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It's the perfect tool for iron-clad privacy protections, plus great search results.

Other search engines capture your search terms and record the links you click on, then use tracking cookies to build a detailed profile of you and your interests.
At StartPage, our zero data-collection policy and full SSL encryption is your assurance that nobody's looking over your shoulder, no matter what you search for.
We don't collect any personal information on our users.
We don't store your IP address, we don't capture your location, and we don't record what you…


See my Baby

See my Baby is a 100% free application to use with your Badabulle Baby Camera Wifi-3G, to watch over your baby at home or from outside on your smartphone or your tablet.

Thanks to See my Baby you can watch over your baby from anywhere in the world: at home, from your working office or during any travel, when baby is at their grand parents’ or at the nanny’s.
The range of your Baby Camera Wifi-3G is unlimited.

Other features :
• Talk back function : mummy talks to baby
• Sending music to the camera to reassure your baby
• Snapshot
• Automatic infra-red mode for a night and day clear vision
• Alarm programing: VOX (triggers at the baby’s voice), temperature, movement.
• Temperature of the baby’s room
• Up to 3 users at…


Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope lets you read your horoscope every day, without time limits and completely FREE!

• Predictions prepared by a team of astrologers with over 15 years of experience.
• Know what the future holds for you and your closest ones in everything related to love.
• This application allows you to choose your zodiac signs of interest, and move between them by sliding your finger.
• Your horoscope will be downloaded to your Android device and will stay there until it is automatically updated on the next day. So, you will always have your latest horoscope ready to read, even without an Internet connection!

• Your horoscope available in your own language! (English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish,…


Nis Keyboard Marshmallow-Emoji

“Emoji Keyboard For Marshmallow”

“Emoji Keyboard – Best Colorful Emoticon” transports your heart to fingertips.

“Emoji Keyboard – Best Colorful Emoticon” is the best FREE, smart, fast, and convenient keyboard for Android that has over 3000 emoji. This keyboard has customizable themes and 100+ colourful themes and more to come.

You can find all expressions with emoji like angry, annoyed, confused, cool, happy, mad, mischiveous, shcoked, sad, scared, secretive, sick, silly, surprised, love, rude, flirty, adult, dirty…

– Download theme base Emoji Keyboard. Emoji Keyboard is a standalone application, so no need to install any other application anymore.
– Emoji Keyboard supports emoji fonts through Unicode so you can send emoji to any device and smartphones.
– Using Emoji keyboard you can send…


YouCam Nails- Manicure Salon

YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon is the mobile nail artist that brings hundreds of stunning styles to your fingertips! Create nail designs with hundreds of fabulous colors, patterns, and decals.
Make up your own unique nail styles or choose from professionally-designed one-touch looks. Manicure your nails any way you want. Now you can experiment with new nail designs quickly and easily without the hassle of nail polish remover.

Try it on for yourself- test out all the features of the YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon today!
YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon features:
◆ Nail art palette: 65+ glittery and solid colors to paint one-of-a-kind nail designs
◆ Nail designs are endless with 25+ patterns to mix and match, including the classic French manicure,…


APRIL Mon Espace

Pour simplifier la vie de ses clients, APRIL Santé Prévoyance a développé l’application mobile APRIL Mon Espace, gratuite et disponible sur tous les smartphones (iPhone et Android).

APRIL Mon Espace, pour rester informé et gérer votre contrat d’assurance directement depuis votre smartphone !

Les clients assurés peuvent ainsi retrouver sur leurs smartphones une partie des fonctionnalités de leur Espace Assuré et suivre en temps réel toutes les informations relatives à leur complémentaire santé, leur contrat d’assurance de prêt, ou de prévoyance. (Détail des garanties, des derniers remboursements, etc.).

Grâce à l’application « APRIL Mon Espace », les clients peuvent également effectuer certaines demandes comme une prise en charge hospitalisation, parrainer un proche ou contacter directement APRIL depuis leur téléphone.


Oulah !

Oulah ! signale les produits défectueux et centralise de façon claire tous les produits au rappel. C’est la nouvelle application mobile d’information conçue pour le consommateur d’aujourd’hui !
C’est la première et unique application gratuite consacrée aux avis de rappel de produit.
Entre les “sagas sanitaires” telles que celles de la viande de Cheval, du Bisphénol A, les différentes épidémies bovines et aviaires, les interdictions pharmaceutiques soudaines et les problèmes techniques ou mécaniques de certains constructeurs, le consommateur se sent de plus en plus trompé, voire perdu.
C’est cette désillusion qui le pousse aujourd’hui à être de plus en plus vigilant sur l’origine des produits et averti sur les différentes techniques de ventes et stratégies marketing des marques.
Oulah ! l’a bien compris…


Udesignit Kitchen 3D planner

Now Version 3.2.5
Design your kitchen with Udesignit Kitchen3D planner.
Large doors selection with Prestolam collection.
Start with the 2D plan and view it into the interactive 3D view.
Design the room and the kitchen,
Change the style and combination.
View cabinet description list.


Colorful Theme

Colorful is a free theme specially designed for CM Launcher users, including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers, which can personalize your device easily.

What you can enjoy in Themes for CM Launcher:

-Here we have the most fabulous themes and wallpapers. No matter what kind of themes you like, system, abstract, pets & animals, tech, cartoon, love, nature, sport, auto & vehicle, festival & holiday, landscape and so on. Anything you dream of can be put into your phone!
-DIY themes function allows you to become a designer yourself and turns your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone!
-After DIY themes with your own photos or our beautiful wallpapers and delicate icons, you can share your art work…


Anti Mosquito Prank

This mosquito repelling app is not confirmed by science so treat it like a prank!

Absolutely new anti mosquito app! New Quality!

This app prevents mosquitoes from biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasound from your phone that repels them away from the source of the sound.
High frequency Sounds which are beyond the hearing sense of human ears.

Sonic mosquito repellent generates powerful high frequency sounds that mimic sounds of mosquitoes natural predators.

You can use this app in background.