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Les Afriques : africa news

Les Afriques is a weekly economical and financial African newspaper. It claims to be the first panafrican financial newspaper. Published every week and available in almost all French-speaking countries.

The newspaper started its publication in July 2007. Its launch was announced on at a French speaking TV journal de Léman bleu and on several specialised African website.

After a first journal and a necessary period of adaptation using for instance a franchise system, the journal Les Afriques could launch an edition for Morocco, a Senegal edition and one for Cameroon.

In order to balance the views of the "old continent", the journalist are based in Africa (namely Morocco, Senegal and Algeria) and are highly respected in the African financial community.


Toulouse Live

Avec la nouvelle application TOULOUSE LIVE optimisée pour Android, retrouvez toute l’actualité locale de celles et ceux qui innovent et font bouger #Toulouse.

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News Republic for Gear

News Republic for Gear is the companion app to NEWS REPUBLIC – The definitive news app with an elegant design, unrivaled news coverage and a simple, delightful interface optimized for all smartphones and tablets.

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Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency (AA), one of the top 10 global news agencies, is the main source of news, information and data for businesses and professionals in Turkey and across the globe. AA provides “reliable, impartial, ethical, fast” news, photographs and videos from major regions, including Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Asia Pacific.

AA Mobile app brings you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, and videos in a dynamic and personalized format. Mobile users can get the latest news and breaking stories categorized in World, Turkey, Economy, Sports as well as major developments in health, science and technology.


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Archives d’Afrique

Accédez au contenu mythique d'Archives d'Afrique d'Alain Foka sur votre smartphone ou tablette Android: podcasts de l'émission mis à jour en temps réel, vidéos du coffret Archives d'Afrique vol. 1…
Grâce à l'App Archives d'Afrique, restez connectés à votre émission préférée.


Lffl News Reader

Iven news Reader is a light and modern Android feed reader that will allow You to navigate through various news feeds from Gnu-Linux to Android! It supports Material Design and pre-ICS (minSdK="9") Devices!
It now supports Material Design! and pre-ics devices from v3.2!

The default blog is OMG! Ubuntu!

NOTES (Please Read):

1. We are not Pro developers, but we hope You'll appreciate our work!

2. Please, use the following instructions to take a logcat and help us to fix any errors:

– Enable Debug USB from Developers Options

– Connect Your phone to Your pc

– Open a terminal inside adb/fastboot's folder

– Repeat the error

– Type:`

– Send it to us!

You can also use Apps already present on Playstore (e.g. catlog)

– We need also device infos (os…


433 | Football

Football & fun. World's best football community! The latest goals, and funniest moments. The best quality, and not to forget … everything you want to know about world's most important side issue.



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Nabd نبض

أكثر من مليون شخص يستخدم تطبيق نبض لمتابعة آخر الأخبار لحظة بلحظة، من المصادر المفضلة. كن أول من يعلم مع تطبيق "نبض" – أول تطبيق مجاني يقدم لك آخر الأخبار المحلية و العالمية و السياسية و الرياضية و التقنية و الصحية و النسائية من مصادرك المختارة، مع خاصية التنبيهات للأخبار العاجلة

!تابع أكثر من ٦٠٠ مصدر إخباري من الشرق الأوسط و العالم

تابع مصادرك المفضلة من السعودية، مصر، الكويت، قطر، الإمارات، البحرين، ،فلسطين، الأردن، المغرب، تونس، ليبيا، اليمن، و مصادر عالمية أخرى

Nabd App – Personalized Arabic News!

Nabd App is a FREE App enabling users to stay up-to-date with the latest news by customizing and personalizing their news feed from over 500 various arabic news sources, including sources from newspapers, sports clubs,…