Len10 Workout App

Workout anytime, anywhere with Len10 Workout App. Get in shape with functional body weight exercises, kite-surf professional Ruben Lenten uses to stay fit for his extrem action.

No equipment, not much space, no excuses! Perfect for doing at home, while traveling, or on the beach when waiting for wind. Get access to sophisticated, challenging and motivating workouts, that make you stronger and fitter for your next adventures.

Once the storm hits, you better be ready!


Big Butt Workout 4 of 5

If you want a bigger, rounder, more lifted buttocks you must do more than just exercise to get your booty to grow bigger, and we will show you how. This is day 4 of a 5 days butt workout plan to get you a more lifted, rounder, and sexier buttocks and hot athletic legs.

This big butt workout plan was design with isolation exercises proven to add size to your booty, and how to avoid common mistakes that will jeopardize your progress. No matter what you call it – butt, booty, buttocks, or derriere, follow this workout tutorial and you will get a backside that turn heads.

Get bigger buttocks with these fail safe exercises proven to help…



The Technogym App is the application that helps you lead a more healthy and active life.

Measure and analyze the intensity of your activities through the Movergy Index, an innovative index that allows you to know immediately how active you are in every moment of your daily life. Every single activity you do, such as outdoor running, bike riding with friends, evening stretching exercises or gym workouts allow you to collect MOVEs. Use Movergy Index to reach your daily goal and to help you to keep a more healthy and active life.

The best way to keep yourself in shape is starting to move.
In the Workout Section, every day we will suggest you a workout tailored to you. Or if…


Roulez éveillé

Avant de conduire, faites le test. Roulez éveillé !

Roulez éveillé est une application gratuite proposée par la Fondation d’entreprise VINCI Autoroutes, qui permet aux conducteurs de tester leur niveau d’éveil avant de prendre le volant. Ce test simple et rapide repose sur la mesure du temps de réaction à l’apparition de stimuli visuels.

Une fois le test réalisé, et en fonction de son résultat, l’utilisateur accède à des fiches conseils élaborées en partenariat avec l’Institut national du sommeil et de la vigilance (INSV) sur les bonnes pratiques pour favoriser un repos efficace avant et pendant son trajet. L’application propose également des informations sur les dangers de la somnolence et de la fatigue au volant.

Grâce à l’historique de ses tests, l’utilisateur…


Home Fitness

Get your body in great shape without using any free weights or machines!

Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or doing bodyweight workouts at home, Home Fitness will help you get fit with 125's of free multimedia workout and fitness program coached by expert fitness personal trainers. This exercise-plan has been designed to be followed at the comfort of your home and without the need of expensive equipment.

Home Fitness is ideal for people who want to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. Following simple set or instructions and guidelines you can workout specific areas or muscles of your body at the privacy of your home or office.

Our staff includes trainers who work with professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts…


Ma santé

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les remèdes au naturel, voici notre application "Ma santé"


Free Pregnancy Test – Guide

Free Pregnancy Test App – Step by step how to Pregnancy Test FREE at home it easy & fast. There are many different places a woman can turn to, in order to receive a free pregnancy test. Some of these locations spend lots of money annually by paying for advertisements that state they offer “free” pregnancy tests, while others quietly wait for a referral from someone or somewhere that knows of their service.

There are two ways to take a pregnancy test. At home via a kit purchased in a store or through a clinic or hospital. The internet provides “free” pregnancy tests, however they are actually “probability” tests and hold no true accuracy percentage. We’ll talk more about…


Library exercises Lite

!!! Attention !!! If the application is not installed , try to do this: Settings> Applications > Manage Applications> Market (Google Play)> Clear cache / Data / Default value (can not Immediately all but one or two of these items) This glitch Googple Play, not the application.

The application is a universal tool for both amateurs power classes, and experienced practitioners. Special, exclusive character give detailed and neat illustrations, clear explanations, which contribute to the fullest extent possible perception and reproduction of the author's system of exercises.
The practical use of this application will achieve strong skills correctly perform basic types of strength training will give a stable aesthetic result, which will not disappear because of a temporary cessation of practice…


Night Owl-Bluelight Cut Filter

☆ ◑ ☆ The guardian of your night sight.

◑ Relax your eyes with a sight protection bluelight filter.
☼ Brighten your night with a flashlight.
♬ Enjoy your night with light effects.
☀ Make your night safer with a protection light.
♞ Enjoy the popular games at night.

◑ Sight Protection Filter
– No need for an expensive anti blue light glasses or films.
– Use bluelight screen filter for eye care.
– Good for those who are prone to eye strain.
– Good for insomnia prevention.
– The brown filter allows you to read small prints of a newspaper clearly.
– No need to darken the screen for comfortable viewing with the filter.
– Effective against…



Very dry skin ? Red rashes ? Intense itchings ?

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory disease which affects children and adults. How to understand, to follow the prescribed treatment. and how to live better with it ?

Discover Atopedia, the application that monitors the evolution of your atopic dermatitis and helps you to prepare your visit to the doctor.
A complete application with educational tools, monitoring of disease progression and educational games for all ages.

1. Understand : Become an expert in atopic dermatitis thanks to an informative space and professional advice.
2. Accompany : Fill in and follow the evolution of the crisis to follow the disease and to understand the triggering factors and manage your medication intakes thanks to…