Emoticon pack, Little girl

This is an expansion pack for the application "Animated Emoticons"
is required to install the main application to access the content. The main application is free!

You can still install the package. when you run it you will see a button with a link to download the main application.

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A lightweight Android library for use iconic fonts.


DragSelectRecyclerView Sample

This is a demo for a library used by Android app developers, it's not an app for regular users to use. Please don't rate this app low because you don't understand what it is, thanks!


Andromo Sample

Andromo is an online app maker that generates native Android apps without coding. This sample showcases the variety of features and functionality of apps you can create. Styles, colors, and content can all be customized to suit your development needs.

This sample uses a 'List' dashboard type, and shows examples of the following activity types available in Andromo:

– About
– Audio Player (music player mode)
– Audio Player (soundboard mode)
– Contact
– Custom Page
– Email
– Facebook
– Flickr
– Google Play
– HTML Archive
– Map
– Phone
– Photo Gallery
– Podcast
– RSS Feed (standard style)
– RSS Feed (card style)
– RSS Photo Feed
– SHOUTcast Radio
– Twitter
– Website
– YouTube (standard style)
– YouTube (card style)

Andromo apps are supported on Android versions 2.3.3 and above.



Lobsterpicker is a library for android material design made to support apps and developers if a color should be choosen by a user. The library is offering a dialog with all shades of material design colors.

Designed by Marie Schweiz, Developed by Lars Werkman


NTAG I2C Demoboard

You can use it to change the LED color to light up on the NTAG I²C demonstration board, to measure the speed of download and upload with NTAG I²C based on your NFC device or to read & change the chip configuration.



MicroBlog multipurpose application with which you can create your personal microblog, microblog for their company or organization.


Abdest Nasıl Alınır ?

Bu uygulama abdestin alınışını adım adım resimlerle anlatmaktadır.



This is app info for open source project apk-signer`

Released under MIT License.

Latest stable: v1.8.5 (February 8th, 2014)


– Generate Keystore files.
– Sign APK/JAR/ZIP files.
– Align APK files; verify their alignment.
– Extract fingerprints from Keystore files.
– Auto-update.
– Languages supported: English, Vietnamese.


The app needs some more permissions to help us monetize it. With this service we are able to make more great apps and libraries for you guys. Thank you for your understanding.


ViSoft 360

With a simply finger tip you can open the panorama and move around the room, zoom details or take in the room‘s atmosphere from a distance. This works with the finger as well as with the integrated motion sensor (Gyroscope) through turning and tilting. Enjoy this impressive gallery.

And more:
A planning with different styles and variants of tiles and sanitary – so you can see the immediate effect of colors and materials on the room‘s atmosphere. Browsing through alternatives with a finger tip makes concepts clear and gets to the heart of ideas.

A special light-atmospheres for every variation, ranging from a tender dawn to deepest night – round the clock atmosphere. Plannings will turn to be an emotional experience and…