Trivia Quest™ Character Trivia

Another free game in our "Trivia Quest™" game series. Better than "Trivia Crack" and "QuizUp"! Best trivia game ever! Free to play forever! Thousands of original trivia questions created by experts! More questions added daily!

– Test your knowledge, logic & IQ with thousands of original questions.
– New trivia added daily!
– Photo Trivia: Trivial Questions with pictures!
– Stuck on a question? You can always pass it for free! No in-app purchase necessary!
– Hundreds of hours of fun, free to play for life!
– Place at your own pace, crack open the game whenever you want.
– Pursuit to be the ultimate trivia quiz master!

Don't forget to check out other games in the series. Search "Trivia Quest" in app store!


Brain Games – Brain Trainer

Exercise is the key to good health, both for body and mind-and now there's finally a way to make mental exercise simple, fun, even competitive.

Download our new app from Google Play: 5 cool brain games to train your brain !

★ Human Calculator: Train your brain. Get mental agility and improve your mathematical logic.
★ Press the numbers: Train you lateral view and improve your memory. If you like "Touch the Numbers", you will love our game.
★ Solitary: Your objetive is to remove all tokens from the board, except one of them.
★ Cavemen: You have two cavemen, each one with several stones, and each stone with a economic value. Which cavemen is the richest? Try to beat your own record.
★ Dolphins:…


Find Difference 38

Spot the differences between these two pictures? If you can't, guess it.

Classic Find the difference puzzles, known as 'Photohunt' game. The goal is to guess the differences between 2 photos.

Free new 50 images every week !!! Find it !!!
This puzzle game offers you a massive of game level. You can play hidden object with your friend and your family, it's all free.

Download Find the difference free now. Best game to play in your holiday.

Merry christmas and happy new year. Welcome 2015.


Flags of the World Quiz

Quiz World flags: A random selection of flags are displayed, one by one, Try to guess all national flags!
Test your knowledge in the quiz and Learn the flags of countries in a form of a quiz logo, this fun and educational game and every found logo will increase the score.
Flags Quiz and Learn enables you to learn the flags of the countries in an effective manner
Have fun with flags quiz!
Learn the flags of the world with.
Suitable for all ages.


Car Logo Quiz

★★ Car Logo Quiz – Guess the Car Logo ★★

Download Car Logo Quiz – Guess the Car Logo – Word Quiz Game for ★FREE★ now. This App has no in-app purchases`Car Logo Quiz is full of fun that consists on guessing the names of everyday cars logos you may see during your day. Starts of simple then gets harder the more you play.

Fun to play on your own or with friends or just relaxing with the family.
Can you guess all the car logos? Loads of logos to guess from easy to tricky.
Just start playing and have fun! No registration requied.
Guess the Car Logo by looking at the…


Quiz App for James Bond 007

This Quiz App is about the phenomenon James Bond 007. The British secret agent created by Ian Flemming in 1953 has starred in 25 movies and the 26th film – Spectre – is around the corner. Famous actors like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have played 007. In this quiz app you can show how well you know James Bond. This game features hundreds of questions around all movies, the Bond girls, the famous music and the Bond cars.


ANIME quiz duel!

Irasshaimase! Are you a fan of Japanese anime and manga? This application is for you! Take the challenge and test your knowledge!

This quiz has a large amount of questions (more than 400) and 3 difficulty levels; it is really for everyone, from beginner to expert, you can also challenge your friends online!

The questions (always growing thanks to your contributions) are always different, you will never stop playing!

The application was entirely developed by manga and anime fan and is completely free of charge.

Warning: Some questions can contain spoilers!


OM Marseille Quiz

OM Marseille Quiz est un quiz pour tout savoir sur l'OM et tester ses connaissances de ce club.
Avec plusieurs catégories d'entrainement et un gros quiz complet, repondez correctement aux questions, obtenez le meilleur score et comparez votre score avec tous les autres joueurs.

Avez vous suffisamment de connaissance sur l'OM pour atteindre le podium du classement et figurez parmi les 3 meilleurs joueurs ?


Найди кота HD

То, что коты очень любят играть в прятки известно всем!

Вам предстоит находить спрятавшихся котиков в самых разных местах: дома, на природе, в снегу и где только можно, ведь для котиков самое главное – спрятаться от вас!

Увлекательная игра в жанре поиск предметов.
Множество уровней в HD качестве.
Осторожно, игра затягивает!

Друзья, спасибо за ваши отзывы, мы счастливы работать над игрой, когда знаем, что она так нравится игрокам!


Millionär Quiz Deutsch

Das beliebteste Spiel über Allgemeinwissen ist jetzt auf Android verfügbar.

Lade das Spiel herunter, hab Spaß, lerne und zeig, was du kannst!

Hier ist eine kurze Einleitung:
– Der Spieler muss 15 Fragen richtig beantworten
– Du kannst vier Joker verwenden
– Am Ende gewinnst du 1 MILLION Euro (virtuell)
– Falls du es nicht schaffst, verlierst du alles oder gewinnst entsprechend dem Level, in dem du bist
– Es gibt mehrere persönliche Erfolge zu erzielen
– Schließlich gibt es die online Rangliste um zu zeigen, was du kannst!
– Viel Glück!

Spielen ohne zeitliche Begrenzung zu entspannen und Wissen zu teilen mit Familie und Freunden.

In diesem Spielmodus haben Sie begrenzte Zeit, um jede Frage zu beantworten. Ihre Herausforderung ist es, die schnellste sein.