Download City Bus Simulator apk

City Bus Simulator is a real bus driving game with high quality graphics and gameplay.
You drive the Bus through hills on the highway.
Wellcome to the Midtown City. This is the place where you can experience all kind of madness as a bus driver.
This Bus Simulator game is one the most exciting bus driving games of 2015.

Are you ready to drive Big City Bus ?
Try City Bus Simulator.



You 've probably noticed the difficulty maneuvering a bus , the difficulty he has to squeeze between cars to take turns, to successfully meet its schedule . City Bus Simulator will transport you into this world what the bus driving in the city and you will discover what being a bus driver in a busy city !

Working for a company , you will make the best results for THE bus driver of the year and earn a premium. And you will live the life of a driver for a while in this game bus , and perform all tasks. Fetch customers at bus stops will be crucial , respect the timetables will be just as if you lose customers and your leaders will not be happy . You will also learn to manage traffic to not cause accidents because of your bus.

The difficulty resides in the increase in traffic , streets, and parking. If you are clever, you will come quick to take control of your city bus and reach your goals. If you are less , you will be a little more patient. After all, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith . In City Bus Simulator , a real driving simulator bus , you will observe all around your bus to really be in the eye under penalty of having concerns when maneuvering or other road users .

You will discover a set of bus to the increasing difficulty that will teach you gently combined bus drivers and know the gabaris your car. Be prompt, courteous , follow schedules , have the eye to find the right passages to sneak and become the bus driver of the year!

Advantages of our game City Bus Simulator

– Twenty levels
– Increasing difficulty
– Good graphics
– A perfectly set and excellent playability

This set was tested on :
– Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy – S4
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
– Google Nexus 4
– Google Nexus July 2012
– Meizu MX 4
– JXD S7300