Rain Rain Go Away Free

YAY!!! HooplaKidz Rain Rain Go Away, the most popular TAP TAP fun game for preschoolers has finally arrived on the Android platform.

".. I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers. I will be playing the app more with my four year old son for sure!"

".. Children are engaged and even though they get the hang of it still have to work to achieve the levels."

★★★★★ – "Super app! My 3 old niece loves it" – Pri_
★★★★★ – "This is a game that makes kids obsessed." – mianyik1
★★★★★ – "Background music is interesting" – zcrxss
★★★★★ – "Cutest game ever!" – ZukoLuna
★★★★★ – "I teach my 2 years old son to play these little games" – sub-rina




Kids 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles Free

If your kids and toddlers love an educational jigsaw puzzle, they will love the educational Kids 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles Free!

The Kids 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles offers fun and educational puzzles for preschool kids and toddlers. Your children and toddlers can choose out of 40 educational jigsaw puzzles. The free version of the IKCstudio 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles for children and toddlers has 10 different themes with more than, indeed, 100 different free Kids Jigsaw Puzzles. The themes in the educationaland free Kids 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles are Fairy Tales, Buildings, Sports, Rooms, Vehicles, Animals, Countries, Insects, and Professions.

Even very young children and toddlers can play this educational jigsaw puzzle game easily as the educational and free Kids 100+ Jigsaw Puzzles…


Let’s Learn Fruits & Veggies

This is a completely new game for kids to help them learn about all the basic food items that we eat. This game by Gameiva which is especially for kids will help them learn the shapes and names of all the fruits and vegetables. Choose from any of the difficulty level and start the game. There are a lot of different variety broken fruits and vegetables in the game. Combine and join all those broken pieces and finish each level.


1) So many different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the game.
2) Choose the difficulty as per your confidence in solving it.
3) Combine all the broken pieces in to its perfect to complete all the fruits and veggies successfully.


Elmo Loves ABCs

This is an app full of games, activities, and videos, which will help teach your child about letters, sounds, and words. Letters A, B and C included. Upgrade to unlock letters D through Z.

Elmo loves this app! It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It has all the letters from A to Z! Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it. Elmo thinks it’s the best ABC app ever! Come on! Explore the alphabet with Elmo! (If you enjoy learning your ABCs, you’ll love learning your 123s! Check out “Elmo Loves 123s” in the Google Play Store! )

• Slide, sweep, swipe, touch, trace and dig to discover over…


Touch Tales: The Story Forest

3D Interactive Pop-up books right at your fingertips
Happy Holidays!

"Fairy Tales" is a collection of 8 classical fairy tales in new 3D, interactive, pop-up look right at your fingertips! Read at your own pace, follow along as each story is read to you, play mini games and help your favorite characters!

"Fairy Tales" offers 8 classical fairy tales. More is coming soon.

1. The Three Little Pigs fairy tale – FREE
2. The Wooden Hut
3. Mother Snow fairy tale
4. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids fairy tale
5. Cinderella fairy tale
6. The Princess and the Pea fairy tale
7. The Enormous Turnip fairy tale
8. Goldilocks and the three bears fairy tale

• Interactive 3D pop-up scenes
• Narrated by 9 professional actors


Kids Learn to Read Rhymes

Rhyming is creative and a fun way to play with language. In Kids Learn to Read Rhymes, kids will learn word families, CVC, short and long vowel words through three wonderful games. Kids Learn to Read Rhymes is a delightful game that invites preschool-aged children to blend sounds into words, read and form simple words, identify spoken words and learn word families. Rhyming is a precursor to learning how to read and write. With a successful completion of each level in Kids Learn to Read Rhymes, kids will have a strong sense of phonemic awareness and a solid groundwork for written language.

It's rhyme time!

Kids love to rhyme words. Kids who read English nursery rhymes will love these rhyming…


ABC Flash Cards For Kids

If we teach anything with fun to kids they will learn very fast without get tedious & capture all the things very quickly. ABC Flash Cards is a very nice game for toddlers to teach them alphabets in different way. Different words for each alphabet will be shown with animated images & sounds. Touch on words & image as per given indication to show amazing animations. Get ready to learn with fun with this amazing educational toddler game.

About Gameiva

GameIva brings you the latest creations or loved most categories of games and apps-which are all hugely loved by kids. We are Entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities…


Easy Draw!

This colorful game will teach the child to draw funny pictures step-by-step:
butterfly, pony, bulldozer, boat and many others.
The program helps the child to trace the outline of the image with finger.
Now drawing is very easy and fun! Simply keep your finger on the outline and the line will be smooth and beautiful!

After outline is ready the picture can be easily colored!
Also you can use the scraper tool to discover how the artist painted it.

In a new version you can select one of two modes:
– Scratch mode (you can just scratch and paint the picture)
– Draw mode (will teach to draw step-by-step)


100 Words for Babies European

100 words for Babies & Toddlers is our most popular educational app for children and it's a really easy way to introduce your little ones to new words.

The app has been in such demand that it is now available in four new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. All four languages are contained in one app, allowing your child to switch between languages if they are learning more than one.

It's a fun speech and vocabulary learning game for preschool children aged between 6 months and 3 years old.

The combination of colourful graphics, energetic sounds and cute animations help develop your children's vocabulary skills in an engaging way so children are entertained whilst they learn.

The app was developed, tested…


Piano music for toddlers

This colorful "Baby Piano" promotes the development of sentience your baby or small child.
It includes a children's song played slowly to enact and authentic drums.
In case of contact the piano activates small animal animations and optional vibration to arouse the child's curiosity. Add drums sounds to children's songs to create exciting musical performances.
Multitouch by a plurality of keys can be pressed, as it is possible also in reality.


– Realistic sounds
– Children's songs for replay
– Different rhythms as background
– HD graphics
– Selectable vibration on keypress
– Full multi-touch support
– Interactive Vibrations