Online Piano Lessons for Songs

Learn how to play popular songs on piano with the only virtual piano tutorial application. Our one of a kind player allows you to fully control your piano learning experience with up to 13 awesome features.

The Online Pianist app includes thousands of piano lessons for popular songs, arranged by artists, difficulty level or music genres including Pop, Rock, R&B, Classical, Christmas, New Age, Films & TV, Traditional, Games and more!

Our unique piano tutorial player will allow you to design your personal learning experience based on your current level and progress, using the following awesome features:

– Individual Hand Practice – Learn how to play each hand part separately.

– Speed – Adjust the song speed based on your progress. …


Black Belt Recorder White Lite

Black Belt Recorder is one of the most popular recorder learning methods in the world. It’s now here on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod & Android! This app is a great free companion to the book.

If you are a BlackBeltRecorder, SongTorch, or IJAMEd website registered user the IJAMEd Cloud will track your progress, your awarded stars and your avatar. You teacher can also track your progress and you can graduate on the teachers version of this program in front of your whole class by Recorder Man, a funny animated character.

This is a fully interactive and exciting way to learn to play the descant or soprano recorder. New notes, new rhythms, symbols, articulation, finger posture, breath control and even automatic TESTING are…


Change Voice & Sound Recorder

Voice Recorder and change sound is a quick and easy way to share voice messages over the app. Record your voice and transform into different sound effects. This modify voice changer and recorder is a free simple application which records sound from microphone phone. After recording you can change the sound and save it to your mobile as ringtones. This application is a handy audio tool for recording the quality sound and editing software. Allows you to create an audio recording directly including songs. The recording is produced locally on your card, and you can record and listen as many times as you need. There is the option to save your recording on the Voice record and sounds. This…


Radio Senegal

This app is a lightweight radio player with a lot of stations from Republic of Senegal. It's easy to use and really fast, it won't drain your battery and you will love it.

Here is the most SIMPLE radio player for you. Let be honest, if you are looking for a Radio Player it means you want to listen your favorites stations, you don't need social sharing features, recording, and more and more features that you will never use. This is the app you are looking for, give it a try!

– One of the most complete Republic of Senegal radio stations database
– Stations updated frequently
– Quick search bar
– Favorite stations list
– Simple now playing
– Real user support
– Local radio stations,…



Welcome to Beatport – The Home of Electronic Music

– Beatport brings you free, unlimited streaming from our world-class catalog.

– Connect with the artists you love and find new favorites.

– Discover festivals and shows from around the world.

And this is only the beginning. Sign up or log in with your existing Beatport account to join the world's largest electronic music community.



AUDIATOR BOOSTER is a powerful audio management, gain tool and mp3 volume booster for android, which amplify the volume of your mp3 , mp2 , wma , ra , ogg , aac , ac3 , wav , flac , aif , ogg music , audiobook , ringtone , records in any length and with a variety of options and pass your headphone and speaker limits and get a loud sound.

With AUDIATOR BOOSTER the mp3 volume booster for android, you can easily search for mp3 , mp2 , wma , ra , ogg , aac , ac3 , wav , flac , aif , ogg music , audiobook, ringtone, records and then amplify and boost them, set the output destination…


droid FM Radio Lite

This Lite version of droid FM Radio is used to test whether this app works on your device.

This app uses the device's ability to receive FM radio. This ability is not present on every device, and is not the same for every device.

NOTE: Because of the differrence in hardware between devices, it is necessary to first try this Lite version, before purchasing the full version.


Alarm Sounds & Ringtones

GOOD MORNING! If you have troubles to wake up, you are on the right place, because Alarm Sounds & Ringtones app will make a true early bird from you!!

Waking up is really tough for a lot of people. They usually say they don’t hear their alarm ringtone and that they don’t have enough loud alarm. This makes their day stressful, and they are always late and in a constant hurry. With this great app, you can be sure that your wake up alarm won’t fail ever! With these free android ringtones, you can be sure that you won’t be late ever again.

It is people habit nowadays to sleep with their phones next to their heads, and…


الرقية الشرعية الصحيحة – Mp3

الرقية الشرعية الصحيحة – Mp3

ميزات التطبيق
– تكرار السورة الحالية عدة مرات بهدف الحفظ
– انتقال التطبيق للخلفية وايقاف السورة في حال ورود مكالمة هاتفية ثم متابعة السورة بعد الانتهاء من المكالمة
– إمكانية مشاركة أي سورة عن طريق البلوتوث أو البريد الالكتروني او الواتس اب وغيره
– امكانية الاستماع للسورة في الخلفية ومتابعة العمل على الجهاز في نفس الوقت
– إمكانية وضع أي ملف كنغمة رنين منبه أو تنبيه
– بالاضافة للتكرار والاستماع والتنقل العشوائي



Get a Drum and a Belly Dancer on your device! What about a pair of finger cymbals too?! Tap on the Drum or the Finger Cymbals and the Belly Dancer will dance with the beat!

Our dancer is real and awesome!

This application comes with 5 different drum beats. Tap on the center of the Drum, and you will get the base (or "Doum") sound. The upper left corner of the drum will play a "Roll" and the three other corners will play 3 different "Tak" sounds giving you 5 different beats.

The 2 finger cymbals in the bottom will play 2 different sounds giving a nice rhythm when played consecutively.

Touch the dancer for random voice effects and the…