Run Dino Run 2 – Dinosaur Race

4 Dinosaurs race for their lives, who will win the day?
Outrun three other dinosaurs in a race like no other.

But disaster is looming when meteors fall from the sky and volcano erupts from the earth, threatening to destroy all.
Help Dino get as far as possible, but watch out from those meteors and volcano as Dino runs like the wind.

Run Dino Run is a fun and engaging arcade game for all ages. A fun time for kids and a challenge for the young at heart.
With joyful HD graphics that varies across 4 different zones, engaging music and an ever changing grounds, you're in for a treat!

1. Dino accelerates when he goes…


Turbo Racing Fast Speed

Love turbo racing? Wanna experience fast speed? Let's race car, smash road, enjoy extreme fast speed racing! This Turbo Racing Alien War will rock happy Halloween/Christmas time! Join us in the turbo racing club ! Enjoy this fun driving game! Hold the engine and let's get ready to race, run & dash ! Halloween activity is on! Collect pumpkins to exchange for cool race booster. Get your UFO suit, jump on Hovercraft , beat rivals, win alien war with Lucy !

Best HD 3D fast speed race, dash, run game
Choose from different race cars to improve your power
Use swipe up/down/left/right to control your racing car, like an endless run game.
Remember to pick up the…


Racing Master:Free Single Game

So conscience racing game you seen it?
All car for free, all gold for free,1-99 times gold crit let you become rich immediately,to the pinnacle of life!

Car turn mode change automatic
How to handle sharp turn,the turn mode change could help you to easy pass!

A variety of racing properties increase your game fun
Confessions single play which expensive car is good car. In th game, each car has its good track, so you need to select different car depending on the track racing.


Grab The Auto Bloody Halloween

Are you fully looking to embrace the Halloween spirit while also being able to explore a massive, exciting and truly amazing open world?

Grab The Auto Bloody Halloween is here to offer you the ultimate action adventure experience on your phone, all while allowing you to complete missions, earn cash and drive vehicles in a seamless world filled with opportunities.

Grab The Auto Bloody Halloween is themed specifically for this holiday and it provides you with a whole lot of unique, cool mechanics that are fun and very enjoyable.

One thing you will like about Grab The Auto Bloody Halloween is the fact that in this game you will be able to control a Pumpkin Ghost as the main player, while…


Monster Truck Hang Time

Draw the track on which the truck rides and jump between the poles to stay alive. This is a totally new type of monster truck game that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as your truck sails through the air. You need to draw both the perfect launch ramp and the perfect landing for the truck in order to keep up your speed and momentum. The distance between the poles gets larger as you go, and therefore your hang time increases with each jump. Choose from 10 insanely awesome off-road monster trucks and change the color scheme to suit your personality. Upgrade the speed of each truck to enable longer…


Stock Car Racing

Drivers start your engines! Professional oval track racing that explodes with racing action!

LOVE THIS GAME!!!! -RMcHenry16
Very addicting, especially if your a Nascar Fan! -Dmyr
Best NASCAR app I've ever downloaded. -HitMan6970
Very realistic, good graphics and VERY ADDICTIVE!!! A must for any NASCAR fan!! -GyroDrummer
Never played NASCAR app sooo intense. OMG OMG this app is amazing races are soooo intense!!!! Nice job -Popeye18407

Experience the adrenaline as you power over 600 horses around the track. Choose your stock car and race on 5 different speedways including the 1 Mile, 2.5mi Quad-Oval, a 1.5mi Tri-Oval and the Paperclip!

Multiplayer – Race head to head against other players
Regulation – Race and set the difficulty for higher prizes
Ladder – Race against progressively faster…


Poly Builder!

-Control rod just enough to pass the bridge vehicle. If surplus or shortage will fall and die
-Run and jump on the way through obstacles. If you fall, you will die! How far can you run? I challenge you to be better than your friends!


Trackmania Turbo 360°

Experience Trackmania Turbo’s crazy-fast tracks with a 360° field of view.

– Use the gyroscopic sensor in your smartphone to move the in-game camera, replicating the experience of Virtual Reality.
– Look at your surroundings as your car races through the game's various environments. Speed has no limit on these extreme and thrilling racing tracks!

Trackmania offers you the ultimate arcade racing universe where everything is about achieving that perfect race time. Trackmania Turbo will be playable on Virtual Reality devices at launch, challenging you to drive your car and stay focused on the road ahead like never before!

**Disclaimer : This application is aimed at providing an additional immersive experience. It is not a game.**


SWAT Police Car Driving 3D

Play as a police officer whose duty is to defend the street from dangerous criminals. As a cop you thunder through the streets of this fantastic crime city as you try to chase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. Mafia gang has meshed the entire city. They spread disorder by drugs, violence, serial and target killing. In this SWAT Police Car Driving 3D simulation robber chase game you are an expert front-line SWAT commando of anti-terrorist team, on a contract of shootout these brutal foes.

Enjoy being the crime city real detective driver and have fun chasing the outlaws and lock them up. Police car chase 3D racing and simulation game is a free police pursuit game with…


Police Chase Street Crime 3D

Play as a police officer whose duty is to defend the street from dangerous criminals. As a cop you thunder through the streets of this fantastic crime city as you try to chase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. Stop the ongoing acts of violence and criminality. The arcade-style management also means that it’s easy to learn to chase criminals and getting into those chasing cops situations pretty easy. You can take turns at full speed as it is every now and then required in police games that you can pull over group and get out of your car to get them to jail. Accelerate, shoot, reload and arrest all criminals as fast as you can. Making this…