Download Halloween Flappy Bat apk

On this spooky, scary evening, one little bat come out of its nest to fly all over the Halloween forest. The bat is flapping its way through an endless array of creatures of the hunted forest to complete his important mission.

How to play the game?
Tap… Tap… Tap… You have to keep on tapping the screen to control the flying motion of the bat. You get a point for every set of obstacles that you fly through. Be warned is it hard to score! It will only take seconds to taste defeat at the hands of the game. Well, to be fair, the bat is not as good a flier as you would wish it to be. It is a clumsy little flying animal and basically falls down every time you do not tap. Each of your taps barely keeps the bat in the air. So, you have to tap on the screen rather vigorously to keep the bat in flight and to keep him safe, because it is going to go down even with the slightest contact with the obstacles.

Halloween Flappy Bat is an addictive arcade side-scrolling game that will remind you of the flapping algorithm of classics arcade games of flap flying series. It is guaranteed to provide hours of fun, for kids, teens or adults. The one touch control makes the game simple to master, yet the play becomes progressively more challenging to keep it interesting and exciting. Mastering the control over the game play is indeed challenging and it's hard to keep the bat flying, however this made the game ultra-addictive by its dynamics.

With Halloween Flappy Bat, you don't have to pay a penny to try and get the high score. The Android game is completely free to download and play, so everyone can enjoy the scary fun! As you continue to play, you can earn achievements and continue to improve your score. Depending on the number of obstacles that you have passed, there is a badge for whatever number you achieve. With practice, the game becomes easier to play, and within no time you will be addicted to the game. Your reflexes will become sharper, you will be able to make quick decisions. The game will leave you with a sense of accomplishment every time you put your phone down. It is this simplicity that creates a kind of need for the player to go back, play more and score higher each time.

Although Halloween Flappy Bat is a Halloween themed game, the challenging fun of guiding the bat through the spooky night landscape is enjoyable all year round. After just a few minutes of playing, you'll have the controls fully mastered. It can be played anywhere: on your mobile or tablet, but also on an Android TV or even on your wearable smart watch (like Motorola 360 or LG Urbane)!

App’s features:

Playing this Halloween Flappy Bat game is a real pleasure: the haunted forest background, the Halloween bat, and scary sounds are a real treat. The app integrated features are cool tools to enjoy.
• Playable on mobile devices, tablets, Android smart watches, Android TVs,
• Lovely user interface,
• Background music and sounds enhance the Halloween ambiance of the app,
• One-touch play is a convenient feature of the app,
• The flapper game Halloween Flappy Bat can be played offline, however, for accessing leaderboard you need internet support on your mobile,
• You can access achievement by integrating your Google plus account,
• You can share the game with all your friends,
• You can rate and review the Halloween bat flying game from user interface: let others know your delight in playing the game.

Your new bat friend is ready for takeoff! Get ready to put your skills to the test this Halloween season and beyond. Download and install the app Halloween Flappy Bat on your android device and start playing its flying frenzy. You will enjoy quality time for sure on your Android device. Earn a high score, complete achievements and enjoy the funny graphics and classics arcade game design of this free game for Android devices. Just be warned, Halloween Flappy Bat is so much fun it's almost scary! You'll be hooked and wanting to play again and again and again.