Unicorn Training Demo

Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica!

Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica.

Traverse deadly dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you’re tough enough to take on any dangerous quest!

– Unleash the Blast and Cut Spells!
– A Portion of The Forest is Yours…


Die Zerstörer

Spieler können in das spannende, aktive Action-RPG eintauchen, das sie zum Spielen einlädt. Die Handlung des heroischen Online-Spiels besteht aus heftigen Kämpfen zwischen gegnerischen Seiten.
Kämpfe in der Arena des Kolosseums der Throne stellen sicher, dass dir nicht langweilig wird, denn du wirst an unerwarteten, atemberaubenden Schlachten teilnehmen.

Wenn du kein Profi in solchen gefährlichen Kämpfen bist, kannst du beginnen, deine Fähigkeiten mit dem Überfallen von Rittern,
Kämpfen gegen Orks, Drachen und den Sieg gegen plündernde Händler aufzupolieren.

Unser Strategie-RPG hat alles, was Spieler brauchen. Das Spiel erfordert Internet-Zugang, damit man dieses Online-Spiel an jedem Ort, wo es eine Internetverbindung gibt, spielen kann.
Die faszinierende Welt dieses Rollenspiels wird ständig mit neuen und aufregenden Ereignissen aktualisiert. Alle Monster im…


Mojo Stars

Unmatched Hothead MANAGER: welcome to Mojo City where everyone gets the chance to become a Rockstar! Rush into epic fights, join a band and beat the guts out of your enemies! Become a legendary superstar and prove 'em your worth in massive PvP!

Great Features:
– Perfectly balanced combat system, tested in over 500,000,000 real fights
– Player vs Player drive: quench your thirst for dominance in duels and group battles
– Attack your enemies whether they're online or not (asynchronous system)
– Massive PvP tournaments for every taste
– Fight against the rival bands and bring to yours the laurels of fame in periodic wars
– Struggle over the districts of Mojo City and conquer them for your band
– Choose an unique look of your…



Gracze zachwycą się intrygującymi, aktywnymi akcjami RPG, które sprawią, że zapomnisz o całym świecie. Treść bohaterskiej gry online składa się z okrutnych walk wojujących ze sobą stron.
Potyczki na Arenie w Koloseum Tronów nie pozwolą Ci się nudzić — przecież będziesz brać udział w nieoczekiwanych, angażujących ducha walkach.

Jeśli nie jesteś specjalistą od tak niebezpiecznych starć, to możesz zacząć wypracowywać swoje mistrzostwo, dokonując najazdów na uzbrojone oddziały Rycerzy, walcząc z Оrkami, zwyciężając Smoki i ograbiając Kupców.

W naszej strategii RPG znajdziesz wszystko to, co jest graczom niezbędne. Gra wymaga dostępu do Internetu, dlatego możesz wejść na jej stronę w dowolnym miejscu, w którym możliwe jest połączenie z Internetem.
Fascynujący świat tej gry RPG stale jest uzupełniany o nowe, interesujące…


Revengers–Heroes of SanGuo

✔Top 10 in Free Ranking& Grossing Rankingin Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and many more!!
✔Millions of 5 star rating from player in other counties!

Revengers: Super heroes of Kingdoms is a 3D multi-touch real time mobile fighting card game offering you a most Pleasant, Stunning and Amazing game experience of ThreeKingdoms .

The game has the most classic multiplayer strategies and more gorgeous 3D graphics than other games of same genre. Players can enjoy 360-degree rotated combat battlefield and experice the exciting atmosphereof thousands of soldiers fighting in one screen.

Game Features:
★HD Game Interface
.Fully 3D HD Graphic in game!!

★Unique skill system
.Surprise the opponents with Ingenious skill Setand eliminate their army.
.Unque Skill…


Farmer Baby Care: Harvest Day!

It’s autumn on the farm, which mean it’s harvest time. The pregnant farmer needs your help in this dress up and doctor simulation game.

Start by taking the farmer mommy to the doctor. Give her a check up to make sure she and her baby are healthy. Take her temperature, check her blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Give her vitamin C to ward off colds and ensures she’s ready for delivery.
Then, help her get the home ready for the baby. Help her knit baby clothes featuring nature themes, compose lovely music to help her relax and make a delicious meal. When it’s time for the baby to come, she’ll have a beautiful bundle of joy….



BlockQuest is an old school RPG game, which is a combination of puzzle and action, which concentrates on clearing variety of dungeons. You won't solve it so easily!



Music Idol – Coco Rock Star

Picture yourself on a giant stage, singing in front of thousands of fans screaming your name!
Live your dreams and become a mega music idol… with Coco and her band! Dress like a star, live like a star, rock like a star! Put on a huge show in front of your fans and see how the judges score your performance!

Part of being a superstar is showing off your unique star style! Choose from over 200 of the coolest outfits and accessories to dress up Coco! You can even choose Coco's hair color, hair style and skin tone! Head to the spa, apply professional makeup, and show off your new rock star, music idol look!

√ Stay up-to-date with your…


BattleDNA [AutoBattle RPG]

*** Key features ***
– Auto battle RPG. If you stop game, your characters grow strong automatically.
– Massive volume of maps and followers.
– Random generate equips.


Heroes and Puzzles

HEROES & PUZZLES – a simple and interesting game that combines the fun of a match-3 puzzle and the depth of an RPG, with a story that evolves in a magical fantasy world.

Gather your party of best heroes, equip them with various weapons and armor, and bring peace to the Great Kingdom!
Crush the hordes of monsters with smashing rune matches, win the thrilling battles and be the greatest warlord in the Kingdom!

MATCH RUNE COMBOS by matching runes by three in a row, or more, to charge the abilities of your heroes for striking deadly attacks and casting powerful spells.
GATHER A COLLECTION OF VARIOUS CHARACTERS, and turn them into an invincible party of adventurers who will bring glory to your…