Rain Rain Go Away Free

YAY!!! HooplaKidz Rain Rain Go Away, the most popular TAP TAP fun game for preschoolers has finally arrived on the Android platform.

".. I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers. I will be playing the app more with my four year old son for sure!"

".. Children are engaged and even though they get the hang of it still have to work to achieve the levels."

★★★★★ – "Super app! My 3 old niece loves it" – Pri_
★★★★★ – "This is a game that makes kids obsessed." – mianyik1
★★★★★ – "Background music is interesting" – zcrxss
★★★★★ – "Cutest game ever!" – ZukoLuna
★★★★★ – "I teach my 2 years old son to play these little games" – sub-rina




Color box for kids

Simple and fun app for kids
Learning colors making a variety of patterns.
10 Available colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, black, pink.


Bubbles for toddlers FREE

Bubbles for toddlers is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids!
Pop all the bubbles to listen to the animal's sound!
bubbles for toddlers is a surprisingly addictive and fun way to pass the time.

Pop all the bubbles! Do you see the dog and the cat ?
Interact with all elements on the screen! tap on the little panda and the monkey !
Your baby will have lots of fun!
It's a preschool interactive game! Play with bubbles!

Listen to to the sound of many animals as pets and wild animals ! lots of birds to listen to!
the roar of the tiger and lion or the squawk of the parrot.
the cheep of the chick and the cluck of the chicken
the moo…


Brincando com Palavras


Agora ficou ainda mais fácil levar a Palavra Cantada para onde quiser! O PRIMEIRO APLICATIVO da dupla, “Brincando com Palavras”, une a diversão e o aprendizado em um único lugar.
Além de ver os seus vídeos favoritos da Palavra Cantada, você também pode se divertir com o JOGO das LETRAS. Para jogar é fácil! Toque nas letras e forme as palavras ao som da sua música preferida!

As crianças mais novas também vão poder se divertir com um modo exclusivo, tornando tudo ainda mais fácil e divertido. Assim, mesmo que não estejam alfabetizados a diversão está garantida!

***********DESTAQUES DO APLICATIVO************

» Músicas premiadas
» Conteúdo desenvolvido para crianças de todas…


Find My Pair 3

Fun and engaging educational game for kids and toddlers of age 2 and up. Enhances concentration, visual perception with hand-eye coordination. The goal is to find matching block based on various properties like color, shape, facial expression, count etc.

Key features:
• 16 boards to play with
• Simple and intuitive interface designed for kids
• No 3rd party ads
• Play any board you want!

Let us hear you! . We would be grateful if you take a moment and rate our app.

Boards activities include:
• Animal color matching
• Counting
• Find animals hidden behind flora
• Shapes in different perspectives matching
• Outline and shadow matching
• Camouflage accessories matching
• Shape matching
• Match same pictures
• Textures matching
• Animal and their environment matching
• Match shapes matching

Privacy Policy
We’re parents too…


Card pairs puzzle ocean animal

This is the perfect animal puzzle app to have a good time with your children!

Your kids will just love these amazing hand-drawn animal-pictures while playing and training it's memory!
This fun matching game helps improve visual perception & develop fine motor skills by finding pairs of animal pictures. It gives positive and pleasant feedback for the child. Trains your kids brain with this pairs game and improve skills like:
Shape recognition, logical thinking, tactile and cognitive skills, problem solving, concentration and memory.


Choose your level of difficulty by touching one of the card sets. Now start to train your memory –
Match pairs of ocean animal cards:
The game starts with all memory cards turned face down. Tap on one of the memory…


Baby Animals Coloring Book

Allow your child to express their artistic abilities with Baby Animals Coloring Book. With over 66 cute and simple images your child will enjoy this activity at length. Large color pallet allows for easy color selection and encourages creativity. While there are no mistakes in coloring, if you choose to make and changes simply click on the eraser feature to make any changes or remove and imperfections . Promote hand eye coordination through fun coloring pages.

75 illustrations children will love to color!

Animal lovers and coloring book fans of all ages will enjoy coloring such adorable baby animals such as the happy baby Hippo or baby Rhino.

Details and Specifications:
~ 75+ baby animals…


My Scene

My Scene helps develop visual perception among toddlers aged 2+ years old. With parents assistance it can also develop language skills and imagination through the creation of a story.

HOW TO PLAY: Each board features a background for a scene. Press and drag the elements shown below into the background creating your very own colorful scene.`Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving – opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.


Far Far North

There is said to be nothing to do at the North Pole. This game will prove the opposite! The jolly Seal and the Penguins will take all kids and toddlers on the exciting and super fun journey far, far to the North! In this game, kids and toddlers can change polar animals clothes and looks, draw them, sledge, fly a plane, and much more!

Choose from 10 exciting mini games with your new pocket friends from Far Far North!

Your plane has been swept by snow. Clean it and fly to the sky!

The Seal is going to sledge. Don’t let him hit on a snow-drift or a fir-tree!

Put a hothouse in order: weed, wash and nourish the plants!



Jungle Care Taker

• No Ads
• Parental Controls

Pazu is a mobile games company that creates and publish beautiful digital games especially designed for kids.

Jungle Care Taker is an immersive experience which lets you heal and groom animals in the jungle by using unique tools. Choose which animal to take care of, diagnose a set of random problems and treat those using unique tools for that animal.
There are 6 different animals to choose from, each with their own unique tools and problems. Each animal needs to be treated differently, which makes each play through feels different. For example, the Lion may get food stuck between his teeth, while the Elephant might have his trunk tied up.
• 6 different…