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Get ready to jump into a time machine and blast off on an adventure for the ages! This time, the evil Queen Ignorantia has stolen away the 7 ancient wonders of the world, and it´s up to the spunky brother-sister duo of Razzle and Dazzle to chase her across time and win them back. While Razzle and Dazzle are no strangers to stomping the Ignarus- they aren´t getting anywhere in their multiplication- powered time travel machine without the help of some serious smarts!

Math Heroes 2: Multiplications introduces a new cast of characters learning model of the Math Heroes series. Players have to help the two intrepid time spelunkers determine where and when to go to recover each of the 7 wonders by following clues and tackling a variety of math traps and puzzles. The difficulty of puzzles increases as players “level up”, and the final challenge of each stage sees Razzle and Dazzle pitted against Ignarus guardians, adding to the sense of accomplishment. Stages are designed to build up problem-solving confidence one step at a time.

Different chapters of the story take place in ancient Greece (Statue of Zeus, Colossus of Rhodes, Temple of Artemis), Alexandria (Lighthouse of Alexandria), Egypt (Great Pyramids), Persia (Mausoleum of Halicarnassus) and Babylon (Hanging Gardens), so the story of Math Heroes 2: Multiplications is also a great introduction to world history by Razzle and Dazzle on their adventure, players gain insights into the places and cultures of the world that advanced early mathematics.


Time travel to real-world locations to save the 7 wonders of the ancient world
Enjoy an exciting storyline featuring RAZZLE and DAZLE, a brother and sister duo.
Time-based multiplication problems scale with difficulty
Track perfomance through Parents Dashboard
Tutorials in both English and Spanish

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From our educational experts:
Math Heroes 2: Multiplications leads your child on an adventurous romp through iconic locations of the ancient world, and teaches them about the 7 wonders (and a bit of world history) while as they learn the basics of multiplication. This game encourages children ages 7-9 to learn the ins and outs of both written and mental multiplication and strengthens their core math skills.

Common Core Standards practiced in this game:

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