MoreLangs (Language setting)

Very simple and easy way to change locale and language for your android devices.
Program preset many locales and languages, so you can easily use.
If you can’t find the language or locale you want, don't worry you can add any locale and language in this application.

This application is a very useful tool for Android developers and testers, When they do multiple-language development and testing can improve efficiency.

We republish this application, because the account had been wrongly removed.
****************** NOTICE ****************
After 4.2 Jelly Bean, The protection level definition of CHANGE_CONFIGURATION has been changed.
If your device is newer than android 4.2, If your need to read 'Help' from this app , It will tell you how to let this app work fine.
****************** NOTICE…


SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

Enjoy the freedom to wirelessly store, share and stream content across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs with the SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Flash Drive app.

******** This app requires a SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Flash Drive device in order to work ********

Simply connect wirelessly from your mobile devices to the wireless drive and instantly access your movies, photos, music and documents from around-the-house or on-the-go while avoiding the common hassles of cables, attachment limits or Internet availability.

Key Features:

Wireless Flash Drive App
• Wirelessly access your movies, photos, music and documents stored on the Wireless Flash Drive from your mobile device. No Internet or router required.
• Stream your media content directly from the Drive
• Upload photos, videos and…


GalaxyS4 Settings for Froyo~JB

This application is an Galaxy S4-Theme Setting application works on Froyo~JellyBean(4.2.2)

– last update

Changed Tab-Settings(same as GalaxyS4)
changed some icons same as GalaxyS4
added japanese translations
added Data network menu(cannot add switch because it is not a system application. sorry :x)
Added firstrun notification(only show once since you install this application)`send report to me)
fixed error translations in "airplane"(thanks Gautham RameshBabu)


Fire GO Keyboard Theme & Emoji

An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautiful and unique one.
It is totally free and only for GO Keyboard(with 10000+ colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)! No need to set up the keyboard background wallpaper.
Download and Enjoy it!

Get this FREE theme to make your KEYBOARD more LOVELY and COLORFUL.

★Notice:`Please click the link to have it installed.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Click into GO Keyboard Setting Page-> Theme -> Local -> Apply


Working Hours 4b

Are you tired of always write on a piece of paper and at the end of the month to deal with the calculator ?

Let Working Hours 4b help you !

Working Hours 4b comes with a simple interface that allows you to enter your hours of work and by calculate your monthly income !
Offers the possibility to observe, add, modify, the working hours in a calendar or in a list.
It also offers the possibility to:

*Note of work hours
*Change them at will
*Insert night hours
*Check if the interval that you are entering both where previously-added
*Enter your lunch break easier
*View or edit your schedule in recent months
*Recorder widget
*Round the intervals at will ( excess / deficit / the closest )

Statistics :
You can…


Speech To Text Notepad

Create notes hands free! All you have to do is speak – this app converts it into text that can be edited using voice commands. For example, you can just

say "next" to move to the next line,
say "delete" to delete a word,
say "delete 5" to delete 5 words
say "delete 10" to delete 10 words and so on.

This app is great for creating to-do lists, grocery list, dictation, and other notes in general. You can also share your notes using your favorite app (Gmail, twitter, Google Hangout, SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc).


Top Free Features
* No limits on…


Calendar Notify Agenda Status

Calendar Notify displays your Calendar events and agenda in the status bar, the lock screen on Android Lollipop and in a widget, using a beautiful design that's both visually pleasing and highly functional. You'll have quick access to your agenda from anywhere on your device.

★ If you have any issues/questions or need help, please use the 'Contact Support' menu item in the app instead of posting in a review, as I can assist you much easier. ★

You can customize the design and choose between multiple layouts that display your day at a glance.

The fully functional calendar widget mirrors the notification and allows you to place your calendar on your lockscreen on pre Android 5 devices!

Alternatively you can place the…


QR Code Reader “Q” -FREE-

"Q" enables you to read small or sophisticated codes very quickly.
Other than reading QR code®, the app supports reading Barcodes and the Frame QR® codes which is newly developed by DENSO WAVE INC. The app is the newest QR code reader which also includes functions such as, creating QR codes, SNS, and playing AR contents.

Function list
・Read QR Code®
・Read barcodes
・After reading barcodes, automatically generate links to product pages of Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping, and Google Search.
・Read FrameQR®
・Replay AR contents
・Preview Web sites
・Display confirmation messages
・Read / delete read history
・Copy read-out contents
・Send e-mail
・Post to Facebook
・Post to Twitter
・Post to LINE
・Create QR Code® (generated from the text, URL, contact, and/or a map)

New function
ver 1.4(02/06/2015)
・The URL scheme has been supported.
ver 1.3(23/02/2015)
・The function to delete read-out…


Zero VPN

All new designed VPN, ZERO cost, ZERO difficulty, one touch to build a secured network, unblock website or app like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, YouTube, Skype, encrypt all network traffic, protect hotspot data, hide real ip for keep anonymous.


* No register required
* No setting required
* No traffic limit
* Never expire
* One click to use
* Free for everyone


* Encrypt all network traffic, build a secure private network even you using Wi-Fi
* Unblock web/app in some restricted region
* Hide real IP, keep anonymous, keep private when you browse some website
* Very easy to use with well-designed UI

We have builded a global VPN network include America(US), Europe(UK, FR, DE, NL), Asia(JP, SG), and expand to more country soon.

Hoping you…


ClearFocus: Pomodoro Timer

ClearFocus is a time-management app which makes you more productive. Are you tired of wasting your time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters? ClearFocus is for you!

Based on The Pomodoro Technique©, it alternates working sessions with small breaks. This will let you concentrate more easily and boost your productivity. No more distractions, focus on what’s important.

ClearFocus sports an elegant interface designed not to get in your way. It’s as easy to use as possible: tap once and start working.

To keep you focused and let you get the best out of yourself, ClearFocus comes with customizable settings that you can set to fit your style.

Pomodoro™ and Pomodoro Technique® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is…