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QUOTES`Swipe your finger on the screen and change the shapes and colors. A nice simple app that's fun to watch."

"Much like a watered-down version of a 20-year old Windows app called Kaleidescope that was quite cool in its day.."

"Very pretty designs. I got it to entertain my little grandson, and he likes to watch it, and touch on the designs to change them.."

"I will play a Pandora lullaby and turn the Geometrics app on for quiet time and my grandson who is 11months will quietly watch it :)"

"it is a nice app to watch and entertain my grandchildren with for a short period of time, they have asked me to get them a real Spirograph for Christmas."

"This app is very cool to watch. This is one of the first apps I ever bought & still look at it every day."


– Easy controls.
– Beautiful designs` With Geometrics, you are the creator, discoverer, artist, and mathematician.
– Advanced users can set the equation properties manually.
– Images can be saved to your device.


A polar graph represents a math equation where the distance [r] from the center of the graph is determined by an equation. [r=1 is a circle. r=sin(angle) makes loops]
Polar Graph:

Normally you start the angle from 0 and go all the way around to 360 degrees incrementing by some small amount. When you skip faster around the circle in a regular interval (say every 80 degrees), you get something interesting.

Geometrics takes this maurer rose idea and puts you in control of the design:`


1. Swipe left or right – Restart the pattern changing the number of "flower petals"

2. Swiping up and down – Restart the pattern changing the "amount of skip"

3. Pressing and holding – Cycle through 3 trigonometric math functions (single sin equation, multiple sin equations, and a tan equation)