Split! is a simple, fun, two player game of hands.

Play with a friend in two player mode!

Or play by yourself in single player mode with seven difficulty levels to choose from!

Defeat your opponents by killing both their hands!


● Completely free with no advertisements.

● Simple and easy to understand gameplay.

● Two player mode – Play with a friend on the same device.

● No in-app purchases. All content included.

● Seven levels of difficulty to test your skill.

● Retro 8-bit graphics and sound effects.

The rules of Split! are as follows –
Both players start with each hand at one finger.
The players take turns to hit any hand (either the opponent's or their own) which is not dead with…


Steel Empires – Global Warfare

Steel Empires – Global Warfare is a free-to-play mobile MMO action strategy game. Play in the most destructive and engaging conflict of World War 2 on all fronts as any of the major countries. Change the course of history and forge your empire!

Conduct diplomacy and join new alliances, build your industry and create a grand army, navy, and air force!

* Play as one of the 15 major countries in World War 2, such as Germany, United States, USSR, Japan, Great Britain, France, and more!
* Participate in every theaters of war depending on the country you picked!
* Dominate land with your battalion of tanks and infantry.
* Crush your enemies through air supremacy.
* Control the sea with aircraft carriers, submarines and…



Get ready for Clash of troops for tower defence! Defend your lands against evil invaders!

Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.

A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the evil invaders. Fight to protect your freedom and liberty.

Fight on tropical islands, in mountains, and in deserts.

Command your troops and find the best tower defense strategy to become number one in this awesome TD game with epic battles in jungles.

★★★ CLASH TD ★★★

Awesome tower defense with great units and characters

★ Epic battles
★ Lots of soldiers, tanks, and guns.
★ Islands with unique levels that allow you to fully defend and have the full battle experience
★ 6 unique guns…


League of Hero Defenders

League of Hero Defenders is an addicted defense game that will bring you to the league of famous heroes!
Instead of insensitivity towers, now you control lively heroes.
Roll into League of Hero Defenders to fight against monsters by the heroes that you have been familiar with.
League of Hero Defenders will surely bring you a whole new great experience in defender strategy game type on mobile with new beautiful anime style.


Unblock It

Unblock it is a brain logic puzzle game.
The goal is very clear: unblock the different block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, unblock it with the minimal moves.
This puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages, challenge your buddies to compare your moves. It will be a long journey to unblock all the addictive puzzles.


* 408 of Unblock puzzles
* Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
* Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle


Kingdom Chronicles HD Free

A strategy game that requires quick actions, smart decisions and some management skills to success. Discover an adventure story in fancy medieval setting, where you have to build, trade, research and battle.

This is an adventure story about John Brave who finds his homeland captured by a greedy villain and only he is courageous enough to fight and save the kingdom from total plunder. Control workers, clerks and warriors on your quest to restore the towns and villages, solve mysteries, defeat the enemies and restore order. Special magic skills and artifacts will assist to rescue the princess, defeat the villain, and save the homeland.

Main features:
– Story driven gameplay
– 40 episodes with unique tasks
– Construction, trading,…


Dessert Mania

cake baker
The coolest Cake Shop Game, Start your business
Life can be delicious. And as the owner operator of a cake and candy specialty shop! Its your job to keep the good people of Yummyville well fed! They can be picky though or in a rush. So you'll have to be as quick on your feet as they are sweet in their teeth.

Like all restaurant sims, time is a factor in cake Restaurant. Your customers have a limited amount of patience, and taking too long to prepare orders means bad business. You own your very own Cake Shop! Take orders and make sure you get them right to keep your customers happy! Follow the in-game tutorial. Prepare…


The Onion Knights

Now you can collect heroes and upgrade the various knight’s skills to become the most powerful knight captain.
Let’s take a look at the game.

1. Story
In the age of the Great Binge, the Broccoli, Potato and Ginger have all fallen to the enemy empire of Curry and now only the Onion Kingdom is left.
But just as curry cannot be complete without onions, the Curry Empire keeps attacking the Onion Kingdom. To guard their kingdom, their greatest army has been sent into battle – the Onion Knights.

2. Play System
The main game play consists of using a combination of a cannon and skills of three knights and several heroes to defeat the endless hordes of enemies.
Users will be able to enjoy the…


Three Knights

– About the game –
Three Knights is about three brothers and sisters from a small town. What do they do? Of course they fight to save the world!
Basically it is a survival defense and you need to manipulate three knights.
Behold the epic adventure to save the chaotic world ruled by Mad King.
You will visit four places: Green Field, Frozen Sea, Coal Mine, Mad King Castle
Boss fight at the end of each place.
Please save the world from Mad King by crushing all the bosses!

– In this game… –
* Play strategically by moving three knights at the same time.
* 78 kinds of monsters with various ability are waiting for you.
* Make use of devices such as springs, carts, baloon elevators, portal…


Santa Claus Gift Escape

A small boy is sleeping, surprise him and bring the happiness in his face by offering a gift along with Santa Claus. Santa Claus is waiting with his gift. Now it`s your time to help Santa to reach the boy by solve the puzzles.