Download Gitden Reader: EPUB3 & EPUB2 apk

[Gitden Reader], World top level eBook Reader, supports EPUB standards from 2.0.1 to 3.0 at the highest levels.

With one single app, users can utilize its features in smartphone or tablet.
When logged in with one user ID, the book info; last read position, bookmark, highlighting, etc., is synchronized identically among multiple devices (under development).
Device-to-device synchronization is processed encrypted as to abide by data security

1. Displays audio/video included book contents properly. (Foreign language textbook can be easily made in EPUB.)
2. Shows MathML and SVG built-in .epub file quickly and easily. (Science and engineering textbooks can be written in texts other than pictures.)
3. Demonstrates reflowing book conveniently. (Displays novel, essay, educational books, etc. adjusted to the device screen.)
4. Supports fixed layout book and media overlay feature; highlights the content adjusting to the book audio. (Storybook can easily be made in EPUB.)
5. Supports JavaScript and CSS3 excellently. (Interactive book; real-time grading, can be easily made in EPUB.)
6. Supports RTL(Right To Left) vertical writing. (Japanese books written in EPUB3.0, can be read comfortably.)
7. Supports RTL(Right To Left) for Arabic and Hebrew language. (Arabic and Hebrew books written in EPUB3.0, can be read easily.)
8. Footnote link will be shown in pop-up window.
9. Supports "undo" feature; shows "undo" button that takes user to their last visited page whether user taps a link, moves away from the table of contents, or make changes with roll-screen. User can easily go back to the previous page if any mistake happens.
10. Supports accessible, comfortable, and compact support in private settings in [aA] Icon.
11. [aA] icon supports; 1) choose different font-faces; embedded/basic, 2) decrease/increase font-size, 3) change height between lines; narrow/normal/wide, 4) justify texts to both/left, 5) read book in facing pages mode in tablet, 6) set/reset continuous scroll mode, 7) choose from Day(White, Sepia), Night(Black) for background theme.
12. Supports text search, bookmark, copy selected parts of content, highlight, memo, SNS sharing, search dictionary, etc.
13. Supports display functions in table of contents, bookmark, highlight, memo in each and every book.
14. Supports page turning by pushing the volume button. (During audio play, the volume key only controls volume.)
15. Supports brightness arrangement; drag left blank space up/down with a finger.
16. Supports bookmark on/off; drag right blank space up/down with a finger.
17. Supports tool bar by tapping the center.
18. Supports zoom in feature; Double tap the image, and the user can zoom in the selected image separately.
19. Supports importing books from outside and deleting books in bookshelf.
20. Supports importing books from Dropbox, Google drive, and e-mail. Tap .epub file in Dropbox, Google drive, and e-mail, select [Gitden Reader] from “open in…” and the user can read in the app.(supports standard .epub only)
21. Supports Library sorting chosen from Date, Title, and Author.
22. (iOS ver. supports auto-hyphen feature when words break up in lines in English books.)
23. Supports "send inquiry." User can send questions by tapping [Setting – Report] in Bookshelf. We welcome requests for technology adoption and partnership.
24. Shows last read position and amount of book in small dots.
25. Embedded solid DRM (Digital Rights Management). Even a book is distributed free of charge, user cannot read the .epub file.