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To find all flight games is easier with the list in our app than to search them in android market. You can’t play the games on our app, you should install them to play. We just enable you to access them. The list includes games chosen meticulously. To access this app, internet connectivity is required.

You can filter your search by going to our paid, free categories as well as star and featured categories where you find the best and the most popular flight simulation games. We follow the android market and publish the new releases so you can access the recent flight simulator games easily. The list includes the games where you control an airplane or war jet as a pilot. This 3D flight simulation games can give to you a sense of reality.

Who has a dream to be a pilot and to fly commercial or military jets will find many flight simulator and dog fight games in the list. Some of them are air combat games where you fly a warjet or military aircraft. You can prefer them to show your fighting power with various weapons, guns and rockets. We have included both face to face dogfight and long distance fight games.

Apart from that, the list offers many flight simulator and landing games without violence so parents install these games for boys or girls. In flight simulator games, you control a passenger plane or a commercial airplane. You should be able to deal with diverse weather conditions like heavy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, night landings in this kind of games.


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About the games on our list:

– Various kinds of airplane like commercial aircraft, combat aircraft and helicopters
– Flight simulation and war games
– 3D graphics