Ape på jungeleventyr

La barna dine ta del i en lærerik og morsom opplevelse sammen med Ape i «Ape på Jungeleventyr».

Her kan barna hjelpe Ape å mate de forskjellige dyrene med frukt de liker, og finne de riktige hjelpemidlene for å få jungeldyrene til å sove eller våkne. De kan også bli med Ape på snorkeltur for å mate fisker og andre morsomme sjøskapninger, samt samle inn frukt på havets bunn. Om det er natt eller dag kan barnet selv velge, oppgavene og belønningene varierer deretter.

I «Ape på Jungeleventyr» trenes barnas motoriske og sosiale evner. Oppgavene oppfordrer til utforsking, trener barnets hukommelse og nysgjerrighet. Med frodige illustrasjoner og et levende lydbilde er det også en veldig underholdende app. Ape på…


Dodge Balls: Free Game

Test your skills and concentration power with this addictive free game!

Hours and hours of fun with over 100 levels will make Ball Flow your favourite game for Android!

Take your blue ball over each level catching green prizes and dodging red balls at the same time. Each level will get harder, requiring you to capture more prizes and lasts more time!

Ball Flow is a free game made for everyone from kids to adults, so it includes three difficulty modes for everyone to have fun at their own skills levels. Once you get used to one difficulty mode, you can switch to a harder one and keep playing hours and hours.

Get yourself at the top of the rankings for each…



Just hand the tablet over to your little one and watch there face light up when they touch the screen and play peek-a-boo with the little boy!

*Great for car rides
*Audible child's voice saying "peek-a-boo"
*Animated hands and face
*soft cartoon art work


RapiTap! Lite (Accessible)

The perfect short, fast-paced, heart racing game!

Tap the yellow circles as fast as you can, but avoid the red crosses. Sound easy? The concept might be, but see if you think so by the time you get to "Impossible!" mode in the full version of the game.

This Lite version is only a taste of the adrenaline pumping, heart racing action awaiting you in the full version, but don't worry, even the “Tango to Twelve” level included in this lite version is challenging and fast!

In the lite version you get:

– 3 of the 12 game modes / levels from the full version.
– 3 of the 11 board sizes from the full version (from full screen to 10×12 grid…


Girl Games: Little Eva Dressup

Dress up Little Girl Eva in a various dresses, choose best accessories and hair styles for her ! These game is dedicated to fashion girls with a style 🙂 Enjoy!


Animal & Toddler DressUp

Animal & Toddler DressUp means fun for the whole family. Discover always new combinations to amaze and to make you laugh.

Carefully created characters with bright faces, strong contrasts and pleasing colors are exactly, what toddlers like and what calls their attention. Exchangeable backgrounds, especially composed music and soundeffects for each character intensifiy the experience.

This App is very simple and intuitive operated. With one click the object is dressed or undressed. So the operation is already for small kids possible.

In addition the App can have an educational effect:
– Which hat fits best for which character?
– Which animal fits best for the Arctic? And which disagrees with the Arctic?
– Who fits best to Chinatown?…


My Princess Beauty Castle

Welcome to Princess Spa Castle! With lots of luxurious salons we're going to take care of everything, just let your hair, nails, make-up and clothing to us! We're even going to give you a relaxing massage at our royal spa. So join in and let us spoil you!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a girl look so pretty? Well… you can't imagine how long the process can be, what kind of tools there are and how many people are there who get around and work in teams in order to accomplish some of the most amazing stylish effects and combine the perfect dresses with accessories and hairstyles in order to get their girls to look as…


High-speed Trains Lego Duplo

The child becomes a lego driver of an express train, who must be very careful not to collide with incoming lego duplo trains. Along the way, the child learns to count from 1 to 10 as well as finds out letters of the alphabet.

Playing the xylophone and the piano may be a new and pleasant experience for your child.

High-speed trains is a game inspired by Lego Duplo. If your kid likes trains and lego duplo, this game is perfect.

The game is:

★ Easy to play
★ Has wonderful graphics
★ Offers wonderful landscapes
★ Gives a chance to experience the world of Lego Duplo


Matching Game Farm Animals

Matching Game Farm Animal is a puzzle game integrating education with entertainment very well.

Including pretty farm animals; goat, piggy, duck, cow, dove, horse, ponny, sheep, rooster, turkey, chicken, cat, donkey, canary,dog memory matching game helps children's memories improve and it enables children to know farm animals better.
Memory matching game that is educational for kids and toddlers with pretty farm animals is a good option for preschool kids' brain training. In the game, there are 24 boxes. Each animal is available on the game with its pair. Solve the puzzle by matching the same animals. Try to find the matched cards by making minimum moves, because each move decreases your score


– Amusing game for toddlers and preschool children


Toddlers And Preschool Color

Learn to paint easily from this game for kids through lot of different innovative painting and drawing activities for kids. Play lot of different games and complete different activities which will help you to learn new things. Complete educational activities and learn the different alphabets in a totally fun way. These painting educational games are made keeping in mind the best entertaining activities for kids.

Activities in the game:

1) Learn to draw through various fun drawing activities.
2) Also learn to paint on them using various different tools.
3) Play various different educational fun games.
4) Share this game with your friends and have fun playing all the games together

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