Yle Lasten Areena


Sovelluksesta löytyy sekä tv:stä tuttuja että vain Lasten Areenassa julkaistuja lastenohjelmia jaoteltuna iän ja kielen mukaan. Pikku Kakkonen tarjoaa ohjelmia perheen pienemmille, ja Galaxi on koululaisten oma tv. BUU-klubben tarjoaa ruotsinkielistä lastenohjelmaa pienemmille ja Hajbo kouluikäisille.

Sovellukseen julkaistaan uutta sisältöä päivittäin.

Sovellusta voi käyttää suomen- tai ruotsinkielisenä. Sovellus toimii puhelimella ja tabletilla ja vaatii vähintään Android 4.0 käyttöjärjestelmän.

Osa ohjelmista on tekijänoikeussyistä rajattu vain Suomessa katseltavaksi.

Huom! Mikäli median toistossa on ongelmia, voit kokeilla vaihtaa mediasoitinta ja pudottaa videon maksimilaatua sovelluksen asetuksista.

Applikationen innehåller både barnprogram ur tv-utbudet och program som enbart publiceras i Barnens Arena. Programmen är grupperade enligt ålder och språk. På svenska innehåller BUU-klubben programmen för de yngre barnen, medan Hajbo bjuder på program för barn i skolåldern. På finska…


Photos & Videos Lock – Hide It


Photos and videos lock – hide it allows you to lock all you images, videos and audio files behind a password.
Main Features:
✔ Gallery : Show all media files on your phone. manage the gallery. (Gallery Lock)
✔ Photo Lock : Show all locked photos.
✔ Video Lock : Show all locked videos.
✔ Audio Lock: Show all locked audio files.
✔ Backup & share: Share and back up Apk files.
✔ Photos and videos lock – hide it works even offline.
Key Features
• Hide Photos , Videos and Audios.
• User friendly UI
• Un-hide pictures and videos
• Manage pictures and videos more easily
• Support Image Viewer
• Share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.
• Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing
• Easy-to-use PIN access
• Share Apk directly as attachment
• Share…




Imagine! You can build a homey feeling, anytime – anywhere!
You can enjoy your favourite programs easily, keep up to date for every news & able to share it with friends and family!

You can watch more than 40 TV channels, both Indonesian local channels and International channels for free with the best of streaming quality option. We added a feature to remove ads by subscribing in apps menu.

Please give us 5 stars if you like this app. Have a nice streaming and don't forget to keep your internet connection is sufficient.

Also, you can use tweetchat or feedback feature in it to communicate with us. Have a lively day!

Let's explore all TV channels in it :
– Antara TV
– Aswaja…


Top 2015 Ringtones


Best ringtones 2015 Are you a fun of changing ringtones on your phone from time to time?
What about newest ones?

You don't know which one to download.
It's confusing.
free ringtones
Best ringtones 2015 app. is a collection of funny& cool ringtones ever.
All kind of sounds and ringtones you will found here.

Best ringtones 2015,you can easly choose your favorite notification and Alert ringtones.

You will absolutely love Best ringtones 2015
Be the first and get it NOW.

Be the first and get Best ringtones 2015 NOW.
Features :
* Easy to search /find on file
* Set timer to play the sound
* No 3G or wifi needed,all free ringtones are included.
Remember :


Mp3 Tube – Play Music Tube


Mp3 Tube – Play Music Tube
Feature :
– Search many songs
– Play any songs
– Play in background
– Music player


VRTV Video Player Free


Watch your favorite videos in VR with VRTV Video Player and a Cardboard compatible headset! Enjoy shutting out the world around you and immersing yourself in complete privacy or play your video in sync with a friend and watch together.

VTRV Free is a free fully functional VR Video Player with support for all common 3D video types.

If you enjoy the free version, why not try the full version? It features:
– An additional virtual environment: a cozy living room!
– Next/previous buttons, skip between files in the same directory without leaving VR.
– No ads!

VRTV Features:

– Synchronization feature! Enjoy watching a movie together with another Cardboard friend!

– Subtitles in SRT format, with full support for RTL languages and Unicode characters and automatic…


Belkin NetCam


Watch your home on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere with Netcam.

This app will let you setup and view your NetCam over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. A Belkin NetCam is required.

With NetCam Cloud+ Premium Services your camera can automatically upload video clips to the web whenever it detects motion and send you a notification to watch the video.* Saved videos can be downloaded from the NetCam Web Portal.

*Cloud+ Premium Services require a paid subscription. NetCamHD can upload video clips. NetCam can only upload snapshots.

Push to Talk using the NetCamHD’s built in speaker*. (NetCamHD only)
Update your cameras firmware using the mobile app
Work with WeMo: Use your NetCam to trigger WeMo actions. (Requires separate WeMo hardware and WeMo app.)


The Lara Fabian – CD


The Lara Fabian – CD Application allows you to discover through five animations designed specifically for this album, thanks to augmented reality. Created by Phil Macquet in complicity with Lara Fabian, this technology enables you to discover a new side of the artist and her album. According to your research, discover five animations are to discover.


ZZPlayer Video Player


ZZPlayer is a video player with native support for almost all of the video formats.
– Support for arm, mips, vfp and x86 cpu.
Hardware decode for some formats.
Video Codecs
– HW : MPEG-4,H.264/AVC,H.263
Audio Codecs
Playback speed control.
– The range is 0.5 – 2.0.
Support internal and external subtitles, support for subtile switch.
– (Advanced) SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), SAMI(.smi), SubViewer(.sub), Subrip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), MPL2(.txt), WebVTT
– MKV subtitle extraction supported
– Mutiple subtitle tracks support
– Increased subtitle readability with thicker border and shadow around text.
Support for volume Amplify.
– The range is 1.0-5.0
Support some streaming protocols.
– HTTP Live Streaming.

Easy to use
– Slide up down on left or right part of the video view to change brightness and…


Reverse Video Movie Maker


Reverse Video is the best Video Editor for Reverse Videos.

Create and watch videos in reverse and never look back.

Reverse video maker helps you to create video in reverse mode again and again.

Fun to record video of someone swimming and create a video of same in reverse like he is jumping out of water to surface.

This application will reverse your video and you will see people walking backwards, jumping out of water and more.

Reverse your videos and share with your friends and family. Create a reverse movie in seconds.