Download Core Archery apk

Experience the magic of archery with never before seen depth and challenge!

With unique drawing and shooting controls, Core Archery redefines touch screen archery games. While anyone can succeed and have fun with this game, it takes time and focus to really master it.

For consistent good scores you need to practice your drawing, aiming and release technique. Precision and focus is the key to success in this game. Failed technique will lead to unaligned posture and you'll be surprised where the arrow flies after the release!

There's few things which can be the cause of the miss, but that's what makes archery so addictive!

Key features:
-Unique single touch controls
-Realistic archery experience
-9 levels with lots of challenge
-Smooth 3D graphics
-Ad Sponsored: completely free to play

About the author:
Aleksi Rantonen has previously released a clay shooting game called “Clay Hunt”, which praised by skeet enthusiasts as the most authentic clay shooting game. Due to realistic game play "Clay Hunt" is used as a training tool for target acquisition. Already some shooting coaches have started to recommend the game for their students. “Clay Hunt” has been downloaded already over 3 million times.