Real Car Driving

The city as you take in the game real car you can drive your car through the streets. If you're ready for a fun driving experience, this game is for you. A total of 5 different cars on the screen controls in the game where gas, you can use the brakes and steering.

What awaits you in the game Driving Facts:

* 5 Different Cars
* High Quality Graphics
* Real Impact Sounds
* Easy Gameplay
* High performance

If you love car games driving a real car game is for you. Do not forget to mention the better games for requests and remarks we can provide.


Fast Car Parking

Fast Car Parking 27 challenging levels await you from each other in the game. You must go to the parking lot before the time the latest model car. Parking areas should follow the sign to go to the arrow located on the car and you hit the car on the road. We hope you enjoy playing the Fast Car Parking game to play thanks to the easy controls.
Fast Car Parking What awaits you in the game:

* 27 challenging levels from each other
* Easy gameplay
* high performance
* High-quality graphics
* Real physics rules

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Modified Cars

Modified car game is a game designed for modified enthusiasts. By modifying the way you want, you can test drive one of the classic car. Easy gameplay without the hype and get you ready to enjoy the pleasure of driving?
Modified car waiting for you in the game:

* Unlimited color options
* 15 different exhaust
* 19 different spoilers
* 16 different wheel options
* Adjustable suspension
* 24 different sticker
* Unlimited glass colors
* Unlimited spoiler colors
* Unlimited exhaust colors
* Real physics rules
* Easy gameplay

The modified car enthusiasts of this game is for you. Do not forget to mention the better games for requests and remarks we can provide!


City Car Parking Driving

City Car Parking game is the best game driving to the car park located between games. Your luxury sports car in a challenging game where you have 18 episodes from each other by going to the specified point in time, you must complete sections before the end of the arrow mark. To ensure the car's steering wheel controls, you can use the gas and brake.

City Car Parking Driving is what awaits you in the game:

* Challenging 18 Level
* Free Driving Mode
* High Quality Graphics
* High performance
* Easy Gameplay
* Real Physics Rules

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Super Car Parking

Super Car Parking is waiting for you in the game challenging sections from each other. Challenging trails await you in the white sports car with a variety of weather conditions. To complete sections you parked correctly indicated and should be reached in the car. In the sections in the upper part you can see your distance and time remaining. After each section you complete you are waiting for more challenging sections! What do you want to play the game consists of a total of 36 levels?
Wish you according to your suggestions and we are trying to provide better games. We hope you enjoy playing the Super Car Parking game.


Car Key Simulator Prank

Only Simulator ! With this application you will simulate that you can open the doors to any car using only your mobile phone. You can spend funny jokes to your friends telling them that you can open their car without forcing the lock and steal it to them.
Does your father forget the keys? Tell him that you can open the car and make fun of him.
There are lot of key models to choose with a variety of alarms.
The simulator seems to be real because of its high resolution graphics and real audio.
Remember that it is a prank application made for entertainment. it is not real, you can not open cars with it.
The application includes a memory mini…


Dig it! – cat mine

Dig it! is an addictive mixture of original gameplay and strategy.
Become a leader of cats clan of miners and discover all mysteries hidden deep below the ground!
Build your mine, dig deeper and hire new cats miners.
Tired of waiting? Seems your cats are skiving? Cheer them up by simple taping and increase digging and mining!

A network connection is not required, but recommended for better experience.

* Grow and customize your mine
* Hire and level up you kitties
* Fulfill orders with your truck
* Upgrade your drill and dig deeper
* Craft epic gear for your cats
* Go on a treasure hunt aboard your zeppelin

5/5 – Super addicting! I can't stop playing! I love everything about the game. To the funny cats…


Wild Shark Beach Attack

While you enjoy basking in the sunny beach and boating in the sea, suddenly, you never imagine, a giant shark attack you and other travelers. Will you survive from this attack?
Wild Shark Beach Attack is a fast-paced aquatic adventure that requires quick fingers and a keen eye. You have to take control of the HUNGRY sharks and unlocked crocodiles to survive as long as possible by eating humans. Can you break the high score?

Game features:
-Real shark simulation and 3D graphics
-fast-paced action game
-stunning and realistic scene
-unlocked crocodiles
-INTUITIVE touch or tilt controls
-Combo bonuses to break your hi-score

Can you imagine a shark crawling on the beach? This beach is surrounded by sharks and crocodiles. Watch out and keep yourself alive!


Laser 100 Beams Funny Prank

Surprise everyone! Laser 100 Beams Prankis the perfect prank to play on friends and family!
Laser 100 Beams Prank perfectly simulates the real laser beam! It is a fun app for those who love practical jokes!
Laser 100 Beams Prank is easy to use! Just launch the app and you are ready to go!
Tap on the button in the laser pointer and a laser beam will shoot out! You can even select an image from the gallery to change the Laser Simulator background. Shoot laser beams over a transparent phone screen, tap on the camera icon to toggle.
Laser 100 Beams Prank has some awesome features
• Realistic Laser Simulator
• Laser pointer available in different colors
• Realistic sound and vibration
• Awesome Flashlight application
• No health hazards
Laser 100 Beams…


Real Surgery Hospital Game

Hey kids! We have an amazing doctor game for you, a surgeon simulator. You may thing that this is just a girls game but it is much more than that, it is a healing and surgery game.

This is the best way to test your surgeon skills and see how good you are as a doctor. Of course you need a lot of patience and care if you want to perform the complex surgery we prepared for you in this new surgery game . Our patient is a sweet girl who had a car accident.

As you can see she has a big cut on her face and several bruises. First try to calm her down so you…