels.