Download Chicken Game: Kids – FREE! apk

If you or your kids like clucky chickens then the Chicken Game: Kids – FREE! is just right for you! See the brightly coloured hens and chicks as you and your children test your matching skills against the clock.

Chicken Game: Kids – FREE! is a timed three round matching game, featuring a great selection of unusual hens and chickens. The first round is 80 seconds and the two rounds after that are each set at 15 seconds less, so you must be quick to find all the matching pairs!

This is a fun chicken game for free for kids and adults from 3 and up – though a clever little toddler could certainly pick it up very quickly – it's exciting with added sound effects to add to the thrills with a happy tune as you start and bouncy music in the background as you play.

There is another thrilling feature to the chicken puzzle game that makes it even more awesome then just a matching game – you must also find the chicken pictures that link together in some way! Click matching images to clear them from the board before your time is up. You must pick matching pairs that are not diagonal, but side to side or on top of each other. When you make a linked match the game will show the link with a green connecting line and a quirky sound.

Just in case you get stuck you can also get some help along the way by clicking the REFRESH button up to 3 times, this mixes up the game cards so it is easier to find linking matches.

You can also use the FIND button up to 3 times and this will find some of the matching links for you. However, the more you play the better you will get at finding them all yourself!

This free chicken game for kids and adults is not just for fun but also encourages:
*Memory Skills
*Recognition Skills
*Hand and Eye Co-ordination

The chicken matching puzzle game was designed by Rachel at EpicGameApps.

Chicken Game for Kids – FREE! is an addictive race to find the matching links, getting harder with each round. Download now and have loads of FUN!