Download IBM Mobile Client apk

The IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile Client enables you to securely connect your Android device to your organization’s network to receive email, recommended apps, and other services. Additionally, the app enables configuration of security settings to protect the organizational data on your device.

To connect your device to your organization’s network, your administrator will need to provide you with a server URL, which you will enter during the enrollment process. This server URL, along with your email address, will be used to add your device to the organization’s mobile management system.

Once enrolled, your organization can make available recommended apps which you can install from the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices companion app. Additionally, to protect the organizational data on your device, the companion app checks to ensure your Android device hasn’t been compromised.

— To Uninstall IBM Mobile Client
Before you uninstall the Mobile Client from Manage Applications, you must first perform the following steps:
1. Select Settings
2. Select Location and Security
3. Select Device Administrators
4. De-Select the check mark from IBM Endpoint Manager
5. Select Deactivate
6. Remove Mobile Client from Manage Applications