Atchoum est un application médicale d’entraide gratuite qui propose des articles de médecine. Au-delà, Atchoum est avant tout un projet en vue de fournir à ses utilisateurs un manuel de bonnes pratiques. Outre les fonctionnalités existantes destinées à accompagner les professionnels de santé dans l'exercice de leur métier, l'application vise à former une communauté de praticiens contributeurs. Tous les utilisateurs pouvant accéder à l’application peuvent ainsi proposer des articles.

-un accès à la base de médicaments de l’ANSM régulièrement mise à jour avec monographie complète
-une section protocoles de médecine par spécialités
-une aide au diagnostic et à l'interprétation
-des schémas d’ordonnance
-une section infectiologie
-des outils de calcul scientifique
-et une communauté médicale libre

L’usage d’Atchoum est destiné aux professionnels de santé habilités à prescrire…


Emergency Medicine Guidance

Emergency Medicine Guidance for South Africa, enabled by The Open Medicine Project South Africa (TOMPSA) and endorsed by the African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AFEM). Guidance from experts associated with the Division of Emergency Medicine, Univeristy of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University. This is a clinical reference application for medical practitioners in the Western Cape and South Africa, with information on resuscitation, general emergency conditions and local policy and practice. Content updates by authors will follow as needed. TOMPSA is a non-profit company comitted to enhancing patient care, by improving information access for health workers.


Safe Delivery

The Safe Delivery App aims to improve the quality of emergency obstetric and neonatal care and hereby strengthen health care workers skills and quality of care primarily in developing countries.

Currently it contains ten animated clinical instruction videos on:

1) Post abortion care
2) Hypertension
3) Active management of third stage of labor
4) Prolonged labor
5) Post partum haemorrhage
6) Manual removal of placenta
7) Maternal sepsis
8) Neonatal resuscitation
9) Newborn management
10) Infection prevention

In addition, the Safe Delivery App features push messages with quiz questions spurring the health worker to use the app to revise their knowledge, as well as easily to access drug and practical procedure lists. It also contains Action Cards to be used when there is not…


Pill Reminder

Pill Reminder is a simple, user-friendly and reliable app that reminds you to take your daily medical pill.

Supports more than one pill a day (single pill multiple times a day) and let you choose the sound alarm (new: now including no sound option)!


Creatinine Clearance Calc

Creatinine Clearance Calculator measures how well creatinine is removed from your blood by your kidneys. The Creatinine Clearance Calculator is a must-have for any health care professional who performs this calculation regularly!


Renal function Free

Renal function, in nephrology, is an indication of the state of the kidney and its role in renal physiology. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Creatinine clearance rate (CCr or CrCl) is the volume of blood plasma that is cleared of creatinine per unit time and is a useful measure for approximating the GFR. Creatinine clearance exceeds GFR due to creatinine secretion, which can be blocked by cimetidine. In alternative fashion, overestimation by older serum creatinine methods resulted in an underestimation of creatinine clearance, which provided a less biased estimate of GFR. Both GFR and CCr may be accurately calculated by comparative measurements of substances in the blood and urine, or…


Pee Starter

Shy bladder (paruresis)? Having problems peeing in public places? Have no fear, Pee Starter is here!

Press the button to play one of 5 built-in pee-in-a-toilet sounds that might just get your wee going all over the place.

Or, you can just turn it on when you're in the bathroom and you don't want anyone to come in!


Phonak Support

Phonak Support App

Turns your smartphone into a support tool

The Phonak Support App is created to help you get used to your new Phonak Venture hearing aids. Handling and maintenance of your hearing aids are illustrated and described in a user friendly way. It is available in English, French, German and Spanish. After downloading, follow the instructions to customize the app for your specific hearing aids.

• Customized to your specific hearing aid
• Getting started
• Step-by-step instructions
• Troubleshooting guides
• Clinic contact data

Supported Phonak hearing aids:
• Audéo V-10
• Audéo V-312
• Audéo V-312 T
• Audéo V-13
• Bolero V-M
• Bolero V-P
• Bolero V-SP



This app simulates the user interface of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's AIRVO 2 and myAIRVO, to help you learn how the newest version of the AIRVO works.

You can change settings, change oxygen levels and simulate faults. There are tutorials to help out with the basics, as well as short videos clips that step you through operation of the AIRVO 2 and myAIRVO 2.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local Fisher & Paykel Healthcare representative for further help or information.

Note: This application is a demo of the AIRVO 2 and myAIRVO 2 interfaces for training purposes; it does not control the device in any way.


Radiology CT Anatomy

RAnatomy: CT provides a dynamic and interactive method of viewing cross-sectional human anatomy on computed tomography (CT). The information contained in this app cannot be guaranteed for completeness and accuracy. If errors are encountered, please contact me through my homepage.

One-finger tap: Highlight structure
One-finger swipe: Scroll through CT images
Two-finger drag: Reposition CT images on mobile device screen
Pinch gesture: Zoom

Disclaimer: The information in this app is provided as an educational resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. RAnatomy expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for…