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"Countries of the World Quiz" is a geography game to test your knowledge of the world map in a fun way.
Are you able to recognize in the map every country and the location of the countries capitals?
How many of world flags can you recognize?
Are you able to guess the country only seeing the borders?

Game modes:

• Countries Quiz: guess the country shown on the political world map and learn the location of every country.

• Capitals Quiz : guess the capital shown on the world map. Learn the exact location of the main cities.

• Flags Quiz: guess the country name of the flag image. Learn about 200 flags from around the world.

• Country Shadows Quiz: guess the country name from an image of the borders.

If you unlock all levels of the countries of the world quiz you will become a master in geography.

¿Do you want to play only a flags quiz of Asia?
You can select the continent you want in every game mode. If you want to master a specific continent geography, you can choose to play in Europe, America, Africa, Asia or Ocenia.

¿Do you want to practice the world flags anywhere?
You can play "Countries of the World Quiz" offline. An internet connection is only needed for the first time to validate the world map.

Do you know where in the map is Germany? Do you know how to write the name of the capital of the United States? Can you recognize Japan for its outline? Do you know the flag of Poland?
Try to unlock all levels and you will learn the geography of every continent.

This is a free app and you can repeat every trivia game as many times as you like learning in an easy way all the countries, capitals, world flags and the borders of every country improving your general knowledge of geography.

You can play the this free game in english and spanish languages.


Download Geography Quiz apk

The best GEOGRAPHY quiz for Android!

– 36 levels,
– capital cities of the world,
– flags of the countries of the world,
– countries location maps,
– sea in the world,
– learning mode without time pressure,
– no ads,
– ranking of the best players.

Your score is sum points from all levels.
You can compete with others and compare your score through online ranking.

NOTE: All levels and categories of questions are available only in the full version, which can be purchased from within the application.

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