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Dementia prevention projects!
Is there a real life can make in life is a game?

The second piece of the Golden Pig introduced a new type of game to "Everyday TenTen".

Healing time that day, tired of living in modern day healing calculation game!

Every second of every day work series.
How can it really be calculated beyond the mission of the hundreds king?

[Game Features]
1. Calculate the value of the goods to the converter shown in the display.
2. The fastest and most accurately using a calculator.
3. If the conditions are met, informs the successes and failures.
4. calculator and get a new item in the treasure chest.
5. Purchase a treasure chest with gold got to see a short video.

our time for writing every game every 10 minutes just to borrow.
Time is money left anything you want to.
We need 10 minutes of your precious time.

Play games while watching an interesting drama!
Moment gameplay in the bathroom!

Please install to your beloved parents.

The game is using auto-login, and cloud saving of Google.
You can enjoy anytime, anywhere, if only Google ID.

Thing of the game is processing the picture on the internet was secondary because the price of the goods is not a realistic price calculated arbitrarily.

This game may be a cultural difference made in Korea.
We hope to try to overcome, please e-mail us.