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♥ The gift dragon, Dibo, Korean EBS(Educational Broadcasting System) Popular Animation!

♥ Exciting Stories with the gift dragon, DIBO who gives gifts EVERYDAY!

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Welcome to Cozyland full of exciting stories with Dibo and friends!! (ALL~ English)

■ Introduction

Cozyland is a village of puppets where everything is made out of soft fabrics.

Here, puppet friends live in harmony with lots of dreams and imaginations.

– DIBO : the dragon presenting fantastic gifts everyday
– ANNIE : an excellent cook, a gentle girl
– BUNNY : a cute rabbit loving herself a lot
– ELO : an elephant with his fire truck
– CRO : a smart crow pointing out the rights and the wrongs all the time

√2006 Popular animation in EBS TV (Korea)
√2005 win a Pulcinella award (Italy)
√2005 New York Kidscreen Model (U.S.A.)
√2005 Star project (KOCCA)

■ Contents (Season1 : 1~26 Episodes)

[Story 1]
01 Pretty In Pink
02 Forgetful Elo
03 Starry Night
04 Singing In Pain
05 Annie's Makeover
06 Happy Birthdays to Bunny
07 Truth Megaphone
08 Super Elo
09 Oliver's Dream Trouble
10 Mirror Mirror

[Story 2]
11 Double Trouble
12 A Gift For Dibo
13 Friends Like Me
14 Stone Soup
15 Dibo Runs Out of Gifts
16 Cro's Adventure Book
17 Let's Play All Day
18 Cozy Land's Stars

[Story 3]
19 Cozy Land's Treasure Map
20 Ice Cream Mountain
21 My Lucky Day
22 Elo Catches a Cold
23 Annie's Rhythm Sticks
24 Princess for A Day
25 Cro Grows Big
26 The Singing Umbrellas


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