L’appli Versailles

Tout Versailles en une application : actualités, sorties, balades et découvertes, spectacles, activités, horaires, commerces et promotions, stationnement, signalement, plan dynamique…

# Actus
Un fil d’actu mis à jour quotidiennement à partir des réseaux sociaux de la ville

# Signaler
Alerter en 1 minute les services de la Ville sur un problème de propreté ou de voirie

# Sortir
Toutes les sorties présentées par catégorie : expositions & événements, conférences & ateliers, musique, jeune public, scènes, sport & loisirs

# Cinéma
Les actualités directement mises à jour par les cinémas de Versailles

# Découvrir
Tout pour explorer Versailles : patrimoine, château, balades et découvertes, visites guidées, Office de Tourisme, hôtels et applications utiles

# Plan dynamique
Tous les sites et bâtiments répertoriés par thématique (administration, sport, culture, etc.)

# Se déplacer



– Discover your top picks of events and activities based on a careful local selection.
– Get exclusive access, book in one tap and be rewarded for your influence.
– Connect with participants who share the same experiences, friends and interests.

An entirely new and modern way to live cities is at your fingertips : make any big city your little city.

Available in Paris, rolling out soon in all big cities.



With the Jaccede Android App, finding places accessible for people with limited mobility, wherever you are, has never been easier ! You can also easily add new places you find, wherever you are.

Jaccede Mobile is an app which can be useful to any person with limited mobility, allowing them free and easy use of the interactive accessibility guide. It provides the answer to a key question : "where can I access, given my mobility needs?"

The app encourages users, with or without mobility problems, to consult accessible places around them using geolocalisation, and each and every one can add accessible places they find, or add accessibility information to places which have already been registered by other users. There is also…



MyPaths is your modern utility for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, running, skiing,…. MyPaths enables the user to create new hiking/cycling trails, to import KML, GPX trails published in the Internet and to access numerous pre-selected EuroVelo and hiking trails…

MyPaths is built with thousands of pre-selected paths and numerous utilities for constructing your trails, tracking your paths, analyzing your exercises and sharing your paths on MyPaths server and across social networks.

1. Before Action
To prepare an outdoor activity; such as discovering/following a new hiking or cycling track (trail), several questions that are frequently asked. For example, the questions that concerns:
– the feasibility: “Is there a path for walking from North to South of the Corsica?”,
– the distance: “What…


Parker, Find available parking

Parker shows you where open parking spaces are right now in more than 30 cities and universities in the US and the UK, while also giving you access to information for over 24,000 parking lots and garages. Simply select a street with available spots or garage on the map and get turn-by-turn voice navigation. You'll also get instant access to prices, payment options, and hours.

Up to the minute parking availability is offered in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Boston, Venice Beach, Studio City, Indianapolis, Reno, Fort Lauderdale and Ellicott City MD, as well as at Clemson University and Oregon State University, with more on the way. To see a longer list, scroll below.

Features of Parker include:
– Find open…


Vignerons Indépendants

Bienvenue chez les Vignerons Indépendants de la Vallée du Rhône!
Venez découvrir les caves de la vallée du Rhône.
D'Ampuis jusqu'en Avignon vous rencontrerez dans leurs caves les femmes et les hommes, artisans de la notoriété des vins de cette merveilleuse vallée. Ils sont vignerons indépendants.
Pour leur engagement et la qualité de leur travail, ils ont signé la charte du Vigneron Indépendant.

Le Vigneron Indépendant :
• respecte son terroir,
• travaille sa vigne,
• récolte son raisin,
• vinifie et élève son vin,
• élabore son eau de vie,
• met en bouteille sa production dans sa cave,
• commercialise ses produits,
• se perfectionne dans le respect de la tradition,
• accueille, conseille la dégustation et prend plaisir à présenter le fruit de son travail et de sa culture.



Spanish to French phrasebook

Heading out? The Spanish to French phrasebook and translator is your ideal travel buddy! This app is a Spanish to French talking phrasebook and offline translator. It does not require an internet connection.

The Spanish to French phrasebook and translator contains a list of 1300 professionally translated phrases. It is possible to listen to the pronunciation of each phrase.

Thanks to the multiplicity of its lexicon, the Spanish to French phrasebook and translator is really indispensable for a traveller: the included phrases have been specifically selected for tourism and for short – middle term stays. The interface has been designed to be easily readable: the translated phrase is highlighted in red, so all you have to do in order to…


SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts

The SPG App for Android — with you every step of the way.

SPG® is always striving to provide new and better tools for you to take on the road. The SPG App for Android™ is loaded with features to make your travels simpler and smarter.

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Wego Flights & Hotels

Search hundreds of travel sites for hotel rates AND airfares instantly, all in one place and free! Save time, pay less and travel more with over 400,000 hotels and hundreds of low-cost and full service online airfares at your fingertips.

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Pan – Parcours Appli’ Nature

Avec Pan – Parcours Appli’ Nature, découvrez les forêts d’Île-de-France autrement !

Proposée par l’Agence des espaces verts, l’application vous permet d’enrichir votre balade sur les massifs franciliens en recevant directement sur votre smartphone des informations sur les points d’intérêt qui vous entourent : faune et flore remarquables, patrimoine historique et culturel, points de vue remarquables…

Pan – Parcours Appli’ Nature offre les fonctionnalités suivantes :
– Mode « Se balader » avec détection en temps réel des points d’intérêt ;
– Des dizaines de parcours accessibles par carte ou par liste ;
– Consultation et inscription aux Animations Nature de l’AEV ;
– Consultation des actualités et évènements de l’AEV ;
– Partage Facebook et Twitter de vos circuits et points d’intérêt préférés ;