Download Hangman Computer Free apk

Multiple languages:

Hangman Vs Computer Free. Is a game you can play against the computer.
You can determine how smart the computer should be.
Choose who you want to be and choose who the computer should be.

Languages included in Hangman Vs Computer Free game:

– English
– Nederlands
– Frysk (Fries NL)
– Deutsch
– Francais
– Espanol
– Italia
– Portuguese
– Greek
– Russia (Pусский )
– Arabic
– Hindi (India)
– China
– Turkiye

Click the dictionary icon and change the language.
Click on persons symbol to select a person.
Click on background to change background.

The following Hero persons can be selected in this Hangman Vs Computer Free Game:

– Mr. Bean
– Minecraft
– Santa
– Christmas Female
– Woman
– Man
– Boy
– Girls
– Supergirl
– Robot
– Black Pete
– Einstein
– Lego
– Tough woman

Next backgrounds sit in this Hangman Vs Computer Free Game:

– Colour blue
– Color Pink
– Color Green
– Valentine's Day
– Autumn trees
– Pine tree branch with ice
– Christmas tree with Merry Christmas
– Minecraft
– Flowers
– Mushroom in the forest
– Palm on the beach by the sea
– Happy New Year drinking champagne
– Winter ice in the canals
– Butterflies and flowers
– Balloons

Have fun playing it.